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Ghost First Expand (TvT)

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[e][h]Ghost First Expand > Snipe/EMP Round-Push with Marine or Marauder support
Strategy Information


Opening with a few Ghosts to stockpile Snipes to use against SCVs and Marines. But is hard-counter by a single Bunker or Marauders, one Snipe can take down a Marine (without Combat Shields or SCVs.


Hit-hard early while the opponent will still be on just Marines and Snipe down all the opposing Marines before they have a chance to reach a Bunker, with reinforcement Marines to target-down SCVs and take the early lead.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Ghost First Expand


  • Skip the first Ghost for Personal Cloaking if going for an EMP Round-push to leave the opposing player helpless against Cloaked units for a time.
  • The timing for an early push is have at least two Ghosts by the time you have harvested 300 gas, you should push out at this point; if they have not wall-ed off.