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GSL Music Track List 2012

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2012 GSL Season 1 Up & Down[edit]

2012 GSL Season 1 Code S[edit]

2012 GSL Season 1 Code A[edit]

2012 GSL Season 2 Up & Down[edit]

2012 GSL Season 2 Code S[edit]

2012 GSL Season 2 Code A[edit]

2012 GSL Season 3 Up & Down[edit]

Artist Title Function
The Veer Union Borderline Opening 1
Baby Jane Adrenaline Opening 2
Shear In Solitude Opening 3
At Vance Heaven is Calling Opening 4
Rollz Plugged In (Bassnectar Remix) Current Standings
Celldweller Senorita Bonita Today's Match
Crazy Lixx Young Blood Player Div 1
Evans Blue Alone Not Lonely Player Div 2
Outloud Cross the Line Player Div 3
OSI Big Chief II Player Div 4
Silent Descent "Devoid" + "Overture" Mix Player Div 5
Unisonic King for a Day Player Div 6
Silent Descent Mind Games Match Lead
Cherri Bomb Drawing a Blank Set End 1
Cypress x Rusko Roll It, Light It Set End 2
Shear Crowned by Fools Set End 3
At Vance Facing Your Enemy Set End 4
Damnation Angels Bringer of Light (Part 3) Set End 5
Evans Blue Halo Set End 6
Cher Lloyd Dub on the Track Closing 1
I am Robot I am the Robot Closing 2
Emeli Sande Daddy Closing 3
Wild Frontier Why Don't You Save Me Closing 4
Damnation Angels The Longest Day of My Life Match Results
Train 50 Ways to Say Goodbye Final Closing

2012 GSL Season 3 Code S[edit]

Artist Title Function
Kissin' Dynamite Sleaze Deluxe Opening 1
My Darkest Days Nature of the Beast Opening 2
TobyMac Showstopper (Capital Kings Remix) Opening 3
Circus Maximus Namaste Opening 4
Shy Ran Out of Time Opening 5
Lance King Awakening Schedule Intro
Airwave Atlas Winds Player Profile
Kortini Better Off Dead Player Div 1
Janus Pound of Flesh Player Div 2
Jack Blades Back in the Game Player Div 3
Otherwise Silence Reigns Player Div 4
12 Stones One Thing Player Div 5
Under the Flood Drive Player Div 6
The Glitch Mob Drive it Like You Stole It Player Div 7
Jorn Ride Like the Wind Player Div 8
Shy Land of a Thousand Lives Player Div 9
Manafest Heart Attack Match Lead
Redlight King Bullet in my Hand Set End 1
Beyond the Bridge The Apparition Set End 2
Disciple Revolution Now Set End 3
Circus Maximus The One Set End 4
Shadows Fall Walk the Edge Set End 5
We as Human Living Lies Set End 6
Maroon 5 Payphone (C-Rok RokCandy Remix) Mid Closing 1
Cover Drive Sparks Mid Closing 2
EVE 6 Victoria Mid Closing 3
The Wanted Chasing the Sun Mid Closing 4
Beyond the Bridge Triumph of Irreality Match Result
Quietdrive Every Day Final Closing


GSTL Season 1[edit]

GSTL Season 2[edit]

Artist Title Function
Thousand Foot Krutch Light Up the Sky Opening 1
Trixter Get On It Opening 2
Otherwise Die for You Opening 3
Red Rose Turn Back the Time Opening 4
Far Too Loud Get High Team Intros
Solano Last Forever Entry
TobyMac Tonight (Capital Kings Remix) Bench
KJ-52 Speed that Light Player Profile
Los Angeles Neverland Player Div 1
Thousand Foot Krutch We Are Player Div 2
Celldweller Unshakable Player Div 3
KJ-52 It's Going Down Player Div 4
Sonata Arctica Somewhere Close to You Player Div 5
Ashes Remain End of Me Player Div 6
Sypherion The Battle of Theropylae Player Div 7
12 Stones Psycho Set Lead
Kill Devil Hill War Machine Set End 1
Biohazard Decay Set End 2
Manafest Throw It Away Set End 3
Ashes Remain Inside of Me Set End 4
Demon Hunter My Destiny Set End 5
God Forbid Overcome Set End 6
Damnation Angels Reborn Set End 7
Carly Rae Jepson Call Me Maybe Mid Closing 1
That's Outrageous! Is It 2012 Yet? Mid Closing 2
Deuce Nobody Likes Me Mid Closing 3
Feed Me Trapdoor Mid Closing 4
League of Lights Cover Me Now Match Result
Otherwise Soldiers Final Closing
Voices of Europe I am European FnaticRC Intro
MIKA, RedOne Kick Ass (We are Young) FXOpen Intro
The Glitch Mob We Can Make the World Stop LG-IM Intro
Hadouken! Liquid Lives (Noisia Remix) Liquid Intro
Ludacris MVP Team MVP Intro
The Crystal Method Play for Real (Team Awesome Remix) NSHoSeo Intro
Clement Marfo and the Frontline Champion Prime Intro
Relay & Front Tale of a Shooting Star StarTaleQ
Truth and Decoda The Emperor SlayerS-EG
Illidiance New Millennium Crushers TSL Intro
Ill Skillz Face the Music ZeNEX Intro