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Nikita "gSom" Borovkov
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HD Game was founded under the name HDGame clan in June 2011 as a community of friends and players for playing at Starcraft 2: WoL leagues. In June 2012 HDGame clan merged with Evolution Gaming and formed Vega Squadron team, which was based on site hdgame.net and players of Evolution Gaming. In 30th September HD Game and Vega Squadron parted ways. Until February 2013 HD Game remained a team of friends as the managers of the team have not taken a decision on restarting of the project. Now HD Game is a Russian multigaming game clan. They have gaming divisions in:

  • StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
  • Dota 2


  • March 17, Ptak joins the team.
  • April 3, MilkiCow joins the team.

Player Roster[edit]

First Squad[edit]

ID Name 2014 2015 2016 2017
ruRussia z Easy Trushkin Vyacheslav 33 - 48th 2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow - - -
ruRussia p gSom () Nikita Borovkov 33 - 48th 2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow - - -
uaUkraine p Lisandro Vladislav Rybkin - - - -
ruRussia z Fallenger Vladimir Zolnov - - - -
ruRussia t MilkiCow Ilia Potapov - - - -
ruRussia r ArO Ilia Okulov - - - -


ID Name
ruRussia t Doomer Sergey Tokarev
ruRussia t DarkNoobik Sergey Tyupin
deGermany P Cutе Endi Kotov
ruRussia P NoFear Vladimir Lobov
ruRussia P MefiSTo Vladimir Chernikov

Notable former[edit]

Full list of Former Players

ID Name New Team
kzKazakhstan p Lightweight Adlet Satybaldin 3D Clan
ruRussia p Couguar Vitaliy Roshchin 3D Clan
ruRussia t Creed Andrei Romanov Iron Chain
ruRussia P Glow Andrey Belyaev
ruRussia t LuckyGnom Artem Mekhonoshin ReG GaminG
uaUkraine z CrazyRabbit Oleg Gerashchenko incredible Panic
ruRussia t Noname Nikita Andreev Vega Squadron
roRomania p XuLLIHuK incredible Panic
ruRussia p Negativ Danilishin Vasily


ID Name Role
Ukraine TanTall Vitaly Danilenko Founder
Russia Justik Anatoly Owner
Russia Alizard Vitaly Shvidkiy Manager
Russia gSom Nikita Borovkov Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Event Result
2011-09-12 StarCraft II aLone Interseasonal Cups/First Cup HD Game  2 : 4 Post Mortem Post Mortem
2011-10-25 StarCraft II a League of new era/Season 6/One HD GameHD Game 1 : 4 iAct Rebellion iAct Rebellion
2011-11-07 StarCraft II aLone Interseasonal Cups/Second Cup HD Game  2 : 4 eSahara
Date Event Result
2013-04-26 300 Actions per Minute none-pro team league HD Game  146 points [2]
Date Event Result
2014-08-10 Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 5 2nd Division HD Game  5 : 2 Cascade
2014-11-08 Cascade 1xbet League Season 6 2nd Division HD GameHD Game Slot in 1st division [3]

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