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Go4SC2 2015

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The Go4SC2 is a series of online cups organized by ESL. This article only covers the EU version. At the moment there are 3 different cups:

  • Sunday cups (starting 14:00 CEST) awarding 150 EUR prize money (winner gets 100 EUR, runner-up 50 EUR) and points.
  • Thursday (starting 19:00 CEST) cups giving only points.
  • Monthly finals with a 600 EUR prize pool, where the best 12 players from the point rankings and the top 4 players from the Open Ladder are invited.

Points distribution[edit]

Place Sunday Cups Thursday Cups
1st 100pts 75pts
2nd 75pts 55pts
3-4th 55pts 35pts
5-8th 35pts 20pts
9-16th 20pts 10pts
17-32nd 10pts 5pts
33-64th 5pts 3pts


Monthly Winners[edit]

Month Winner Team
January South Korea  Hydra ROOT Gaming
February Poland  Nerchio Team Acer
March Norway  Snute Team Liquid
April Poland  Nerchio Team Acer
May Russia  Happy ZZZZZ
June Ukraine  Bly Team Acer
July South Korea  Apocalypse ZZZZZ
August South Korea  Hydra ROOT Gaming
September France  Lilbow Millenium
October South Korea  Solar Samsung Galaxy
November Poland  Nerchio Team Acer
December Poland  Nerchio Team Acer

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