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Golden Professional League 2014

The Golden Professional League 2014 is the first major Chinese domestic Starcraft II competition in 2014. It is organized by Blizzard Entertainment's Chinese partner NetEase, and sponsored by Logitech. The tournament is a spiritual "WCS China" in the absence of a local WCS region since 2013, to provide a long-standing competition environment for local pros and grassroots.


  • Challenger League contains 32 players vying for a spot in the Premier League for the current season.
    • Only one round, consisting of 16 best-of-five Up-and-Down matches. The losers are eliminated from the GPL season, while the winners proceed to the Premier League.
  • Premier League, contains the top 32 players in the tournament.
    • Both Ro32 and Ro16 consists of a dual tournament group stage where the top 2 moves on in the tournament. The losers from Ro32 move down to the Challenger League. Players reaching the Ro16 are automatically seeded into the next season Premier League.

For Season 1, 16 players are invited for Premier League based on various factors such as WCS participation, and 16 players qualify for Premier League from a 256 man single elimination qualifier, thus no traditional Challenger League is played.

Prize Pool[edit]

CNY (~ USD) are divided among participants for the whole year.

Premier League[edit]

Place Prize (CNY) Prize (USD)
1st ¥30,000 $4,854
2nd ¥15,000 $2,427
3rd-4th ¥5,000 $809
5th-8th ¥2,000 $324
9th-16th ¥1,000 $162
17th-32nd ¥600 $97
Total ¥80,600 $13,042


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