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Go4SC2 2019

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The Go4SC2 is a series of online cups organized by ESL. This article only covers the EU version. At the moment there are 2 different cups:

  • Sunday cups (starting 14:00 CET) awarding 100 EUR prize money (winner takes all) and points.
  • Thursday (starting 19:00 CET) cups giving only points.

Points distribution[edit]

Place Sunday Cups Thursday Cups
1st 100pts 75pts
2nd 75pts 55pts
3-4th 55pts 35pts
5-8th 35pts 20pts
9-16th 20pts 10pts
17-32th 10pts 5pts
33-64th 5pts 3pts


  • Comply with the ladder map pool

Monthly Winners[edit]

Month Winner Team
January Ukraine  Bly Team Blacer
February Poland  Guru ZZZZZ
March Poland  Guru ZZZZZ
April Denmark  PappiJoe ePunks

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