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GosuGamers is a computer game community with 110,000 visits per day. The community, which has existed since 2002, focus on high quality eSport news and user created materials for the best-selling games by Blizzard Entertainment: StarCraft and Warcraft.

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While the main office is in Malmö, Sweden, the people who work with the website, are from all over the world. The GosuCrew consists of more than 60 people who moderate, publish and polish the contents of the site, making sure it’s up to date every day of the year.

The website has grown from being a small scale hobby project to a company that covers all the largest international gaming events and organizes their own national and international events.[1]

StarCraft II Coverage[edit]

Team GosuGamers[edit]

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On January 2, GosuGamers announced its new StarCraft II team. Team GosuGamers initial roster consisted of two Swedish zergs; ZpuX and Naugrim.

It has since recruited German player iNfeRnaL. On March 29th, 2011 Team GosuGamers signed LastShadow and Ourk.[2]

On July 26th, 2011 they also added Galaxy to their lineup.[3] On December 2nd, GosuGamers disbanded its pro teams.[4]


GosuGamers has organized a number of tournaments, including:

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