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The Go4SC2 is a series of online cups organized by ESL. Started as a solely European tournament format, the name Go4SC2 is now used for plenty of cup series all over the world. Active editions of Go4SC2:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Poland
  • Czech
  • Spain

The NA version was discontinued in November 2011. The rest of the article only covers the EU version.

The Go4SC2 EU series was discontinued in April 2019. At the time of its discontinuance the EU version was offering 2 different cups:

  • Go4SC2 Sunday with 100€ prize money.
  • Go4SC2 Thursday cups with point prizes.


Soon after the Beta of StarCraft II was released, ESL announced two weekly tournaments, ESL StarCraft II Beta Saturday Cup and ESL StarCraft II Beta Monday Cup. While the cups themselves were popular in the community the format without any prize money soon made competitive players move elsewhere. ESL then decided to reformat the cup into one where you get points depending on your finishing placement, they named it Go4SC2. The name is a reference to the old Go4WC3 cup, which pioneered the weekly, one-day 512/1024 player tournaments.


ESLs weekly cups were introduced shortly after the StarCraft II beta launch. The league ran continuously through 2010 except during the summer weeks the Beta was down.

In connection with the name change to GoSC2 and format revamp, Saturday Cups gained a prize pool of 100 EUR. Additionally ESL introduces a monthly final with 500 EUR for the winner. During the rest of the rest of the year only a few tweaks to the format has been made:

  • May: Increased amount of points awarded in Wednesday Cups from 80 to 135 points total, due to an increase in players attending.[1]
  • August: With the launch release, the Saturday Cups moved to Sundays.[2][3]
  • August: The prize pool for Saturday Cups was upped to 200 EUR when GoSC2 gained sponsorship from SteelSeries.[4]
  • August: Points awarded in Wednesday Cups increased from 135 to 240 points total, again due to increased number of participating players.[5]
  • November: Premium Qualifiers were introduced, adding 8 more slots to the monthly finals. The diluted playoffs now consists of 16 players.[6]


Changes in 2011:


Changes in 2012:

  • October: Premium qualifier only happens once a month, gaining 2 spots for the monthly finals. The remaining 6 spots are given to the top 6 of the new ESL A-Series.[8]


Changes in 2015:


  • With April's closure, the Go4SC2 series of online tournaments had its last monthly finals. Starting from May, all the monthly winners were picked from the monthly ranking. The first place can be achieved by advancing rounds in both Go4SC2 Thursday and Sunday. Further you advance in one of the regular cups, by reaching quarterfinals, semifinals, or the finals itself, more points you conquer.


  • April: Go4SC2 series of online tournaments was discontinued.[9]

Current Rules[edit]

Prize Money[edit]

Place Prize (EUR) Prize (Pts)
1st 100 100
2nd 50 75
3rd 55
4th 55
5th-8th 35
9th-16th 20
17th-32nd 10
33rd-64th 5
65th-128th 3
Place Prize (EUR) Prize (Pts)
1st 50 + Qualified
2nd 25
Place Prize (EUR) Prize (Pts)
1st 75
2nd 55
3rd 35
4th 35
5th-8th 20
9th-16th 10
17th-32nd 5
33rd-64th 3
Place Prize (EUR) Prize (Pts)
1st 300
2nd 150
3rd 75
4th 75

Points distribution[edit]

Place Sunday Cups Monday Premium Thursday Cups
1st 100 Qualified 75
2nd 75 55
3rd/4th 55 35
5-8th 35 20
9-16th 20 10
17-32nd 10 5
33-64th 5 3
65-128th 3 0
Total 1097pts 1 slot 536pts


  • Unlimited participants in the Sunday and Wednesday tournaments.
  • Sunday cup finals will be played on the following Monday, broadcasted live on
  • Monthly €500 "Grand Final" with the 16 best ranked players.

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