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[e][h] GunGFuBanDa
Player Information
Fabian Mayer
April 23, 1998 (age 24)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2022:
EPT EU rank:
Years active:
2013 - Present
2013-08-14 — 2018-01-20
2018-01-20 — 2018-04-17
2019-04-05 — 2019-07-14
2019-10-30 — 2019-12-23
2020-02-12 — 2021-08-01
2021-10-12 — 2022-02-15
2022-02-15 — Present
Recent Matches
GunGFuBanDa  Germany
Poland  MaNa
2022-06-14 00:00:33UTC  
GunGFuBanDa  Germany
France  DnS
2022-06-14 00:00:25UTC  
GunGFuBanDa  Germany
Non-representing  SKillous
2022-06-14 00:00:18UTC  
GunGFuBanDa  Germany
Ukraine  Kas
2022-06-14 00:00:05UTC  
GunGFuBanDa  Germany
Germany  HeRoMaRinE
2022-06-13 17:15:19UTC  

Fabian "GunGFuBanDa" Mayer (born April 23, 1998) is a German Protoss player who is currently playing for Senthex.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

At only 16 years old, he showed promise in having beaten players such as HasuObs and Socke.

GunGFuBanda first big results came at Fragbite Masters Season 3 where he made it all the way to the grand final losing narrowly 4-3 to MMA GunGFuBanDa qualified for WCS Challenger League season 2 of 2015 following his disqualification in the first season (see bellow). In the Challenger match, he defeated NaNiwa 3-0.participated in his first WCS Premier League in the following season, in 2015 Season 2. He won his first series 2-0 against Has. After the series, he stated he was really happy to find the proxy Stargate, and expressed his confidence to advance out of the group.[1] In the winners match, he was defeated by Jaedong 1-2. The series included a failed Zealot rush in Game 3 on Vaani Research Station, despite Jaedong going for three bases before a Spawning Pool.[2] In the last series, GunGFuBanDa won 2-1 against elfi, and joined fellow German player TLO in WCS Round of 16 in Toronto, Canada.

In this Round of 16, GunGFuBanDa was in Group A, with the three players who lost to Polt in 2015 WCS Season 1 Round of 8, ForGG, Bunny and Hydra. After winning against ForGG, GunGFuBanDa lost 0-2 against Hydra. In the decider match, he played a close series against Bunny ending up 1-2, which made him finish in 9th - 12th place.

GunGFuBanDa managed to return to WCS Premier League beating fellow protoss DnS 3-0 in Chalenger. He then top his round of 32 group betting Shana as well as future tournament winner Lilbow. He then went on to finish second in his round of 16 group losing to Petraeus but eliminating two veteran of the scene in Sen and Snute. His run was finally stop by Zanster in the round of 8 in the offline final in Kraków.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

GunGFuBanDa transition to legacy of the void, was somewhat rocky, while he didn't fall of the map of competitive Starcraft he failed to initially find the same success has he had at the end of Heart of the Swarm, failing to qualify for any of the 3 WCS championship as well as the Dreamhack or IEM events and suffering a group exist in HomeStory Cup XIII. As the bright spot in harder year, GunGFuBanDa won his the ESL Meisterschaft 2016 Summer edition becoming the last ever ESL German national champion as it was the last tournament of the series.

GunGFuBanda was mostly inactive during the 2017 and 2018 playing only in a couple of online cup and qualifier without any results to speak of until the last few months of December when he started being more active. He qualified for WCS Winter Europe through the ladder qualifier and when on to top his round of 32 group with 2-0 victory over Nerchio and Kas marking a surprisingly quick return to form for the German player. He later was eliminated of his round of 16 group by Harstem and Rail by losing 1-2 twice.

Match fixing controversy and WCS suspension[edit]

On January 13, 2015, GunGFuBanDa was implicated in a match fixing attempt made public on reddit.[3][4] After a loss to Jeysenin the qualifier of WCS Chalenger season one, GunGFuBanda messaged him to ask him to fake the result and give him the win. The conversation escalated into Jeysen saying he might consider it for 1000$ but the discussion fell off then. Both player were suspended by Blizzard for the rest of season 1 of WCS 2015.[5] GunGFuBanda later said that he had no intention to pay him but felt overwhelmed at the time of the loss.[6]


In A2Major Tournaments
2016-08-28AA1stESL Meisterschaft - Summer Season 2016Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics3 : 0$2,041
2016-05-08CA3 - 4thESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2016Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics0 : 3$444.63
2015-11-24CA3 - 4thESL Meisterschaft - Winter Season 2015Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics0 : 3$308.60
2015-07-21CA3 - 4thESL Meisterschaft - Summer Season 2015Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics1 : 3$308.60
2015-05-09CA3 - 4thESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics2 : 3$308.60
2014-12-12CA3 - 4thESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2014Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics2 : 3$685
2014-12-07BA2ndFragbite Masters Season 3Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics3 : 4$5,415
In A3Minor Tournaments
2021-11-13BA2ndROOT Tournament Circuit 2021 Season 1 Week #1ROOT GamingROOT Gaming1 : 3$100
2021-07-12AA1stESL Open Cup #79 EuropeCascadeCascade3 : 2$250
2021-04-05BA2ndESL Open Cup #65 EuropeCascadeCascade0 : 3$100
2021-03-29BA2ndESL Open Cup #64 EuropeCascadeCascade1 : 3$100
2020-05-03AA1stRussian StarCraft 2 League Season 5CascadeCascade4 : 1Alpha XAlpha X$49.75
2020-01-02AA1stRussian StarCraft 2 League: Season 4MkersMkers4 : 0Team STARCOMTeam STARCOM$30.50
2019-12-01BA2ndStarCraft Sundays Season 3, Weekly #9Norsemen EsportsNorsemen Esports3–1Grp S.$30
2019-10-30AA1stGet Rifkin to BlizzCon InvitationalNorsemen EsportsNorsemen Esports3 : 1$100
2019-10-20AA1stWardiTV Balance Test Mod Invitational3 : 0$150
2019-09-29BA2ndAfreeca World 433 : 4$35
2019-04-28AA1stSunday Heroes Open #52Wolf's PackWolf's Pack3 : 1$60
2019-04-16BA2ndRifkin's Back TournamentWolf's PackWolf's Pack0 : 4$300
2019-03-09AA1stKatowice Afterparty3 : 1$200
2019-03-06AA1stQLASH StarCraft2 Community Series #43 : 0$70
2018-12-27BA2ndOnce Upon a Whatchamacallit Cup0 : 3$50
2016-03-29AA1stESL Meisterschaft: Spring Season 2016, Cup 4Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics2 : 1$132
2016-03-23BA2ndCorsair Cup 15Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics1 : 3$20
2015-11-10AA1stESL Meisterschaft/Winter Season 2015/Cup 5Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics2 : 1$132
2015-07-07AA1stESL Meisterschaft - Summer Season 2015: Cup #5Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics2 : 0$132
2015-03-31BA2ndESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015: Cup #5Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics0 : 2$136.55
2015-03-24AA1stESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015: Cup #4Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics2 : 0$273.09
2015-03-21AA1stMunich Starcraft Tournament #11Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics3 : 0$1,082
2015-03-03AA1stESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 2015: Cup #2Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics2 : 0$273.09
2015-01-11BA2ndEIZO Foris Trophy CupPlanetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics1 : 3$825.20
2013-11-02AA1stMunich Starcraft Tournament 8Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics6 : 2$337.12
2013-08-18AA1stNVIDIA Germany Cup #3Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics3 : 2$399.70
In A4Basic Tournaments
2020-03-07AA1stAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 15 EU ProMkersMkers3 : 0Hasu PlayersHasu Players$9.09
2019-02-10AA1stGo4SC2 ESL Cup 8553 : 1$113
2016-01-31AA1stGo4SC2 ESL Cup 544Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics3 : 2$108.31
2015-12-27AA1stGo4SC2 ESL Cup 536Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics3 : 2$109.64
2014-09-14AA1stZOTAC Cup EU Cup #224Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics3 : 0$129.60
2013-11-16AA1stZOTAC Cup: NA Cup Cup 128Planetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics3 : 1$100
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