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Finnish SC2 scene

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History of the Finnish SC2 Pro-Scene[edit]

Background: Pre-beta times[edit]

In the Finnish eSports scene Brood War had been suffering in the shadow of Counter-Strike for many years, but Warcraft III, and later DotA were featured in tournaments at Assembly, the largest LAN event in Finland. Another popular game in Finland is World of Warcraft - there even is a dedicated magazine for it, being published three times a year since 2008.

TV game shows have had somewhat of a unique role in Finland, with, a video gaming program on television that began in 1997 and is still airing, making it the longest running gaming TV show in the world.[Citation needed] It has also been exported to other countries.

The Beta in Finland[edit]

On April 3, 2010, a Finnish Gaming community site,, held a StarCraft II beta tournament with 43 players and item prizes. It was won by Naama.[1]

A few weeks later, on April 20, a new Finnish StarCraft II site started operating. It features a separate ladder of its own for Finnish players, forums, tournaments as well as a replay database.

On May 8, Team hosted a 32-player single-elimination tournament with item prizes. It was won by Konna and the finals were streamed with Finnish commentary.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

StarCraft II quickly became one of the primary tournaments for many Finnish LAN events, such as Assembly and LANTREK. These events were held regularly and Assembly set in as the biggest annual event for the Finnish scene, as well as a major event for the international scene.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

With Heart of the Swarm, Finnish experienced a formation of Premier level Team, Ence eSports, which was introduced into Finnish Scene in order to make it more professional. The team was extraordinary, because it was sponsored by big titles such as Steelseries. People behind Ence were also in management of already disbanded eXelon Gaming. The SC2 division for Ence was dominating the scene for around 10 months with their three players - elfi, Serral and Jagelius - until February 20th, 2014, when team disbanded.

Through out year 2015 there has been numerous events held in Finland.

Events held in Finland in 2015:

During the year 2015 there has not been formed any new notable teams inside Finnish Scene, but Karnage eSports has strong Finnish roster with Calt, PuPu and Haspe who have been doing well in Finnish events. Finnish eSports Association has been stepping up in the scene. Finnish eSports Association together with local big eSports supporter "Jimms.pc" sponsored teamless Welmu and elfi to DreamHack Open Stockholm 2015, where they were playing under tag "Team Finland".

Legacy of the Void[edit]

In the early days of Legacy of the Void traditional SC2 tournaments went into decline: LANTREK series ended in Heart of the Swarm with LANTREK'15, last Asus ROG sponsored Major-tier tournament happened in 2015, Assembly tournaments in 2017 were held in BYOC format with total 1280€ prize pool through 4 tournaments. Instead Finnish SC2 scene got ESPORTSM FI 2017, with Nordic Championship 2017: Summer as the largest tournament of the year.

In 2018 rise of Serral as the best SC2 player in WCS Curcuit (and later world champion) brought back attention to the Finnish SC2 scene.

Notable events in Finnish SC2 in 2019:

Notable players[edit]


ID Name Team Crowning Achievement
fiFinland t Fuzer Samuli Romppanen ZZZZZ
fiFinland t Haspe Jari Haapasaari Micro Maniacs
fiFinland p Hymy Taavi Teemaa Micro Maniacs
fiFinland p Jagelius Jakko Koski ZZZZZ
fiFinland t Luolis Valtteri Argillander Micro Maniacs
fiFinland z Mixu Mikael Helenius KOVA Esports
fiFinland z PuPu Benjamin Puha Micro Maniacs
fiFinland z Serral Joona Sotala Ence eSports 2018 WCS Global Finals
fiFinland p TheMusZero Iiro Kumpulainen ZZZZZ
fiFinland p WoodedMicrob Richard Häyrinen IsIMBA
fiFinland z ZhuGeLiang Wenlei Dai KOVA Esports


ID Name Team Crowning Achievement
fiFinland t Calt Eetu Laustela Dead Pixels
fiFinland p elfi Samuli Sihvonen ZZZZZ OVK Autumn Tournament 2018
fiFinland t Naama Santeri Lahtinen Fnatic DreamHack Winter 2010
fiFinland z Protosser Jonne Sotala Team
fiFinland t Satiini Juha-Matti Bäckström ZZZZZ
fiFinland p Sein Tuomas Lahtinen ZZZZZ
fiFinland z Soyhi Niina Kahela Imaginary Gaming IeSF 2014 World Championship
fiFinland t Tulimeri Petteri Oinonen The Dead Generation
fiFinland p Welmu Vesa Hovinen ZZZZZ IEF 2013



Micro Maniacs

Finland  Haspe
Estonia  Hymy
Finland  Luolis
Finland  PuPu



Finland  Core
Finland  Grim
Finland  Gruang
Finland  Junii
Finland  Magik
Finland  Wibang

Finnish VODs[edit]

  • [1] VODs of the Team Menace tournament finals.

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