Hardened Shield

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Hardened Shield is a passive ability of the Protoss Immortal. As a result of this enhanced shielding, the Immortal is able to take high damage output attacks and reduce them down to 10 damage, should they exceed that, allowing it to survive bigger hits and longer battles. Hardened Shield is what makes the Immortal seemingly immortal, and can be very difficult for the enemy to deal with. Bigger yet slower attacks lose their edge to quicker weaker attacks, and so fast tier 1 units can override the Hardened Shield quickly if the numbers are great enough.

In Combination with Other Abilities[edit]

  • The most dangerous threat to the Immortal's Hardened Shield ability is the Ghost's EMP spell. An EMP will drain 100 shield points from any Protoss unit, and the Hardened Shields do not resist this effect. So while the Immortals are very powerful tank units for the Protoss thanks to this ability, they must have the proper support in order for the Hardened Shields to hold.
  • Hardened Shield does not activate against Unstable Payloads, Tactical Nukes or Yamato Cannons.
  • Hardened Shield is affected by Corruption so the Immortal may take up to 12 damage.
  • Guardian Shield takes effect after Hardened Shield, reducing any damage to 8[1].


  • Shield upgrades take effect before Hardened Shield such that the damage cap remains at 10.


  1. If the Immortal is under the effects of both Corruption and Guardian Shield, the damage cap remains at 10. See Damage Calculation for more details.