Frenetic Array

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[e][h]Frenetic Array
Team Information
Nicolas "ChadMann" Russo
Nicolas "ChadMann" Russo
Team Captain:
Ben "Crimson" Macdonald
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2015-07-22: Seither joins.
2015-07-10: Pox and Fourby join.

Frenetic Array is an Australian multi-game Esports organization with a history in Halo, Call of Duty, Tekken, Battlefield, League of Legends, FIFA, Heroes of Newerth and TF2.


  • March 8th, Frenetic Array announces the acquisition of Chase, a promising Australian Zerg.[2]
  • April 15th, Frenetic Array's Wally announces he is stepping down from frenetic array SC2 roster.[3]
  • July 10th, Frenetic Array announces the return of previously retired player, Fourby and the addition of Canberra Zerg Pox.[4]
  • July 22nd, Frenetic Array announce the addition of Victoria Terran, Seither.[5]
  • November 10th, FluX announces that due to wrist injuries and a focus on his studies, he will no longer be competing as a player. Remains on roster as honorary member of the team. [6]
  • January 31st, iaguz leaves to join ROOT Gaming.[7]
  • February 26th, Fenner leaves Frenetic Array.[8]
  • April 29th, Frenetic Array relaunches their SC2 squad, merging with CheckMate Gaming and new members of the team. New roster also bridges the gap between 'Academy' and 'Main' roster. New Roster includes: HuT, Wally, Crimson, FLuX, Phantom, Alopex and previous academy members, Eros and Alpha.[9]
  • June 1st, HuT finishes 2nd at the Australian Cyber League finals.
  • June, Billy 'FLuX' Weeks steps down as a player but remains on the team as Coach.
  • September 8th, Billy 'FLuX' Weeks rejoins as player/coach for Frenetic Array.
  • November 6th, South Australian based Protoss player Jessie 'SouL' Byrne joins Frenetic Array's SC2 Squad.
  • January 2nd, fray Announces the addition of top Australian Terran, Ethan 'iaguz' Zugai, The Gimli Terran. iaguz was previously a member of Frenetic Array for HoN and other RTS titles.[10]
  • November 29th, Kiwi Zerg, Petraeus leaves Frenetic Array to join ROOT Gaming and moves to the team house in California.[11]
  • December 10th, fray announces the formation of the fray`Academy SC2 team (The 'School of Dedication'). In hopes to develop the Australian and South East Asian SC2 Scene. fray announces; Alopex (Captain), Redemption, Kreamy, Mystic, Eros and Alpha as the first inductees of the fray`Academy.[12]


ID Name New Team
auAustralia z Chase Jackson Calvi SYF GAMING
nzNew Zealand z Crimson Ben Macdonald SYF GAMING
auAustralia z Pox Anthony Carapetis SYF GAMING
auAustralia P Rize Jessie Byrne SYF GAMING
auAustralia T Seither Sheldon Barrow SYF GAMING
auAustralia Z Alopex Johnny Yang Inactive
auAustralia Z Eros Lindsay Roos Inactive
nzNew Zealand Z FLuX Billy Weeks Inactive
auAustralia P Fourby Sam Tham Inactive
auAustralia T HuT Nick Hutton SYF GAMING
auAustralia Z Wally Hayden Bell Silicon Sports
ukUnited Kingdom Z Fenner Daniel Fenner ROOT Gaming
auAustralia Z EdgE Cameron Murrin Retired
auAustralia Z Phantom Jamie Palmer Retired
auAustralia P Alpha Alistar McDowall Inactive
auAustralia T iaguz Ethan Zugai ROOT Gaming
nzNew Zealand Z Petraeus Mack Smith ROOT Gaming
auAustralia Z Ninja Alex Smith Teamless
auAustralia T Dippa Alex Walker Retired


ID Name Position
ChadMann Nicolas Russo Team Manager
MiLes Winson Yong Media/Assistant Manager
FLuX Billy Weeks Coach

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result Winnings
2015-10-24 Saulo Silva Teamleague Season 1 Frenetic Array 0 : 4 Team Exile5 $300

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