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[e][h]Girls of Starcraft
Company Information
June 5, 2011

Girls of Starcraft ( / ^o^)ノ︵ ┻━┻) (or GoSC) is a group of female gamers, founded in June 2011, which is trying to encourage more females to play the game and empower the constant growth of females in the StarCraft community.


Female SC2 Scene[edit]

Main article: Female SC2 scene


The group was founded to help encourage and support the constant growth of females in the Starcraft community. One of the primary goals of GoSc (Girls of Starcraft) is to help encourage a friendly and competitive environment for the females coming into the Starcraft competitive scene.


The members in the group include commentators, players, event organizers, and even just fans of the game. The members use their Facebook group as a means of communicating about girl only events, announcements, clan recruiting, news and more. The group also has a Skype voice chat. Their community involvement includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Community Involvement Link
The Bunny Cup The Bunny Cup Info
Iron Lady Cup Iron Lady Cup Info
Team Fem-Fx Creation Fem-Fx Clan Info
Mouse Pad Challenge Mouse Pad Challenge Info
Zowie Divina Zowie Divina
Athena's Arena Creation Athena's Arena Weekly
GoSc's 1st Year Anniversary GoSc's 1st Year Anniversary

Current Staff[edit]

ID Name Position
USAUnited States Z Tesla Lori Slaughter CEO & Founder
USAUnited States R BrightSide BrandiPM VP & COM
SGSingapore Z KellyMILKIES Kelly Ong Xiao Wei COO
USAUnited States P LittleAtari Noor CM
CACanada Yunie Yunie Kim Event Organizer
CACanada T Karen Karen McDowell Admin
CACanada Z Railin Mel Admin
USAUnited States Ms'B'Having Nicole Admin
CACanada T Livinpink Geneviève Forget Interviewer & Admin
CACanada P JawesomeArt Steve Payne Interviewer

Former Staff[edit]

ID Name Position
NLNetherlands P VampireLady Suna Aoimori CoFounder
USUnited States Z Nemi Susan Admin
CLChile P Yui Andrea Soto Admin
USUnited States Z alundra Alicia Admin
PTPortugal R Opie Jason Babo CTO


Caster Stream Link
SGSingapore Z KellyMILKIES TwitchTv
USAUnited States Z Tesla TwitchTv
CACanada T Livinpink TwitchTv
AUAustralia P CheekyDuck JustinTv
CACanada P NGeX TwitchTv
SESweden P Guilly TwitchTv


Streamer Stream Link
Canada USAUnited States TR Livinpink TwitchTv
USAUnited States Z Tesla Own3dTv
USAUnited States T Adrestia TwitchTv
USAUnited States P Silvare JustinTv
AUAustralia P CheekyDuck JustinTv
CACanada P Ailuj TwitchTv
TWTaiwan P Luway TwitchTv
USAUnited States Z NKaeris TwitchTv
NZNew Zealand Z Rogue TwitchTv
CACanada P NGeX TwitchTv
SwedenSweden Z MaddeLisk TwitchTv
Czech RepublicCzech Republic P BabyToss TwitchTv
USAUnited States P LittleAtari TwitchTv
USAUnited States T Goldy TwitchTv
USAUnited States P Lady Insanity Youtube
SESweden P Guilly TwitchTv
UKUnited Kingdom Z Violet Not to be confused with Violet TwitchTv

Event Organizers & Other[edit]

ID Name Position
USAUnited States R BrightSide BrandiPM GoSC Promoter/Organizer
USAUnited States Z Tesla Lori Slaughter Commentator & Event Organizer
AUAustralia P CheekyDuck Jessica Entertainer/Caster & Promoter
USAUnited States P tifachia Tiffany Chia Event Coordinator w/ IGN Pro League (IPL)
CACanada P Karmelle Karmelle Ironlady/Go4SC2
CLChile P Yui Andrea Soto IronLady/GoSC and Team Fem-Fx Promoter/Event Organizer
USAUnited States Z moXie moXie Co-founder of Barcraft Virginia
Asrathiel Rachel Mackenzie Admins the official BSG Weekly for the SEA server


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