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[e][h] HasuObs
Player Information
Dennis Schneider
May 26, 1988 (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
mouzHasu, mouzCCHasu
Total Earnings:
2010-03-24 — 2015-06-09

Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider (born May 26, 1988) is a retired German Protoss player.

HasuObs was the Captain of Team Germany - Germany's national team, and also commentates games for the ESL at times.



HasuObs' play is characterized by a preference for High Templar over Colossi, stating: My style overall vs terran is definitely High Templar based. I just love to use Storms and Feedback. Colossus are quite boring to play, thats why I prefer HTs.[1] He is known for his standard play. Relying on his micro and macro to outclass his opponents rather than mind games or gimmicky play. He has excellent micro, which is showcased in his Blink Stalker usage.


HasuObs was a Warcraft III player who played Undead on the Mousesports Warcraft III team.

In Beta[edit]

In the StarCraft II beta, HasuObs was positioned in the Platinum League (Division 5), ranked first with a record of 260-144.[2]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

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HasuObs was among the 10 invitees to the IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne, the first major live StarCraft event in Europe. He also qualified for the first StarCraft II EPS in Germany.

HasuObs qualified for the TSL3 by fighting his way to the top of the 8th, and final, qualifier, besting McLeod in the finals. He upset HuK in the round of 32, then knocked out teammate MorroW in the round of 16 and also bested the Emperor himself, BoxeR, in the round of 8. In the Semi finals he was defeated 1-4 by NaNiwa and eventually finished 4th after losing 2-4 to Kas in the Bronze match.

He was announced as a seed in the season 1 of the NASL.

HasuObs fought through the NASL and made it into the finals event where he was up against Moon. There (after a humorous incident involving Rachel "SeltzerPlease" Quirico calling him "HasuOrbs") he was defeated 2-0 in the round of 16.

On September 25, he won the German MLG Orlando 2011 Qualifier by defeating Honor 3-1, which gained him a place in the MLG Orlando open bracket as well as flight and accommodations.[3]

In the IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Guangzhou he finished 2nd in his group only losing to PuMa and advanced to the playoffs. There he won 3-2 against DIMAGA before dropping 2-3 against Elfi. He ended up placing fourth after losing to PuMa in the third place match.

In October 2011, HasuObs enjoyed his spot in 2011 MLG Orlando by competing in the open bracket. He was knocked-out in semifinals by SaSe, and therefore fell in the open bracket losers, where he was immediately eliminated by White-Ra.

In the second season of the NASL, HasuObs again made it to the finals. He finished his division second with a record of 5-2. In the finals, he upset HuK and advanced to the round of 8, where he was swept 0-3 by HerO.

HasuObs won the 20th season of EPS by defeating his team mate biGs in the finals 3-1.

In September 2012 HasuObs won the EPS Berlin Open an offline tournament organized by Electronic Sports League, which took place at IFA in Berlin with 3-1 over sLivko.

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS Germany Nationals[edit]

From June 2 to June 3, 2012, HasuObs participated in the World Championship Series 2012 Germany. After defeating AcRo, TLO, KrasS, and Socke, HasuObs grabbed 2nd place by a score of 1-2, 0-2 after losing to Socke because Socke made it through the losers round and faced HasuObs in the finals.

Intel Extreme Masters[edit]

IEM Season VII Singapore[edit]

On 22 November 2012 HasuObs participated in IEM Season VII - Singapore, replacing KiLLeR who was not participating. Placed into group A he went 3:2 (6-4 on maps) allowing him to advance to the round of 12. Here he was knocked out of the competition, losing 0:3 to Zenio.

Heroes of the Storm[edit]

Retirement from SC2[edit]

On 9 June 2015 HasuObs retired from his career in RTS to pursue a career in Blizzard's MOBA title, Heroes of the Storm. He joined team Well Met after leaving Mousesports where he spent more than a decade playing Warcraft III and Starcraft II.[4]


  • He was a regular host of the German podcast Szenecast.
  • He was a member of mousesports for eleven years (2004-2015).[5]
  • Casually played Zerg in Brood War.[6]
  • Was the first Mousesports player to win the EPS in Warcraft III and also the first Mouz player to win in StarCraft II.[7]
  • Hasu means "Mediocre" in Korean or "Without Skill" i.e. the opposite of gosu.
  • Obs is a popular South Korean television station.


In A1Premier tournaments
2011-10-044thIEM Season VI - Global Challenge Guangzhoumousesportsmousesports1 : 3 PuMa$1,250 TSL3mousesportsmousesports2 : 4 Kas$1,500
In A2Major tournaments
2014-02-061 - 24th2014 WCS Season 1 Europe Challenger Leaguemousesportsmousesports$0
2013-12-153 - 4thESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2013mousesportsmousesports1 : 3 HeRoMaRinE$755.51
2013-12-093rdFragbite Mastersmousesportsmousesports2 : 0 MC$2,300
2013-08-221stESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2013mousesportsmousesports3 : 1 Tarrantius$3,335.75
2013-05-101stESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2013mousesportsmousesports3 : 1 Socke$2,857.71
2012-12-074thESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2012mousesportsmousesports1 : 3 Socke$517.10
2012-11-163rdAcer StarCraft Challengemousesportsmousesports2 : 3 Snute$955.32
2012-09-051stEPS Berlin Openmousesportsmousesports3 : 1 sLivko$5,038.60
2012-09-012ndESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2012mousesportsmousesports2 : 3 Hanfy$2,126.87
2012-08-253rdCampus Partymousesportsmousesports0 : 3 Snute$2,500
2012-04-291stESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2012mousesportsmousesports3 : 1 biGs$4,221.12
2011-08-184 - 8thChampions Trophy KotHmousesportsmousesports1 : 2 MC$300
2011-07-161stTorneo ESL Starcraft 2mousesportsmousesports4 : 3 Socke$5,649.40
2011-06-052ndESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2011mousesportsmousesports1 : 3 Socke$2,198.04
2011-03-291 - 4thESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2011 - Group Stagemousesportsmousesports5-1Grp S.$704.24
In A3Minor tournaments
2014-10-152ndESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2014: Cup #3mousesportsmousesports0 : 2 First$149
2014-10-012ndESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2014: Cup #1mousesportsmousesports0 : 2 HyuN$149
2014-07-102ndESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2014: Cup #4mousesportsmousesports1 : 2 Patience$163.29
2014-03-191stESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2014: Cup #5mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 HeRoMaRinE$331.75
2014-03-121stESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2014: Cup #4mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 GoOdy$333.65
2014-02-191stESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2014: Cup #1mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 GoOdy$329.61
2014-01-201stESGNTV Fight Night StarCraft II Editionmousesportsmousesports2 : 1 Grubby$500
2013-11-231stThe BCON Clash #2mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 Socke$203.35
2013-10-292ndESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2013: Cup #4mousesportsmousesports1 : 2 ShoWTimE$164.98
2013-07-161stESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2013: Cup #5mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 AcRo$394.54
2013-06-181stESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2013: Cup #1mousesportsmousesports2 : 1 Socke$401.64
2012-11-061stESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2012: Cup #5mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 Socke$384.29
2012-10-261stWindows 8 Launch Day Cupmousesportsmousesports4 : 1 GoOdy$1,228
2012-10-232ndESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2012: Cup #3mousesportsmousesports1 : 2 monchi$194.75
2012-10-091stESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 2012: Cup #1mousesportsmousesports2 : 1 Hanfy$386.23
2012-07-021stESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 2012: Cup #4mousesportsmousesports2 : 1 Delphi$377.51
2012-06-032nd2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Germany Nationalsmousesportsmousesports1 : 4 Socke$3,000
2012-04-152ndPolarfluKe: Evolution Eastermousesportsmousesports1 : 3 Bly$201.46
2012-04-072ndMedion All Star Trophymousesportsmousesports1 : 3 MaNa$654.75
2012-03-202ndESL Pro Series Germany (Season 20)mousesportsmousesports0 : 2 biGs$198.44
2012-02-211stESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 2012: Cup #2mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 Farmer$396.98
2011-12-181stNorthCon 2011mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 Honor$1,955.43
2011-12-112ndPolarfluKe: XMAS 2011mousesportsmousesports1 : 3 viOLet$222.09
2011-09-062ndGamers Guild Show Matchmousesportsmousesports2 : 4 Nerchio$50
2011-04-031stUltimate Gaming Championshipmousesportsmousesports4 : 5 ClouD$3,100
2011-03-291stSapphire Select Club Cupmousesportsmousesports3 : 0 DarKFoRcE$987.69
In A4Basic tournaments
2012-04-211stPlayhem EU Daily 219mousesportsmousesports Noname$60
2011-12-091stPlayhem EU Daily 85mousesportsmousesports Akki$60
2011-08-081stGIGABYTE Cup Season 1 Cup 9mousesportsmousesports3 : 0 MaNa$141.64 King of the Hill Cup 8mousesportsmousesports3 : 2 Strelok$119
2011-05-141stSennheiser Cup Season 1 Cup 14mousesportsmousesports3 : 1 Tarson$141.15
2011-02-031st4PL Close Combat Cup 2011 Cup 9mousesportsmousesports2 : 1 Nerchio$204.39
2010-10-041st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 11mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 Druzdil$170.94
2010-09-161st4PL Close Combat Cup 2010 Cup 6mousesportsmousesports2 : 0 Risk$163.43
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Team Achievements

In A1Premier tournaments
2012-03-182ndNorth American Star Team Leaguemousesportsmousesports2 : 3Team LiquidTeam Liquid$600
In A2Major tournaments
2014-07-273rdAcer TeamStory Cup Season 3mousesportsmousesports4 : 5Team AcerTeam Acer$600
2012-07-014thEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIImousesportsmousesports1 : 3SlayerSSlayerS$0
2011-12-222ndIPL Team Arena Challengemousesportsmousesports3 : 5Quantic Incredible MiracleQuantic Incredible Miracle$600
2011-09-221stEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VImousesportsmousesports3 : 1Team EmpireTeam Empire$833.33
2011-06-171stEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series Vmousesportsmousesports3 : 0compLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming$714.29
In A3Minor tournaments
2014-04-281stWinamax Expresso Invitationalmousesportsmousesports3 : 2Alien InvasionAlien Invasion$100
2013-10-041stRaidCall ESL Euro Series Summer 2013mousesportsmousesports3 : 1Natus VincereNatus Vincere$564.88
2012-05-162ndEclypsia Colosseummousesportsmousesports2 : 3EclypsiaEclypsia$159.03
2011-06-302ndCrota's Team Tournament S1mousesportsmousesports2 : 3FnaticFnatic$83.33
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