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[e][h] FireZerg
Player Information
Sam Prowse
February 28, 1992 (1992-02-28) (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
cGFireZerg, coLFireZerg, NOVAFireZerg
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2020:
20??-??-?? — 2010-12-18
2010-12-18 — 2011-09-19
2011-10-09 — 201?-??-??
2012-??-?? — 201?-??-??
2017-09-01 — 2018-12-26
2018-12-26 — Present

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Sam "FireZerg" Prowse is a Zerg player from Canada, currently playing for Alpha X.[1]


FireZerg was originally a Brood War player before starting his StarCraft II career. He started playing in the very late stages of the beta. Because of his late acceptance into the beta, FireZerg decided to wait until the release of Wings of Liberty before taking a shot at playing competitively. Outside of competitive play in team leagues and individual tournaments, FireZerg attends university and is a well respected player coach.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

FireZerg ended 2010 with a surprising surge to popularity, and has started 2011 with a bang. In Fall 2010, he joined Team NOVA, which was soon picked up by compLexity Gaming as their StarCraft II team. He also became a new face on the well-known coaching website GosuCoaching, and has since gained a lot of respect as a teacher. He has since opened 2011 with a first-place win in the aMg Classic Tourney #2.

FireZerg, along with long-time teammate Steak, was released from compLexity on September 18, 2011.[2]

On October 9, 2011, FireZerg joined Cyber Gaming as a Team Coach.[3]

In late 2012[when?], FireZerg rejoined team compLexity as an academy member.[Citation needed]

MLG Pro Circuit 2011[edit]

FireZerg attended MLG Columbus 2011 to participate in the open bracket. He was knocked out very early in the 1st round by Attero. After that, he made a valiant run through the losers bracket defeating players such as MrBitter and tgun before getting knocked out of the tournament by losing to IefNaij 2-1.

FireZerg competed once again in MLG Anaheim 2011. He was knocked down in the second round of the winners open bracket by SLoG, losing 2-1. Once in the losers bracket, he knocked out notable players such as Spanishiwa and HasHe before running into SLoG once again. FireZerg ended up losing to him 4-1 in an extended series, resulting in a 6th round knock-out.


  • Is a student at UBC.
  • Coached through the website GosuCoaching and held many positive reviews.
  • Was one of the first players in StarCraft II to be referred as a "Silver King", having placed second in many tournaments.


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2019-05-253 - 4thAlpha X Champions Cup2 : 3 ArT$50
2018-03-311stPsiX MVP Cup #63 : 0 KingSlayer$40
2017-09-221stPsiX MVP Cup #13 : 1 Chris$30
Complete Results in any Tournament

Team Achievements

In A2Major tournaments
2011-06-172ndEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series V0 : 3$272.73
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