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Friday Night Bad Manners Show Match Series

Weekly $50 Bo7 Bad Manner Show Match

[e][h]Friday Night Bad Manner Show Match Series
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North America
Weekly Online
Prize pool:
$50 USD
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About the Series[edit]

A show match series brought to you weekly by Friday Night Bad Manners, focusing on fun games, bad manner and a celebration of the weekend. Players are encouraged to participate in self-moderated bad manner to add some spice and fun to Friday night. The show match is aimed at allowing players to blow off some steam, make some friendly rivalries and have some fun!

Last Participants[edit]

The competitors of the next show match:

Show Match XXX
Canada  MaSa
Spain  WaKa

Show Match Information[edit]


First player to reach four map wins takes the match and returns next week.

Player with the best bad manners is voted by Twitch chat.

Map Pool[edit]

The map pool consists of the 2015 Season 2 Map Pool

Catallena LE will remain in the map pool for the foreseeable future

Friday Night Bad Manners chooses the first map,

loser picks for remainder of maps.

Prize Pool[edit]

$50 USD winner-take-all

Additional Pools[edit]

Additional prize pools have often been awarded due to the generosity of the viewers.

Distributed as[edit]
  • Loser's pool
  • even split
  • player with the best bad manners

History of the Series[edit]

Friday Night Bad Manners[edit]

Friday Night Bad Manners started out with a group of gamers and streamers brought together by eSports passion every Friday night to stream, celebrate the weekend and have some fun! A mixture of alcohol, competitive gaming and salt eventually produced an expected level of bad manner every Friday night, and hence coined the nick name 'Friday Night Bad Manners.'

The Originals[edit]

The show match series finds its roots in the original Friday Night Bad Manners Show Matches, which were streamed and cast on either Dr Awesome's or YuriNalarm's channels. The original match took place 2014-10-26 between Netherlands  GayTVChannel69(4) and United States of America  spoom(1) which was a sextuple cast of the Gold league grudge match. A total of six matches were cast in the FNBM - Originals Show Match Series.

Moving to /FridayNightBM[edit]

On 2014-11-07, the Twitch channel [Friday Night Bad Manners] was born to house the now weekly show matches. From the inaugural match, the caliber of player escalated quickly over the following weeks. The first show matches to be cast on Friday Night Bad Manners took place on 2014-11-14. It also marks the first match of the Friday Night Bad Manners Show Match Series and was played by  PcH and  Yoshi, with Yoshi advancing to the next week's match.

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