First British and Irish Open

[e][h]First British & Irish Open
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United Kingdom  DeMusliM
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The British & Irish Open is a 5 week long, repeating event that aims to unite and strengthen the various scenes around the British Isles. For the first four weeks, a 64+ man tournament will be played on Thursdays at 7pm. The Games are held in a simple Best of 1 bracket until the Round of 4, when Best of 3s will be played. There will be a best of 3 3rd Place Playoff and a Best of 5 finals. The winner will then be entered directly into the Monthly Grand Finals. If the same player wins again, second place will be awarded the spot in the finals and so on.


  • Players must check in by messaging an Admin on Bnet 2.0 at least 30 minutes before the tournament is live.
  • Maps for the Best of 1 will be randomly generated from by an Admin. Maps for the Best of 3 will be pre-determined.
  • Observers must receive permission from both players. The must be set to Spectator.
  • Winners will report the results to an admin. In the event of an issue, replays must be supplied to an admin by the winning player by emailing them to "brit.sc2(at)". The winning player will then be directed to a new lobby by an admin.
  • Players will have 10 minutes to join a waiting lobby. If they cannot be contacted in the 10 minute period, the game will be forfeited.
  • If a player does not start a game within 10 minutes of their opponent joining, they will forfeit the game to the other player.
  • If a player disconnects within the first two minutes, the game will be replayed upon reconnection. The above rules still apply in this case.
  • The 10 minute waiting period may be extended or shortened at the discretion of an admin.
  • If a player disconnects after this time, the player who has disconnected will forfeit.
  • Players must alert their opponent in the event of a pause. They must gain permission to un-pause the game and give a 3 second countdown.
  • External programmes such as Map-Hacks are strictly disallowed.
  • Players who attempt to play without checking in will be disqualified from the event upon discovery.