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[e][h] Future
Player Information
Richard Almand
May 4, 1987 (1987-05-04) (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
FGFuture, RGN.Future, VT.Future, [Pan]Future, Future[LighT], FXOFuture
Total Earnings:
??? – 2011-07-08
2011-07-08 – 2012-02-17
??? – ???
2012-11-15 – 2013-08-16
For other people named Future see Future.

Richard "Future" Almand is a long time pro in StarCraft II who has played StarCraft since early Brood War. Future formerly played for FXOpen e-Sports and is currently teamless.


Future started his RTS career in Starcraft: Brood War. He competed in leagues such as GGL AmeriCup 2 and represented USA B in nation’s wars. His best successes in Brood War were in the World Cyber Games (WCG). Future qualified for WCG USA finals in 2005 and 2008, finishing in the top 8 in 2005 and top 10 in 2008. Once Starcraft 2 was released, he decided to play full-time after finishing college. Future currently resides in Kennesaw, Georgia.

In Brood War, Future was a part of clans LighT and Pan.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Though, he has not won any major tournaments yet, he has been to every single MLG Pro Circuit 2011 event. Future best placing in the 2011 season was in MLG Orlando where he finished in round 8 of lower bracket placing him (37-44th place). He entered into Wings of Liberty by joining VT Gaming but when the team disbanded he was picked up by Team ReIGN. When ReIGN disbanded[1] he was left teamless, until he was picked up by Flow Gaming.[Citation needed]

April 6-8, 2012, IPL 4 took place, Future was able to take down Perfect in WB round 1 but lost to TaeJa 0-2. In the lower bracket, Future ended up beating Spades 2-1 but lost to TLO 0-2 in the following round.

On June 4, 2012, Future left Flow Gaming due to a dwindling roster and a lack of participation in team leagues.

On November 15, Future joined FXOpen e-Sports' North American roster,[2] where he stayed until it disbanded on August 16, 2013.


During the beta future was a diamond level Random player, but later on chose Protoss.



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