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[e][h] GoOdy
Player Information
Sascha Lupp
October 27, 1985 (age 36)
Alternate IDs:
DkH.GoOdy, Speedlink.GoOdy, iv.GoOdy
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2021:
Years active:
2010 - 2017
2010-08-01 — 2012-10-16
2012-10-25 — 2016-11-21
2018-12-18 — 2021-10-10
Recent Matches
GoOdy  GermanyL:WFrance  Chubz
October 5, 2021 - 14:19 UTC
GoOdy  Germany0:2Czechia  Veriol
October 5, 2021 - 13:28 UTC
GoOdy  Germany1:2Netherlands  Sjaak
October 5, 2021 - 13:28 UTC
GoOdy  Germany2:0Belgium  Bouli
October 5, 2021 - 13:28 UTC
Goody  Germany1:2Luxembourg  JackO
October 5, 2021 - 13:27 UTC

Sascha "GoOdy" Lupp (born October 27, 1985) is a German Terran player.



GoOdy is nicknamed "The Panzer General" (or "Panzergeneral" in German), and is the creator and eponym of the "GoOdy Style". This style relies heavily on Mech play (especially on Tanks) in all 3 matchups. As a result, his APM is relatively low for a progamer. GoOdy used to rarely use Marines, and almost never researched Stimpack. During the HomeStory Cup IV tournament, GoOdy revamped his style, and now incorporates bio play into his game. Cordially nicknamed the "Supply Block Terran" by MC during a game vs ReaL, due to his tendency to get supply blocked and queuing large amounts of units.


GoOdy started playing Brood War on "Fastest Possible Map" under the ID "WWW)2Good4You(". After switching to the normal maps he joined the Clan Team Ivy and was later in different clans like DkH. In Brood War as in StarCraft II, he switched his race from Terran to Protoss from time to time. In Brood War, he was a Terran for a long time and switched to Protoss in the end of the game. GoOdy participated in the World Cyber Games 2007, where he managed to qualify for the main bracket, and was eventually defeated by his compatriot Mondragon in quarterfinals.

GoOdy is a member of Team Germany.

In Beta[edit]

GoOdy started playing SC2 as Protoss during beta and won ZOTAC Cup #6 as well as Competo Cup #1 before switching to his current race: Terran.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

GoOdy qualified for the first StarCraft II ESL Pro Series (EPS season 17)[1] and placed 2nd, making it to the finals. During the Alienware Finals he lost to Socke first round and again to DeMusliM in the lower bracket placing 4th. He also attended DreamHack Winter 2010, winning in the BYOC qualifier round. He was knocked out in the Group Stage with the a score of 1-2.[2]

GoOdy qualified for the TSL3 by fighting his way through the qualifiers and ending with a #4 ranking in points, behind TLO, Ciara, and MorroW. He surprised viewers in the Round of 32 by dispatching South Korean Zerg powerhouse NesTea before being 3-1'd by NaNiwa. GoOdy also managed to place into the first season of NASL.

GoOdy finished 3rd in the German WCG qualifier, qualifying for the WCG 2011 in Busan, where he would advance to the playoffs as second in his group before falling 2-0 to Korean Terran SuperNova.

On September 10, 2011, he won the German qualifier for the IeSF 2011 World Championship, an international gaming tournament held at Andong, Korea. He won the qualifier's finals 4-2 against HasuObs. In the main tournament, he was eliminated in the group stages by biGs and Osho.

On September 15, 2011, GoOdy participated in the ZOTAC Cup Monthly Final August. GoOdy took down LiveZerg, Check, roof, and LucifroN in the finals with a score of 3-2 and took 1st place. Later that year, on December 21, 2011, GoOdy participated in the ZOTAC Cup Monthly Final November. He was able to take down Delphi, Sleep, but then lost to viOLet with a score of 0-3 and had to settle for 2nd place. In the ZOTAC Cup Monthly Final December, on January 25, 2012, he was able to take down elfi and MoMaN but then fell to Beastyqt and fell to the 3rd/4th place match. GoOdy faced Sleep in the 3rd/4th place match, took him down easily with a 2-0 score and grabbed 3rd place.

In November 2011, GoOdy was invited in Battle in Berlin as a replacement for White-Ra, who couldn't attend the event because of a visa issue.[3] In the first round, he defeated TLO (who was playing Zerg during this event), and later narrowly eliminated the heavily favored Stephano in the semifinals. He was ultimately overwhelmed by Nerchio in finals, therefore taking second place in the event.

GoOdy qualified for the second MLG Spring Arena in 2012 as a result of his performance at the MLG European qualifiers. At Spring Arena 2, he lost 0-2 to GanZi in the winner's bracket, and went on to upset MMA 2-0 in the loser's bracket. He was eliminated from the tournament when he lost to Grubby 0-2.

On the 16th of October, GoOdy announced that he was leaving his longtime team, ESC Gaming, and was going to remain teamless for a while.[4] However, a week later, on the 25th, he announced that he had decided to rejoin ESC.[5]

Legacy of the Void[edit]

In the Beta of Legacy of the Void, GoOdy switched to Protoss, reflecting the race he played in the end of StarCraft: Brood War. He later on switched back to terran.

On the 21st of November he left his long time team ESC ICYBOX. [6]


In A2Major tournaments
2015-05-093 - 4thESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015ESC GamingESC Gaming2 : 3 Lambo$308.60
2013-01-192ndESET Winter Masters 2012ESC IcyboxESC Icybox1 : 4 StarDust$2,500
2012-09-014thESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2012ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 3 Socke$750.66
2011-12-042ndESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2011ESC IcyboxESC Icybox1 : 3 Socke$2,413.46
2011-11-122ndBattle in BerlinESC IcyboxESC Icybox0 : 3 Nerchio$1,750
2010-12-044thESL Pro Series Germany - Season 17ESC IcyboxESC Icybox1 : 2 DeMusliM$401.04
2010-11-232ndESL Pro Series Germany - Season 17 Regular SeasonESC IcyboxESC Icybox12-2Grp S.$803.23
In A3Minor tournaments
2021-05-301stBeAsT Semi Pro League #4BeAsT EsportsBeAsT Esports4 : 0 MariK$70
2017-01-141stRTG Cup #3BeAsT EsportsBeAsT Esports3 : 2 Hellraiser$74.32
2015-03-171stESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015: Cup #3ESC GamingESC Gaming2 : 1 HeRoMaRinE$273.09
2015-03-032ndESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015: Cup #2ESC GamingESC Gaming0 : 2 GunGFuBanDa$136.55
2015-02-242ndESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015: Cup #1ESC GamingESC Gaming0 : 2 HeRoMaRinE$136.55
2015-01-111stEIZO Foris Trophy CupESC GamingESC Gaming3 : 1 GunGFuBanDa$1,178.90
2014-04-041stJudgeHype Cup#2ESC GamingESC Gaming2 : 1 Lilbow$68.51
2014-03-122ndESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2014: Cup #4ESC GamingESC Gaming0 : 2 HasuObs$166.83
2014-02-262ndESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2014: Cup #2ESC GamingESC Gaming1 : 2 Patience$164.19
2014-02-192ndESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2014: Cup #1ESC IcyboxESC Icybox0 : 2 HasuObs$164.81
2013-09-071stHome Clash IIIESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 kauP$131.77
2013-06-282ndKaspersky Arena June 2013ESC IcyboxESC Icybox0 : 3 DIMAGA$354
2012-10-262ndWindows 8 Launch Day CupESC IcyboxESC Icybox1 : 4 HasuObs$737
2012-07-162ndESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2012: Cup #6ESC IcyboxESC Icybox0 : 2 Daisy$184.02
2012-06-112ndESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2012: Cup #1ESC IcyboxESC Icybox0 : 2 Delphi$187.01
2011-12-281stSennheiser Hear To Win Cup #3ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 1 horror$323.45
2011-12-212ndZOTAC Monthly Final November 2011ESC IcyboxESC Icybox0 : 3 viOLet$260.89
2011-09-151stZOTAC Monthly Final August 2011ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 LucifroN$693.52
2011-09-041stPolarfluKe: Spring LingESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 seeM$396.05
2011-07-031stPolarfluKe: July ZergESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 PandaTank$415.67
1970-01-012ndGo4SC2 October 2014ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 3 Nerchio$185.76
1970-01-012ndGo4SC2 September 2013ESC IcyboxESC Icybox0 : 3 Bly$203.35
In A4Basic tournaments
2014-06-091stGo4SC2 Premium Qualifier June 2014 Cup 2ESC GamingESC Gaming2 : 0 Revolver$67.96
2013-07-151stGo4SC2 Premium Qualifier July 2013 Cup 3ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Monty$65.30
2012-07-281stPlayhem EU Daily 317ESC IcyboxESC Icybox ReaL$55
2012-06-161stPlayhem EU Daily 275ESC IcyboxESC Icybox Abstract$55
2012-04-201stPlayhem EU Daily 218ESC IcyboxESC Icybox pushkarik$60
2012-03-031stPlayhem EU Daily 170ESC IcyboxESC Icybox SortOf$60
2012-01-231stGameCreds Cup Cup 47ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 SjoW$130.19
2011-12-181stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 87ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 LaLuSh$130.43
2011-11-211stGameCreds Cup Cup 40ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 DieStar$134.90
2011-11-201stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 83ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 Seala$135.25
2011-11-191stSennheiser Cup Season 2 Cup 12ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 1 sLivko$67.62
2011-10-231stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 79ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 Happy$138.96
2011-09-251stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 75ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 Osho$134.91
2011-08-281stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 71ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Adelscott$144.98
2011-08-221stGIGABYTE Cup Season 1 Cup 11ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 LaLuSh$143.58
2011-08-041st4PL Close Combat Cup 2011 Cup 65ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 1 HasuObs$176.16
2011-08-011stGIGABYTE Cup Season 1 Cup 8ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 LoWeLy$142.54
2011-07-311stGo4SC2 Cup 123ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 sLivko$290.52
2011-07-281st4PL Close Combat Cup 2011 Cup 63ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 0 Bly$179.10
2011-07-271stRageQuit.TV Open Cup 8ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Osho$118
2011-07-241stStarcraft II European Anniversary Party Qualifer 1ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 1 Bly$117
2011-07-211st4PL Close Combat Cup 2011 Cup 61ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 1 Lalush$180.25
2011-07-061stCatZ vs Europe Showmatch Series Match 1ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 CatZ$50
2011-06-271stGIGABYTE Cup Season 1 Cup 3ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 Delphi$142.87
2011-06-141stdrewbie vs Europe Showmatch Series Match 5ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 drewbie$50
2011-06-121stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 60ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 Tarson$143.46
2011-06-041stZOTAC Cup: NA Cup Cup 4ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 Deezer$100
2011-05-301stGameCreds Cup Cup 16ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Thebis$142.87
2011-05-281stZOTAC Cup: NA Cup Cup 3ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 Fayth$100
2011-05-171stRageQuit.TV Open Cup 2ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 0 dde$118
2011-05-161stCompeto Cup 40ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Happy$70.81
2011-04-101stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 51ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 Tefel$144.83
2011-03-201stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 48ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 Aristeo$141.76
2011-03-141stGameCreds Cup Cup 5ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 Kas$139.94
2011-03-131stGo4SC2 Cup 88ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 SaSe$275.52
2011-03-121stSennheiser Cup Season 1 Cup 6ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Strelok$139.03
2011-02-251stCraftCup Cup 32ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Satiini$50
2011-02-211stGameCreds Cup Cup 2ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 FuRy$136.76
2011-02-131stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 43ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Nerchio$135.23
2011-01-311stCompeto Cup 25ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Elfi$68.46
2011-01-161stGo4SC2 Cup 73ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 MoMaN$267.18
2010-12-311stCraftCup Cup 24ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 RineTS$50
2010-12-271stCompeto Cup 20ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 0 Bly$65.82
2010-12-171stCraftCup Cup 23ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 mazaYcheck$100
2010-12-091st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 26ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 0 NightEnD$165.46
2010-11-071stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 30ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 3 LaLuSh$140.33
2010-11-051stCraftCup Cup 17ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 iNSoLeNCE$100
2010-11-041st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 20ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 1 HasuObs$177.66
2010-11-031stCyborg Cup Cup 2ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 1 Kas$282.48
2010-10-171stGo4SC2 Cup 47ESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2 LaLuSh$275.83
2010-10-141st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 14ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 0 cHoBo$176
2010-10-071st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 12ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 0 Delphi$173.93
2010-09-301st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 10ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 1 Wilko$170.36
2010-09-271st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 9ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 0 JuNe$168.01
2010-09-011st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 2ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 0 DasDuelon$160.04
2010-08-161stCompeto Cup 1ESC IcyboxESC Icybox2 : 1 HasuObs$64.12
2010-04-041stZOTAC Cup EU Cup 6ZZZZZ3 : 0 Insolent$135.02
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In A3Minor tournaments
2011-12-021st4PL CLan LeagueESC IcyboxESC Icybox3 : 2Guild of ImbalanceGuild of Imbalance$334.81
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