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[e][h] Forsen
Player Information
Sebastian Fors
December 16, 1990 (1990-12-16) (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
Prae.Forsen, Empire.Forsen, AiForsen, SkinnyOwlLegs, Mastee
2010-01-10 - 2011-01-21
2011-01-22 - 2011-04-07
2011-04-08 - 2011-05-08
2012-05-31 - 2014-01-22

Sebastian "Forsen" Fors is a Swedish Zerg that has retired, currently plays Hearthstone.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

He was once on Team Empire but was kicked out because he didn't satisfy the team's expectations.[Citation needed] Forsen participated in DreamHack Winter 2011.

In April 2012, he participated in the DreamHack Open: Stockholm, and was placed in group together with the former Brood War pro HyuN of Team SCV Life in Group 19 of the first group stage. The pair played out a close ZvZ series, with HyuN ultimately winning 2-1 after a basetrade. He made it out of the second group stage by defeating merz of Team Dignitas and went on to be placed in one of the hardest groups in the third group stage. In the third group stage he was placed together with Quantic Gaming SaSe, Evil Geniuses PuMa and once again HyuN of Team SCV Life, an extremely hard group for almost any player and seemingly impossible group for an unknown Swedish Zerg such as himself. He then shocked most people by going on to defeat SaSe 2-0 in his first match. His next match was a rematch against HyuN which he lost 2-0. In his third match he was up against PuMa in which he showed some really strong ZvT play, taking down the South Korean 2-1. This would however lead to a three-way-tie with SaSe and HyuN, all going 2-1 in matches and 4-3 in maps. In the resulting tie-breaker games, he didn't fare as well as in the group matches and lost 0-1, 0-1 against SaSe and HyuN, ultimately knocking him out of the tournament.

On May 31, 2012, Forsen joined Swedish team Lemondogs.[1]


  • His ID SkinnyOwlLegs may have something to do with NaNiwa's alternate ID MeatyOwlLegs.[2]