Godzilla Cup

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Godzilla Cup is a StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm weekly tournament sponsored by Bengo, House and Loup.

The tournament provides good training opportunity to Chinese players, especially the new generation.

In 2016, this cup has became HuomaoTV Cup for the archon mode, which is thought to be stopped.



  • Single Elimination
    • All matches are Bo3 except for finals which is Bo5.


# Date 1st 2nd SF SF
1 #1 2015-05-17 China  Shana China  Mystery China  lichqueen China  SaberAltoria
2 #2 2015-05-24 China  Clavie China  Shana China  Sakya China  SaberAltoria
3 #3 2015-05-31 China  SaberAltoria China  Punk China  Ever China  SeRafiNe
4 #4 2015-06-07 China  Shana China  SaberAltoria China  Ein China  DyyS
5 #5 2015-06-14 China  Ein China  Zycart China  Banquet China  ZKO
6 #6 2015-06-28 China  Ein China  SaberAltoria China  Zycart China  SeRafiNe
7 #7 2015-07-12 China  SaberAltoria China  Ein Taiwan  Ian China  Six
8 #8 2015-07-26 China  Ein China  Silky China  Cyan China  DouDou

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