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Gamer Etiquette

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The StarCraft community has, over the years, developed a certain manner of conduct that players respect and abide by as a sign of good sportsmanship and respect to your opponent.

Good Etiquette[edit]

Abiding by these standards and acting as is decorum is generally referred to as good mannered[sic] (or gm). It is common to tell your opponent "glhf" (good luck, have fun) before or as the game starts and a game is conceded when a player surrenders by typing "gg" (good game) or one of its variants,[1] as a compliment of the opponent's good play. The player will then immediately leave the game. This is obligatory in professional matches in Korea and is also mandatory in some foreign tournaments. The winning player will type "gg" back as a sign of mutual respect. Good mannered players will be respected by their peers.

Poor Etiquette[edit]

Breaking this etiquette, or simply indecent behaviour, is often referred to as bm (bad manner[sic]). Offences, in order of increasing perceived severity, include:

  • Not gging before a loss - Not closing off the game with a customary "gg" is considered a "ragequit" by many, a sign of the player being so angry at losing that they refuse to acknowledge the superior play of the opponent.
  • Offensive Buildings - Players may construct buildings near the base of the opponent to show how much resources they have left and that the other player cannot do anything about it. Often this is done by putting down a Hatchery, Nexus or Command Center (the most expensive buildings). Alternatively, players may spell out words on the minimap by placing many smaller, cheaper buildings next to each other.
  • Not leaving the game - Dragging out a game beyond the point where it is clear that one side has won is found annoying and rude by many players and observers. Terran players may prolong the game in this manner by floating their buildings to far-off locations along the corner of the map, forcing the opponent to locate these buildings again before being able to finish them off.
  • Talking in order to distract your opponent - Light-hearted trash-talk and banter is common in many matches, especially in the first few minutes of the game, but talking or asking question with the intention of throwing your opponent off his game is generally frowned upon. Kespa-regulation forbid talking in games entirely.[2]
  • Offensive GG - Typing in the gg "for" your opponent, basically indicating that you consider the game to be over.

Sportsmanship in Korean Progaming[edit]

  • Leaving without GG is frowned upon but not officially punished.[3]
  • Building offensive buildings are allowed, demonstrated famously so by Much,[4] MC,[5] and Jaedong[6]

Usage of "Manner"[edit]

  • Adjective - (with OBJECT) - A "Manner ((Building Name))" (ex. "Manner Nexus", "Manner Hatchery") is a building created in an obvious fashion at the loser's base to show the winner's dominance in the match. This tells the losing player how much money the winning player had when he lost. Usually expensive or redundant buildings are used such as creating a massive amount of Dark Shrines. "Manner" can also be used with other actions such as "Manner cheering" (using the cheer command in the losing player's base). Also see Manner Pylon.
  • Adjective - (with PERSON) - Calling someone manner (ex. "ThorZaIN is so mannered") means that he acts respectfully in all showmatches, doesn't badmouth his opponents, and never shows rage or foul-mouthed behaviors.
  • Infinitive - Telling someone "To manner (up)" means "to behave" or "To act with respect" (ex. "Manner!", "Manner up or leave").


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