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[e][h] Goswser
Player Information
Michael Dobler
August 20, 1992 (age 30)
Alternate IDs:
Newguy, gosuser, GoswseR
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2011 - 2016
Years active (caster):
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
2011-11-16 — 2012-12-09
2012-12-09 — 2015-01-27
2015-01-27 — ????-??-??
Recent Matches
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Lithuania  Krr
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South Korea  SuperNova
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United States  Neuro
2015-04-28 00:00:06UTC  

Michael "Goswser" Dobler (born August 20, 1992) is a retired American Zerg player.

Wings of Liberty[edit]


Goswser made a name for himself during 2011 MLG Orlando when he beat the odds by defeating the former GSL champion Polt in the open bracket. He was eventually eliminated from the tournament after being defeated by another South Korean progamer, MarineKing, and by KawaiiRice.

On November 16, 2011, Goswser became the first player from compLexity Academy to be promoted to the A-team.[1]

At MLG Dallas 2012 Goswser once again made a run defeating KawaiiRice, Caliber, and ThorZaIN in losers bracket before Polt defeated him 2-1 to claim vengeance for Orlando.

For Iron Squid Chapter 2 Goswser qualified through the American qualifier by defeating MassMurder, Ender, MajOr, and HwangSin. In the tournament itself he surprised many by topping a group that included MMA, Genius, and Nerchio. His run continued as he proceeded to 3-0 Mvp in the round of 16 before finally succumbing to eventual tournament winner Life in the quarterfinals by a score of 3-2.

On December 10, 2012 it was announced that Goswser had left compLexity and would be training in Europe.[2] Later in the day, he was presented by his new team Millenium live from the Millenium Gaming House.[3]

Heart Of The Swarm[edit]


His first tournament in 2013 was the 2013 MLG Winter Championship, which he had qualified by beating Caliber in the Showdowns. During the event, he lost straight away against Bomber in the round of 32, but still impressed by winning the third map of the series, an amazing one-hour long game.[4]

In the spring, Goswser was one of the 24 invites for the WCS America 2013 Season 1 Premier league. His opponents in the round of 32 were Polt, Revival and IdrA. He managed to win his first match against Revival but then lost to the heavy favorite Polt and lost the rematch against Revival, hence dropped to Challenger league, where he lost to HwangSin in the bracket stage, and to MacSed and TheStC in the group stage, only taking the series against Heart, but enough to secure a Challenger league spot for the next season.

Goswser played in both Dreamhack Stockholm and Summer, but wasn't successful as he was eliminated in the Round of 64 in the two tournaments. Staying in Europe, he was invited to pay in the HSC 7, where he was able to get out of his Round of 32 group by beating Socke and Fuzer, but was eliminated in the next group stage after losses against TaeJa and Stephano.

He started showing good results in the summer, having an impressive run during DreamHack Valencia, beating notable players Stephano, BlinG, Harstem, and YugiOh before losing to HyuN in the semifinals, securing $3,000 and a seed for DreamHack Winter.

He confirmed his good form at ASUS ROG Summer 2013, where he eliminated TitaN, Naama, the Moreno Durán brothers VortiX and LucifroN, and lost to TaeJa in the Round of 8.


  • Goswser is pronounced gosu user. The w symbolizes two u's.[5]


In A1Premier Tournaments
2013-07-203rd - 4thDreamHack Open Valencia 2013MilleniumMillenium1 : 2$3,060.57
In A2Major Tournaments
2013-08-183rdAcer TeamStory Cup Season 1
1 : 5Team AcerTeam Acer$428.57
2013-05-193rd - 4thSHOUTcraft AmericaMilleniumMillenium3 : 4$1,000
2012-07-011stEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VII
3 : 2FnaticFnatic$384.62
In A3Minor Tournaments
2015-06-211stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars June 2015 #5
ROOT Gaming
4 : 0Team AscensionTeam Ascension$41.67
2015-06-172ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars June 2015 #4
ROOT Gaming
2 : 4BaguetteBaguette$0
2015-05-201stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars May 2015 #4
ROOT Gaming
4 : 3Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses$41.67
2015-05-082ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars May 2015 #3
ROOT Gaming
3 : 4mYinsanitymYinsanity$0
2015-04-282ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2015 #7
ROOT Gaming
3 : 4AxiomAxiom$0
2015-04-172ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2015 #3
ROOT Gaming
3 : 4StarTaleStarTale$0
2013-10-282ndCascade1xbet Clan League Season 5
2 : 4Empire-EnceEmpire-Ence$75
2012-08-182ndSemi-Pro Gaming League NationalscompLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming1 : 3$250
2011-10-052ndvVv's Wednesday Night StarCraft #18
Convergence Gaming
3 : 4vVv GamingvVv Gaming$0
In A4Basic Tournaments
2015-02-011stTeam Gravity's Fight Night 2015: February, Week 1 Match 1ROOT GamingROOT Gaming3 : 2$10
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Zerg130 - 11852.4 %136 - 12352.5 %123 - 12050.6 %5 - 455.6 %394 - 36551.9 %
as Random0 - 0-0 - 0-0 - 0-1 - 233.3 %1 - 233.3 %

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