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1v1, Groupstage, Single-elimination
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Francophone Championship is a 3 months long Championship reserved to French, Belgian, and Swiss players organized by Millenium. Since the disappereance of EPS France, it serve as the main championship for the francophone scene. It may be considered as a "Francophone GSL" with 2 divisions, up & down system and open qualifiers. Semifinals and finals are played offline at the Millenium House. The first season and the group stage of the second season were played on Wings of Liberty, playoffs of season 2 and subsequent seasons are now played on Heart of the Swarm.


Event Date Winner Runner-Up Thread
Francophone Championship Season 1 2012-09-08 – 2012-12-08  Feast  NeOAnGeL France Announcement
Francophone Championship Season 2 2013-01-08 – 2013-04-06  Feast  ToD France Announcement
Francophone Championship Season 3 2013-05-07 - 2013-07-13  ToD  Dayshi France Announcement
Francophone Championship Season 4 2013-10-12 - 2014-03-21  Lilbow  ToD France Announcement
Francophone Championship Season 5 2014-10-01 - 2014-12-13  Dayshi  FireCake France Announcement


Medals won per Race[edit]

Terran 1 1 5 2
Zerg 0 1 0 0
Protoss 4 3 0 3

Medals won per Player[edit]


 -  Belgium  Feast 
 -  France  ToD - France  Lilbow - France  Dayshi


 -  France  ToD 
 -  France  NeOAnGeL - France  Dayshi - France  FireCake


 -  France  Dayshi - France  MarineLorD
 -  France  SonG 

Fourth Place[edit]

 -  France  Adelscott 
 -  France  Dayshi - France  SonG - France  Lilbow

Tournament Format[edit]

The Francophone Championship is composed since season 2 of two separated tiers:

  • Division 1 contains the top tier players who are competing against each other to win the championship.
  • Division 2 contains players who are competing against each other to enter Division 1.

Division 1[edit]

  • Ro16: Round Robin format.
  • 2 groups of 8 players randomly drawn, with winner and runner-up of the previous season separated.
  • Best of 3.
  • The top 4 players advances in playoffs.
  • The fifth of each group stays in Division 1.
  • The last three players of each group must requalify through the Up&Down.
  • Matches played online
  • Ro8: Single elimination playoffs.
  • First player of each group play against the 4th players of the opposite and group, seconds play against 3rd.
  • Best of 5
  • ro8 played online.
  • ro4, third place match and final played offline.

Division 2[edit]

  • The players are put into two groups of six, and play best of 3 matches.
  • The first of each group get a seed in Division 1 for the next season.
  • The second and third of each group get a seed for Up and Down.
  • The other players must requalify through open qualifiers.
  • Matches played online.

Up And Down[edit]

  • Dual Elimination Bracket
  • Top 2 of each bracket qualifies for Division 1

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