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Harbinger of Death

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Harbinger of Death
Mission Information
Mission Objective
Destroy as many enemies as possible in the allotted time.
New Units:
Plenty, many buildable

Harbinger of Death is the first of the expert Challenge Missions and deals with macro and hotkeys. You are controlling a large force of units as well as a Protoss base which have to take out surrounding enemies. You are not allowed to click on any abilities and have to rely on hotkeys only.


You can set up control groups before you press Begin so that you won't have to waste time on that when the clock is ticking. Also, do not despair if the abilities seem to be greyed out. It just means that you can't click them. You can still mouse over to check what hot key you should use

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Kill 50 Units

Secondary Objectives[edit]

  • Kill 100 Units (Silver)
  • Kill 150 Units (Gold)


Video Guide: Gold

The objective of this mission is to have you move several control groups at once, but there's a couple of tricks that will make this easier:
The entire zerg base to the north, can easily be taken out with a small number of Dark Templars. Simply select all of your gateways and warp in Dark Templars underneath your Warp Prisms, then tell them to attack-move to the other side of the Zerg base. The Zerg don't have detectors, so your Dark Templar will take out almost all of it by themselves without you having to check in on them. You may still want to check back when you're nearing the end of the mission, just to see if there's some free kills you missed.
You have such a large amount of Stalkers ready, that you don't really need to watch them fight. They just need to be Blinked up and down ledges every now and then and they will take care of the rest. Remember to check back on them a while after you've Blinked them, so that they can get to the next group of enemies.
You have a group of High Templars and Sentries standing by to wreak havoc with the awesome spells upon unsuspecting groups of Terrans. If you find yourself out of time or attention, though, all these groups can easily be taken out with another force of Dark Templars. Just wait for the Warpgates to cool down and warp in some more of them. Tell them to attack-move one to each group of Terrans and you probably won't have to check back on them (but again, you might want to do it anyway, just to check if any of the terrans have moved away from you Dark Templars).
The zerg to the north-west may be the group that requires most of your attention and micro. Use your Phoenixes to lift up any Hydras and make sure to focus fire the air units and you should be fine.
In conclusion, having sent Dark Templars to the Zerg base and terran units to the south, you'll find yourself focusing on the Zerg to the north-west and checking back at regular intervals to Blink the Stalkers to the next ledge. Doing that, should give you the Gold achievement fairly easily.


  • Harbinger of Death: Bronze (10 points)
Score the rank of Bronze in the “Harbinger of Death” challenge mission.
  • Harbinger of Death: Silver (10 points)
Score the rank of Silver in the “Harbinger of Death” challenge mission.
  • Harbinger of Death: Gold (10 points)
Score the rank of Gold in the “Harbinger of Death” challenge mission.:
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