French Master Series 2011 - 2012

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The French Master Series of Video Games 2011/2012 is a tour which consists of ten events.

Master Series[edit]

The Master Series 2011/2012 will feature several offline events, from October 2011 to November 2012. In addition to cash prize, the competitors of the first seven events will earn points, based on their results, so the best-ranked players could compete in Master Series Finals in July. The foreign invites who competed in those events won't be eligible for the Master Series Finals. These events are depicted below:

Master Series 2011/2012 Events
Event Date
PxL-Lan #31 2011-10-16 France  ToD France  Kamikaze France  KleeneX France  FremAN
Azerty Party 14 2011-10-30 France  effecto France  KleeneX France  Wolf France BsK
PxL-Lan #32 2011-12-18 France  MiNiMaTh France  Wolf France  Dayshi France Toto
SC2 Arena #1 2012-01-22 France  NeOAnGeL France  MarinLorD France  Dayshi France Censure
Spirit Lan 9 2012-01-29 France  Adelscott Poland  Tarson France  KenZy France  Dayshi
InsaLan #7 2012-02-12 France SonG France Toto France Gartok France eRaZz
PxL-Lan #33 2012-03-04 France  Adelscott France  ToD France  Dayshi France  FremAN
Gamers Assembly 2012 2012-04-08 Switzerland  biGs Poland  MaNa South Korea  ReaL France  Dayshi


After Gamers Assembly 2012, the players are ranked as below [1]:

Master Series 2011/2012 Rankings
Rank Player Team Points
1 France  Adelscott Millenium 2880
2 France  Dayshi Eclypsia 2672
3 France  KleeneX Millenium 2448
4 France  effecto aAa 2240
5 France  Wolf Team 2224
6 France  MiNiMaTh Team eXtensive 2017
7 France  Kamikaze BLAST 1808
8 France Toto Alt-Tab.Gaming 1760
9 France  FremAN Sparte Legion 1521
10 France  ToD ROOT Gaming 1360

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