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Duncan "Thorin" Shields

Grilled is a now discontinued video interview series created by Duncan "Thorin" Shields. Each episode of the series was an in-depth interview with an esports competitor or community figure, past or present. The series ran from June 2012 to November 2013, spanning Thorin's time working for Team Acer. Upon publishing the 90th episode Thorin announced he would be leaving Team Acer to take a position at OnGamers beginning in December of 2013, making the 90th episode the final one of the series. This series has since been succeeded by a new video interview series, by the same author, called Reflections, for OnGamers.


Each installment of the series was recorded at an offline event Thorin attended, as part of his regular event coverage in his role as Editor-in-Chief of Team Acer, then edited and uploaded at a later date, with the exception of the eighth episode, which was uploaded during an event as an experiment.

The series focused on players' careers, going in-depth on their tournament results, evolution as a player and thoughts on different areas of the game. The series catered to a wide variety of gaming communities, but LoL has accounted for the most episodes, eventually totaling over half of the entire series.

Episodes lasted anywhere from nine minutes to over two hours, with the average being around 40 minutes.

The series is also available as an audio podcast, minus the subtitled episodes, on iTunes and as mp3s.

Final statistics for the series: 90 episodes, 76 hours total running time and 2.5 million youtube hits.[1]

Episode List[edit]

# Date published Date recorded Guest Links Length Occupation/Position Game(s) Notes
90 2013-11-22 2013-10-02 United States mandatorycloud Link 1h17m LoL Mid laner of XDG Gaming. LoL
89 2013-11-14 2013-10-02 Bulgaria BloodWater Link 32m LoL Support player of XDG Gaming. LoL
88 2013-11-12 2013-10-04 United States LiNk Link 1h02m LoL Mid laner of Counter Logic Gaming. LoL
87 2013-11-07 2013-09-30 Denmark Deficio Link 1h12m Former LoL Support player and current Manager of Ninjas in Pyjamas. LoL
86 2013-11-03 2013-10-03 United States SotLTravis Link 2h02m LoL interviewer and host. LoL
85 2013-10-30 2013-10-01 United States Doublelift Link 1h35m LoL AD Carry of Counter Logic Gaming. LoL
84 2013-10-28 2013-09-30 United States Voyboy Link 1h48m LoL former Top laner and current Mid laner of Curse Gaming. LoL
83 2013-10-24 2013-10-03 United States Saintvicious Link 1h Former LoL Jungler and current coach of Curse Gaming. LoL
82 2013-10-23 2013-08-24 South Korea INnoVation Link 19m SC2 (Terran) player for Team Acer. BW, SC2 Subtitled
81 2013-10-22 2013-10-03 United States scarra Link 1h32m LoL Mid laner of Team Dignitas. LoL
80 2013-10-16 2013-08-24 South Korea TaeJa Link 14m SC2 (Terran) player for Team Liquid. BW, SC2 Subtitled
79 2013-10-15 2013-10-02 United States Xpecial Link 1h03m LoL Support player of Team SoloMid LoL
78 2013-10-13 2013-08-15 Sweden Jree Link 38m LoL Support player of Team ALTERNATE LoL
77 2013-10-13 2013-06-25 South Korea MMA Link 21m SC2 (Terran) player for Team Acer BW, SC2
76 2013-10-08 2013-08-25 Germany Nyph Link 36m LoL Support player of SK Gaming LoL
75 2013-09-19 2013-08-14 France hyrqBot Link 29m former Jungler of SK Gaming and new of NiP Gaming LoL
74 2013-09-13 2013-08-15 Norway Nukeduck Link 43m LoL Mid player of Lemondogs LoL
73 2013-09-11 2013-08-14 Netherlands Tabzz Link 42m LoL AD Carry of Lemondogs LoL
72 2013-09-09 2013-08-25 United Kingdom 2GD Link 1h11m Founder of The GD Studio LoL, Dota2
71 2013-09-08 2013-08-23 United Kingdom Richard A. Lewis Link 1h58m Editor-in-Chief of General
70 2013-09-05 2013-08-24 Russia Genja Link 49m LoL AD Carry for Gambit Gaming LoL Subtitled
69 2013-09-04 2013-08-18 Germany TLO Link 1h22m SC2 (Zerg) player for Team Liquid. SC2
68 2013-09-02 2013-08-15 United Kingdom Snoopeh Link 1h LoL Jungler for Evil Geniuses. LoL
67 2013-08-29 2013-08-16 Denmark Bjergsen Link 30m LoL Mid player for Ninjas in Pyjamas. LoL
66 2013-08-24 2013-08-16 Poland Creaton Link 31m LoL AD Carry player for Team ALTERNATE. LoL
65 2013-08-20 2013-08-16 Germany nRated Link 1h28m Former LoL Support player for fnatic, current analyst for Evil Geniuses. LoL
64 2013-08-18 2013-07-03 South Korea imp Link 22m LoL AD Carry player for MVP Ozone. LoL Subtitled
63 2013-08-04 2013-06-27 South Korea Chobra Link 2h23m OGN Creative Director and Global Relations Advisor for OnGameNet. BW, LoL
62 2013-07-29 2013-06-24 United States MonteCristo Link 2h LoL colour commentator for OnGameNet. LoL
61 2013-07-28 2013-07-01 United States Artosis Link 1h23m ex-BW (Terran) player, current SC2 commentator for GOMtv. BW, SC2
60 2013-07-18 2013-07-03 United Kingdom Thorin 2h07m Editor-in-Chief of Team Acer General Hosted by MonteCristo
59 2013-07-10 2013-06-18 Canada Chaox Link 1h18m Ex-AD Carry player of Team SoloMid. LoL
58 2013-06-20 2013-05-15 Sweden NaNiwa Link 57m Current SC2 (Protoss) player for Alliance SC2
57 2013-06-09 2013-05-16 Poland Nerchio Link 43m Current SC2 (Zerg) player for Team Acer SC2
56 2013-06-06 2013-05-16 Germany yellowpete Link 1h30m LoL AD Carry player for Evil Geniuses LoL
55 2013-05-24 2013-05-18 France Stephano Link 25m Current SC2 (Zerg) player for Evil Geniuses SC2
54 2013-05-17 2013-04-19 France ShLaYa Link 37m LoL Mid lane player for against All authority LoL
53 2013-05-13 2013-04-21 France sOAZ Link 46m LoL Top lane player for fnatic LoL
52 2013-05-09 2013-04-20 Germany Candy Panda Link 49m LoL AD Carry player for SK Gaming LoL
51 2013-05-07 2013-04-21 Denmark Wickd Link 37m LoL Top lane player for Evil Geniuses LoL
50 2013-05-02 2013-04-19 United Kingdom fredy122 Link 36m LoL Top lane player for against All authority LoL
49 2013-05-01 2013-04-27 United Kingdom ddk 1h08m ex-Q4/QL player, current QL commentator for FACEIT QW, BW, QL
48 2013-04-29 2013-04-20 Spain xPeke Link 45m LoL Mid lane player for fnatic LoL
47 2013-04-25 2013-04-20 Belgium Krepo Link 54m LoL Support for Evil Geniuses LoL
46 2013-04-23 2013-04-19 Russia Diamondprox Link 22m LoL Jungler for Gambit Gaming LoL Subtitled
45 2013-04-16 2013-03-09 Poland Xaxus Link 30m LoL Top lane player for Anexis eSports LoL
44 2013-04-09 2013-03-17 Canada TheOddOne Link 52m LoL Jungler for Team SoloMid LoL
43 2013-04-07 2013-03-16 Canada HotshotGG Link 48m LoL Top lane player for Counter Logic Gaming LoL
42 2013-04-04 2013-03-07 South Korea MidKing Link 30m LoL Mid player for Incredible Miracle LoL Subtitled
41 2013-04-01 2013-03-09 Austria monchi Link 31m Current SC2 (Protoss) player for XMG SC2
40 2013-03-28 2013-03-16 United States scarra Link 52m LoL Mid player for Team Dignitas LoL
39 2013-03-26 2013-03-17 United States Chauster Link 49m LoL Jungler for Counter Logic Gaming LoL
38 2013-03-24 2013-03-15 United States Dyrus Link 54m LoL top laner for Team SoloMid LoL
37 2013-03-24 2013-03-09 Spain VortiX Link 29m Current SC2 (Zerg) player for Karont3 WC3, SC2
36 2013-03-20 2013-03-08 Spain ocelote Link 54m LoL Mid player for SK Gaming WoW, LoL
35 2013-03-18 2013-03-09 South Korea Ambition Link 9m LoL Mid player for CJ Entus Blaze LoL Subtitled
34 2013-03-13 2013-03-08 Denmark Froggen Link 41m LoL Mid player for Evil Geniuses LoL
33 2013-03-12 2013-03-07 South Korea PartinG Link 20m Current SC2 (Protoss) player for SK Telecom T1 BW, SC2 Subtitled
32 2013-03-11 2013-03-08 Russia Alex Ich Link 42m LoL Mid player for Gambit Gaming LoL
31 2013-03-02 2012-03-08 Germany Griff Link 54m ex-QW player, co-founder of SK and ESL. Current Managing Director of ESL General
30 2013-01-27 2012-11-25 Sweden cArn 1h37m ex-CS player, current CGO of fnatic CS 1.6
29 2013-01-17 2012-12-22 Netherlands RotterdaM Link 41m ex-WC3 player, current SC2 (Protoss) player for ROOT and commentator for NASL WC3, SC2
28 2013-01-10 2012-12-21 Ukraine Kas Link 26m Current SC2 (Terran) player for Empire. SC2
27 2013-01-07 2012-12-22 Germany HasuObs Link 50m ex-WC3 player, current SC2 (Protoss) player for mousesports. WC3, SC2
26 2013-01-03 2012-12-22 Netherlands Ret Link 51m ex-BW player, current SC2 (Zerg) player for Team Liquid. BW, SC2
25 2013-01-01 2012-12-22 France ToD Link 56m ex-WC3 player, currently teamless SC2 (Protoss) player. WC3, SC2
24 2012-12-30 2012-12-22 Belgium Feast Link 43m SC2 (Protoss) player for Millenium SC2
23 2012-12-26 2012-12-22 Germany Socke Link 50m SC2 (Protoss) player for Team ALTERNATE BW, SC2
22 2012-12-14 2012-12-01 South Korea Polt Link 19m SC2 (Terran) player for TSL SC2 Subtitled
21 2012-12-12 2012-12-02 United States Saintvicious Link 38m LoL Jungler player for Curse.NA LoL
20 2012-12-10 2012-12-01 Canada HuK Link 18m SC2 (Protoss) player for Evil Geniuses SC2
19 2012-12-09 2012-12-01 United States da bears 37m ex-CS player, current Shootmania player for coL CS 1.6
18 2012-12-09 2012-12-02 France Strenx 21m QL and Shootmania player for fnatic QL
17 2012-12-07 2012-12-02 United States Doublelift Link 43m LoL AD Carry player for CLG.NA LoL
16 2012-12-06 2012-11-24 Poland MaNa Link 42m SC2 (Protoss) player for mousesports SC2
15 2012-12-05 2012-11-23 Germany k1llsen 30m QL player Q4, QL
14 2012-11-27 2012-11-24 France Stephano Link 45m SC2 (Zerg) player for Evil Geniuses SC2
13 2012-11-25 2012-11-24 United Kingdom Snoopeh Link 20m LoL Jungler player for CLG.EU LoL
12 2012-10-11 2012-09-22 Romania NightEnD Link 39m SC2 (Protoss) player for fnatic WC3, SC2
11 2012-10-02 2012-09-15 Sweden Potti 51m ex-CS player for NiP and SK CS 1.6
10 2012-10-01 2012-09-22 South Korea ForGG Link 14m ex-BW (Terran) player, current SC2 (Terran) player for Millenium BW, SC2 Subtitled
9 2012-09-27 2012-09-22 South Korea viOLet Link 24m ex-WC3 player, current SC2 (Zerg) player for AZUBU WC3, SC2
8 2012-09-22 2012-09-22 Spain LucifroN Link 12m ex-WC3 player, current SC2 (Terran) player for Karont3 WC3, SC2
7 2012-08-12 2012-03-05 United Kingdom 2GD Link 1h 27m ex-Quake player/caster, head of GD Studio General
6 2012-08-02 2012-03-01 Sweden SpawN 30m ex-CS player for matrix, SK and NiP CS 1.6
5 2012-07-19 2012-03-03 South Korea PuMa Link 26m ex-BW (Terran) player, current SC2 (Terran) player for Evil Geniuses BW, SC2 Subtitled
4 2012-07-19 2012-03-03 Sweden face 1h 18m CS player for SK Gaming CS 1.6
3 2012-07-05 2012-03-01 Brazil gAuLeS 45m ex-CS player for g3x and MiBR CS 1.6
2 2012-07-03 2012-03-04 South Korea SeleCT Link 28m SC2 (Terran) player for Team Dignitas DoW, SC2
1 2012-06-03 2012-03-07 Germany TheSlaSH 58m Managing Director of SK Gaming General

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