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Frenzied is a passive ability that prevents the Ultralisk from being snared, stunned, mind controlled, and/or having their movement altered.


The main purpose of Frenzied is to make Ultralisks a more viable late-game option for Zerg players. Without it, the Thor's 250mm Strike Cannons and the Infestor's Neural Parasite and Fungal Growth spells would render the Ultralisk cost-ineffective as it would not be able to reach melee distance in order to use its powerful attack.


  • Even though the Ultralisk is immune to the stun from 250mm Cannons it will still take the full 500 damage if the Thor is not stopped and the Ultralisk does not leave the cannons' range while being fired upon. However this will not kill the Ultralisk outright due to natural regeneration of Zerg units.
  • In Heart of the Swarm, both Ultralisk and Brood Lord had Frenzied. This ability was removed from Brood Lord in Legacy of the Void.

Patch Changes[edit]