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Go4SC2 2010

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Soon after the Beta of StarCraft II was released, ESL announced two weekly tournaments, ESL StarCraft II Beta Saturday Cup and ESL StarCraft II Beta Monday Cup. While the cups themselves were popular in the community the format without any prize money soon made competitive players move elsewhere. ESL then decided to reformat the cup into one where you get points depending on your finishing placement, they named it Go4SC2. The name is a reference to the old Go4WC3 cup, which pioneered the weekly, one-day 512/1024 player tournaments. The format is pretty straight forward: Two cups are played, one on Wednesday, one on Saturday. Both yield points towards a monthly rating that allows the top players to compete for €500 at the monthly final.

Points distribution[edit]

Place Saturday Cups Wednesday Cups*
1st 100pts + 100 euro 60pts
2nd 75pts 40pts
3rd 60pts 25pts
4th 40pts 10pts
5-8th 25pts
9-16th 10pts

*The number of points gained from the Wednesday cups changed after the April tournament.[1]
*The previous point distribution was 45p, 25p and 10p.


  • Unlimited participants in the Saturday and Wednesday tournaments.
  • Saturday cup finals will be played on the following Monday, broadcasted live on
  • Monthly €500 "Grand Final" with the 8 best ranked players.
  • Grand final will take place on last Thursday of the month.


Blistering Sands Desert Oasis Incineration Zone Scrap Station Steppes of War
Kulas Ravine Lost Temple Metalopolis Shakuras Plateau


  • Bo1: Each player eliminates one map at the time until only one map remains.
  • Bo3: Each player eliminates one map at the time until three maps remain. Then both players chose one map they want. The remaining map is the decider.

Monthly Winners[edit]


Month Winner Replays VODs
March Spain  LucifroN Grand Finals Grand Finals
April Ukraine  White-Ra Grand Finals Grand Finals
May Canada  HuK Grand Finals
August Russia  Brat_OK Grand Finals
September Finland  Naama
October Sweden  SjoW
November Poland  Tarson
December Poland  MaNa

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