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The FXOpen KOTH was an e-Sports event organized by FXOpen in 2011. The competition included some of the best players from all three servers who competed in a king-of-the-hill style format for ladder points and $300 cash.


The event took place each weekend. It alternated between the KR, NA, and EU servers and featured several players, including those who missed out on the FXOpen Invitational Series. Ladder points contributed towards later offline events with much larger prize pools, and strong performances in the KOTH lead to more invites to an as yet unannounced offline KOTH event separate from the previously announced LAN.


As of August 18, Europe and American KOTH were merged into one: KOTH International. Games will be played on the EU server on Saturdays. The KOTH Korea games will continued to be played on Sundays.


  • Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty 1v1 match
  • Live broadcast
  • KOTH format (Bo1)
  • The winner advances to the next match, the loser is out.
  • The last game (deciding the last man standing) is bo3 (rule is in effect since week 11 (Korea) / week 10 (international)).
  • Games continue until all 11-15 invites have played.


The total prizepool is $300 ($250*).

  • Most consecutive wins: $200
  • Last man standing: $100 ($50*)

*Since week 11(korea)/week 10(international) the last man standing only receives $50.


  • Unstable, Wolf (EN)
  • Slukad (RU)
  • miDnightSC (CN)



Date Name Wins Longest Win Streak Last Man Standing Thread
2011-04-22 FXOpen Korean KOTH #1 3 South Korea Terran Maka South Korea Terran SuperNova Thread
2011-05-15 FXOpen Korean KOTH #2 3 South Korea Terran Maka
South Korea Terran Hannibal
Sweden Terran Jinro Thread
2011-06-10 FXOpen Korean KOTH #3 7 South Korea Terran TheStC South Korea Protoss VINES Thread
2011-08-21 FXOpen Korean KOTH #4 3 South Korea Protoss inori South Korea Protoss JYP Thread
2011-08-28 FXOpen Korean KOTH #5 6 South Korea Terran SuperNova South Korea Protoss GuineaPig Thread
2011-09-04 FXOpen Korean KOTH #6 4 South Korea Terran MarineKing
South Korea Zerg Golden
South Korea Terran MarineKing Thread
2011-09-11 FXOpen Korean KOTH #7 6 South Korea Zerg Sleep South Korea Zerg Sleep Thread
2011-09-18 FXOpen Korean KOTH #8 9 South Korea Protoss HwangSin South Korea Zerg Luvsic Thread
2011-09-25 FXOpen Korean KOTH #9 6 South Korea Zerg Life South Korea Zerg CoCa Thread
2011-10-02 FXOpen Korean KOTH #10 5 South Korea Protoss HwangSin
South Korea Zerg Cezanne
South Korea Terran MarineKing
South Korea Terran KeeN Thread
2011-10-16 FXOpen Korean KOTH #11 5 South Korea Zerg Leenock China Zerg Uhen Thread
2011-11-06 FXOpen Korean KOTH #12 4 South Korea Protoss Choya South Korea Terran jjakji Thread
2011-11-13 FXOpen Korean KOTH #13 9 South Korea Protoss VINES South Korea Protoss Creator Thread
2011-11-27 FXOpen Korean KOTH #14 5 South Korea Protoss Ven South Korea Terran TheStC Thread
2011-11-27 FXOpen Korean KOTH #15 5 South Korea Zerg CrazymoviNG South Korea Protoss Choya Thread


Date Name Wins Longest Win Streak Last Man Standing Thread
2011-04-23 FXOpen American $300 KOTH #1 4 Australia Protoss Azz Peru Terran Fenix Thread
2011-05-15 FXOpen European $300 KOTH #1 7 Ukraine Protoss White-Ra Ukraine Protoss White-Ra Thread
2011-05-29 FXOpen American $300 KOTH #2 3 Mexico Terran MajOr United States Zerg Destiny Thread
2011-06-11 FXOpen European $300 KOTH #2 5 Sweden Protoss SaSe Sweden Protoss SaSe Thread
2011-07-16 FXOpen American $300 KOTH #3 7 Canada Protoss TT1 United States Terran DarkCell Thread
2011-08-20 FXOpen International KOTH #3 3 Netherlands Protoss Grubby Finland Terran Satiini Thread
2011-09-03 FXOpen International KOTH #4 6 France Zerg Stephano Canada Protoss OpTiKzErO Thread
2011-09-10 FXOpen International KOTH #5 11 Portugal Zerg sYz Portugal Zerg sYz Thread
2011-09-17 FXOpen International KOTH #6 3 Israel Zerg Osho France Protoss ToD Thread
2011-09-24 FXOpen International KOTH #7 4 France Zerg Stephano United States Zerg ViBE Thread
2011-10-01 FXOpen International KOTH #8 5 Poland Zerg Nerchio Germany Terran TLO Thread
2011-10-15 FXOpen International KOTH #9 6 Ukraine Terran Kas Ukraine Terran Kas Thread
2011-10-22 FXOpen International KOTH #10 5 Serbia Terran Beastyqt Denmark Protoss BabyKnight Thread
2011-11-05 FXOpen International KOTH #11 3 Netherlands Protoss Grubby
Belarus Zerg LoWeLy
Germany Protoss HasuObs Thread
2011-11-12 FXOpen International KOTH #12 4 South Korea Zerg viOLet Italy Terran ClouD Thread

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