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GPL 2014 Season 2 Challenger League

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Notable Participants[edit]

Protoss (13) Terran (10) Zerg (8) Random (1)
GPL 2014 Season 1: Premier League 17th-32nd (13)
TouHou ProjectTouHou Project
China Shana
China DouDou
China YDForever
China 庭哥 *
China Ein
Nexus TeamNexus Team
China wanted
Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin
China Gemini
China ZKO
Frenetic ArrayFrenetic Array
Australia Alopex
China 安南秀
China CarsickZerg
Nexus TeamNexus Team
China Azrael *
China Homura **
Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming
China Cloudy
Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming
China XluoS
Hong Kong Bistork
From SOC 2013-2014 Autumn Week 1-4 1st-8th (9)
China NeverSteam
China Banquet
Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin
China Sakya
China BlueWater
TouHou ProjectTouHou Project
China 妻妻菇凉
TouHou ProjectTouHou Project
China 上海人形
Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin
China Zycart
Nexus TeamNexus Team
China FloweR
China Angrybird
From Ladder (8)
China Manta
China NucleaR
Nexus TeamNexus Team
China xxxxxxxxxx
Nexus TeamNexus Team
China QiYeeeeeee
Zenith of OriginZenith of Origin
China HunteR
China mickey
Nexus TeamNexus Team
China Rushcrazy
China Clavie
Invited (2)
Taiwan Mamba
Wayi SpiderWayi Spider
Taiwan AK

* 庭哥 and Azrael forfeited the matches.

** Homura was banned from participation in Season 2 due to cheating.



  • The winner of the Bo5 is seeded to Premier Leagueremier League.
  • The loser of the Bo5 is eliminated.

Seeded Players[edit]

Each of the 16 seeds into Premier League award at least 600 CNY (~97 USD) after future participation.

Place Seeded ID Team


Day 1[edit]

Day 1
October 8, 2014 18:00 CST
YDForever  China31China  妻妻菇凉
Angrybird  China13China  mickey
wanted  China32China  Banquet
安南秀  China13China  NucleaR

Day 2[edit]

Day 2
October 9, 2014 18:00 CST
Ein  China30China  HunteR
AK  Taiwan31China  BlueWater
Gemini  China31China  上海人形
Bistork  Hong Kong13China  Clavie

Day 3[edit]

Day 3
October 10, 2014 18:00 CST
CarsickZerg  China13China  NeverSteam
ZKO  China32China  Zycart
Mamba  Taiwan13China  Sakya
Doudou  China13China  Rushcrazy

Day 4[edit]

Day 4
October 11, 2014 18:00 CST
XluoS  China31China  QiYeeeeeee
Cloudy  China31China  Manta
Alopex  Australia03China  xxxxxxxxxx
Shana  China31China  FloweR


  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Round of 32
To Premier Leagueremier League

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