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Hasu Players

[e][h]Hasu Players
Team Information
Evgeniy VaultBoy Kovtun
Team Captain:
Yuriy MindelVK Voyuev
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

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Hasu Players is a StarCraft II team of enthusiastic and active players from different leagues and one of the largest Starcraft II clans.

The initial goal of the team was mentoring the newcomers to the game, but later on, the team has become a famous community with a lot of players from Diamond league and above. As of now, due to the number of players, the team is divided into two parts: regular players, who form the majority, and “cyberstars”, who represent the team in different Starcraft II tournaments.

In September 2017, Hasu players has united with Team Reboot under the common name of Hasu Players. This process has started in September 2017 and ended after Alpha and RSTL tournaments, where teams still participated separately under their own names.

Hasu Players is a regular participant of Alpha League and RSTL. In each tournament division (RSTL and Alpha Team League), the team has a squad for every level of the tournament from high Diamond up to the Grandmaster league.

Despite cybersport activity, "cyberstar" squad members find time to teach and help lower league players to improve their skills and knowledge in Starcraft II. Sometimes pro players are invited to hold a lection to the team participants for educational purposes.

Also, team activity leads to Hasu Team League and inner team tournaments for Hasu Players, which are carried out from time to time.


  • January 28, community group in VK was announced.
  • February 1, the community form was presented.
  • April 14, Elestrago joins the team.
  • July 25, new event Rak-Shir was announced.
  • August 4, Steve joins the team.
  • August 6, Jeros joins the team.
  • October 3, the first "Butterfly effect" was held.
  • March 3, Quaker joins the team.
  • March 25, the first inner team tournament was held.
  • June 6, MindelVK joins team.
  • July 20, the first "Evening Fair Starcraft" was hosted. The master plays versus lower league opponents with different restrictions.
  • October 9, ExE joins the team.
  • November 18, the first "Hasu.Devil-fish" was held. Archon mode matches (master+student) with the limitation: master league player can only gives advice.
  • December 11, the first inner Hasu Team League was hosted.


Player Rosters[edit]

Cyberstar roster[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date201720182019
Russian FederationArcturAleksey Rozhnov2019-05-0717 - 24th 2017 WCS Valencia33 - 40th 2018 WCS Leipzig57 - 64th 2019 WCS Spring
Russian FederationElestragoDaniil Mahno2018-04-14---
UkraineExEAndrey Pasichko2017-10-09---
Russian FederationMindelVK CaptainYuriy Voyuev2017-06-06---
Russian FederationNicoractVitaliy Mishin2019-04-27---
Russian FederationQuakerSergey Mishin2017-03-03---
Russian FederationStevyVyacheslav Artamonov2018-08-04---
KazakhstanUpakowkaVladimir Derkulski2019-08-16---

Second squad roster[edit]

ID League
ruRussia z IRoH Master
ruRussia p VoldmarRich Master
ruRussia z Shame Master
ruRussia p Darkest Master
ruRussia t Shuhard Master
ruRussia z Evih Master
kzKazakhstan t ProXy Master
ruRussia t BigBrother Master
ruRussia t KaRakS Master
ruRussia p Dusichka Master

Amateur squad roster[edit]

Consists of players with MMR lower than 4900

Notable Former[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
Russian FederationEnigmAVladimir Yegorov201?-??-??201?-??-?? Iron Chain
Russian FederationGeNieSAleksey Gasanov2019-05-232019-11-19 PLATOON
Russian FederationGrimReaperDenis Kurtin2019-05-232019-10-11 Team Medoed
KazakhstanInojinVladislav Lysyj201?-??-??201?-??-?? Houkago Tea Team
UkraineJEROSDmitriy Usanin2018-08-062019-08-01 Harbingers
Russian FederationMasterVasyaVasily Daryutin201?-??-??201?-??-?? Team Spectre
UkraineMinatoehVitalii Ponomarenko2019-05-302020-01-14



ID Name Discord Position Links
Russia VaultBoy Yevgeniy Kovtun VaultBoy#0449 General Manager none
Russia GRAZA Pavel Graza#3836 Manager, Caster   
Russia Ajax Oleg Karpov ajaxey#2537 Manager none
Russia Haloman Sergey Haloman#1838 Caster, Streamer   
Russia Darkest Yuriy Darkest#7700 Caster, Streamer  
Russia Nicred Roman Nicred#5123 Caster
Russia Gold Mihail TOKGold#0746 Caster  
Russia Shame Andrey Shame#3344 Caster, Strimer  
Russia Evih Stanislav Evih#2546 Caster
Russia XVII Semen Watcher#3512 Caster
Russia MindelVK Yuriy Voyuev Mindel#7383 Team captain, Streamer  
Russia Elestrago Daniil Mahno Elestrago#2447 Streamer   

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2020-03-07 2nd A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 15 EU Pro 0 : 3 $64
2019-09-22 1st A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 14 EU Semi-Pro 3 : 2 $0
2019-04-28 2nd A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 13 EU Semi-Pro 1 : 3 $0
2018-04-11 4th A3Minor Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 13 4 : 5 $17
2018-04-11 2nd A3Minor Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 13 3 : 5 $16
2018-03-31 2nd A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 EU Amateur 1 : 3 $0
2017-12-15 1st A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 9 EU Amateur 3 : 1 $0
2017-11-15 5 - 6th A3Minor RU SC2 Team League Season 12: Third Div 0 : 4 $5


  • Hasu Players is the team with the most players in CIS.