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[e][h] Hack
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Young-il
August 15, 1994 (age 28)
Alternate IDs:
ZeNEXNuke, NEXON, hotcat
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2010 - 2015
2010-??-?? — 2010-10-18
2010-10-18 — 2011-10-07
2011-10-07 — 2015-04-28
2015-04-28 — 2015-12-01
Recent Matches
Hack  South Korea
South Korea  Rain
2015-08-12 09:30:18UTC  
Hack  South Korea
South Korea  herO
2015-08-12 09:30:16UTC  
Hack  South Korea
South Korea  Dream
2015-07-17 09:30:00UTC  
Hack  South Korea
South Korea  INnoVation
2015-07-05 00:00:19UTC  
Hack  South Korea
South Korea  Impact
2015-07-01 00:00:53UTC  

Kim "Hack" Young Il is a retired Terran player from South Korea.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

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Originally called ON and playing for team NEX, Hack debuted on the scene during the final open season of the GSL. He was met with a quick departure as he would be eliminated in the first round 0-2, by BoxeR.

Since then, Hack has been unable to make a significant breakthrough in Korea. His most notable accomplishment is an all-kill of an inexperienced FXO in GSTL Season 1, a feat that was repeated by HoSeo. Hack has continued to compete in numerous online tournaments, perhaps being one of the most successful of the new South Korean wave of entrants into the weekly TL Opens with his collection of top two finishes.

Hack finally made it into Code A in GSL August, but lost in the first round to MarineKing, putting him back into Code B.

On October 7, 2011, it was noted that Hack changed his Twitter ID to StarTale_Hack, therefore indicating that he switched to StarTale from ZeNEX.[1]

Hack almost made it into Code A for 2012 GSL Season 1, but lost to Avenge in the finals.

Code A[edit]

He managed to qualify for 2012 GSL Season 2 by beating Weekend in the finals of his group. In Code A he beat HuK 2-0 in Ro48, but lost 2-1 to aLive in Ro32.

In the 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 4 he defeated CJ Entus Zerg rare as well as Finale from MVP both in 2-0 sweeps before falling to his team mate Squirtle 0-2. In the up and downs he found himself in a group with the likes of IPL4 champion aLive and GSL Champion MMA however in a surprise to many he defeated both of the Terrans as well as JYP of Evil Geniuses despite losses to the Zergs BBoongBBoong and HyuN he would be able to advance into code S where made his code S debut in 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 5

After falling to Code A Ro24 from finishing in the Ro16 of 2012 GSL Season 5 Code S Hack managed to defeat DongRaeGu in his Ro24 match to qualify for his 2nd consecutive Code S appearance in 2013 GSL Season 1

Code S[edit]

In 2012 GSL Season 5 Code S Hack managed to finish 2nd in his Ro32 group by defeating Happy in his first match, falling to Symbol in his winners match, and defeating RorO in the final match of the night. His run ended in the Ro16 where he took 3rd in his group, falling to MarineKing in his first match, winning against YoDa in his second match, and losing against HyuN in a deciding final set.

ESV TV Korean Weekly[edit]

On July 6, 2011, Hack participated in the ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 1 Weekly 4. After taking down Check, Kyrix, and ByuN, Hack went on to face Life. He was not able to advance any further after he lost to Life by a score of 0-3 and fell in to the 3rd/4th place match. Hack once again wasn't able to grab any more victories and had to settle for fourth place after losing to Classic by a score of 0-W.

On February 9, 2012, Hack participated in the ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 2 Weekly 3. After taking down MorroW, Comm, and Shine, Hack went on to face SaSe. He was not able to advance any further after he lost to SaSe by a score of 1-3 and had to settle for fourth place.

On February 12, 2012, Hack participated in the ESV TV Korean Weekly Season 2 Weekly 4. After taking down Shine, Comm, Dream, and Luvsic, Hack advanced in to the finals to face Tassadar. He wasn't able to grab first place after he lost to Tassadar by a score of 0-4 and had to settle for second place.

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS Korea Preliminaries[edit]

On July 22, 2012, Hack participated in the 2012 South Korea WCS Preliminaries. Hack received a BYE in round one and then took down AriA, hitmaN, LighT, and faced ZerO in the finals. After taking down ZerO by a score of 2:0, Hack advanced in to the World Championship Series: South Korea Nationals.


  • His earlier ID "NEXON" is a play on the South Korean game company NEXON.[Citation needed]
  • The word Hack(South Korean: 핵) means Nuke in Korean.


In A1Premier Tournaments
2013-11-233rd2013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 2
Afreeca Freecs
2 : 8AZUBUAZUBU$376.83
2012-12-121st - 12th2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 5: Code AStarTaleStarTale2 : 1$930.14
2012-06-032ndKorean StarCraft II League 2012 Season 1
Afreeca Freecs
0 : 6PrimePrime$181.82
2012-06-031stKorean StarCraft II League 2012 Season 1: Group Stage
Afreeca Freecs
6–1Grp S.$109.09
2012-04-072nd2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
2 : 5PrimePrime$1,472.74
2011-02-103rd - 4th2011 Global StarCraft II Team League Feb
1 : 4Incredible MiracleIncredible Miracle$0
In A2Major Tournaments
2012-11-211st2012 IGN Pro Team League
Afreeca Freecs
5 : 1Incredible MiracleIncredible Miracle$1,500
2012-07-274thIPL Team Arena Challenge 3
Afreeca Freecs
4 : 5Team LiquidTeam Liquid$200
2011-09-292ndGeForce Starcraft II Pro/AmZeNEXZeNEX0 : 2$1,125
2011-01-312ndZotac Team Invitational Season 2
1 : 4StarTaleStarTale$382.20
In A3Minor Tournaments
2015-06-042ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars June 2015 #1
Afreeca Freecs
2 : 4yoe Flash Wolvesyoe Flash Wolves$0
2015-05-031stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars May 2015 #1
Afreeca Freecs
4 : 3CW$38.46
2015-04-201stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2015 #5
Afreeca Freecs
4 : 3AxiomAxiom$38.46
2015-04-171stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2015 #3
Afreeca Freecs
4 : 3ROOT GamingROOT Gaming$38.46
2014-08-312ndMasters Cup 44StarTaleStarTale3 : 4$70
2014-04-292ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2014 #6
Afreeca Freecs
2 : 4MVPMVP$0
2014-04-281stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars April 2014 #5
Afreeca Freecs
4 : 1compLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming$71.43
2014-04-171stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars May 2014 #2
Afreeca Freecs
4 : 1mYinsanitymYinsanity$71.43
2014-03-252ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars March 2014 #9
Afreeca Freecs
2 : 4Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses$0
2014-03-142ndSHOUTcraft Clan Wars March 2014 #4
Afreeca Freecs
0 : –Incredible MiracleIncredible Miracle$0
2014-02-281stSHOUTcraft Clan Wars February 2014 #3
Afreeca Freecs
4 : 2AxiomAxiom$71.43
2012-02-122ndESVTV Korean Weekly S2W4StarTaleStarTale0 : 4$50
2011-10-011stTeamSpeak TL Open #26ZeNEXZeNEX3 : 0$100
2011-09-241stTeamSpeak TL Open #25ZeNEXZeNEX3 : 0$100
2011-07-232ndTeamSpeak TL Open #20ZeNEXZeNEX2 : 3$50
2011-07-161stTeamSpeak TL Open #19ZeNEXZeNEX3 : 0$100
2011-07-022ndTeamSpeak TL Open #18ZeNEXZeNEX1 : 3$50
2011-06-252ndTeamSpeak TL Open #17ZeNEXZeNEX2 : 3$50
In A4Basic Tournaments
2014-06-131stKipi's Tournament One Cup 16StarTaleStarTale– : –$30
In Premier/Major Team Leagues
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