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Flash eSports is a Singaporean organisation founded in 2010, with the aim of gathering the 'best gaming talent in Singapore,' and 'lead the growth and development of professional gaming and associated media in the South East Asia region.'


  • March 3rd, Flash eSports shuts down.[1]
  • January 5th, 14-year old Protoss, VenosauR joins as part of the Flash Youth Academy.[2]
  • August 27th, Revenant and Flash eSports part ways.[3]
  • April 15th, Flash eSports signs drakE, Kyzer and Blysk.[4]
  • June 30th, MUSE departs, having been inactive for a few months.[5]

Player Roster[edit]

Former Players[edit]

ID Name New Team
singaporeSingapore p Blysk Thomas Kopankiewicz mYinsanity
singaporeSingapore t DrakE Bryan Sum ZZZZZ
singaporeSingapore p Veno Samuel Sng ZZZZZ
singaporeSingapore z Kyzer Ryan Low Vicious Killers
singaporeSingapore z Revenant Marcus Tan Team Exile5
singaporeSingapore z MUSE Ian Ang ZZZZZ


ID Name Position
Singapore joeyting Joey Ting Executive Director
Singapore SoloZ Terence Ting Business Comms


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