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[e][h] HateMe
Player Information
Moritz Pölzl
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2022:
EPT EU rank:
Years active:
2014 - 2020
????-??-?? — 2018-05-31
2018-06-08 — 2019-01-23
2019-01-23 — 2019-03-14
2019-04-05 — 2019-06-28
2019-11-17 — 2022-03-08
2022-03-08 — Present
Ongoing Matches
HateMe  Austria
China  XY
2022-06-22 11:15:00UTC  
Upcoming Matches
PlatHeroes Platinum HeroesPlatinum Heroes
KaiZi GamingKaiZi Gaming KaiZi
2022-06-24 13:30:00UTC  
PlatHeroes Platinum HeroesPlatinum Heroes
FreecsFreecs Freecs
2022-07-10 12:00:00UTC  
PlatHeroes Platinum HeroesPlatinum Heroes
瘦死骆驼 (SSLT)瘦死骆驼 (SSLT) SSLT
2022-07-15 12:00:00UTC  
Recent Matches
HateMe  Austria
Poland  MaNa
2022-06-21 21:10:00UTC  
HateMe  Austria
Croatia  goblin
2022-06-21 20:15:00UTC  
HateMe  Austria
Poland  Krystianer
2022-06-21 00:00:30UTC  
HateMe  Austria
Russia  Rattata
2022-06-21 00:00:20UTC  
HateMe  Austria
Ukraine  Kas
2022-06-21 00:00:09UTC  

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Moritz "HateMe" Pölzl is an Austrian Zerg player who is currently playing for Platinum Heroes.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

On January 9, 2016, HateMe was one map away from qualifying to the 2016 DreamHack Open: Leipzig in the European qualifier after defeating hinO, ColdScars, Cladorhiza, Majestic, and Couguar. However, he was defeated by Serral in the qualifying match.

On August 26, 2016, HateMe competed in the World Cyber Arena: Europe Qualifier defeating Strange 2-1 and losing to Elazer 1-2 and Beastyqt 0-2.

HateMe had his best WCS results yet in 2017 with a group stage 3 exit in 2017 WCS Valencia advancing over player like Mana, RiSky and Vortix but didn't attend any other WCS event that year. After a couple of group stage 2 finish at 2018 WCS Leipzig and 2018 WCS Valencia HateMe got out of the round of 32 of 2019 WCS Winter Europe upsetting more established players SortOf and Zanster. He later got eliminated 2-1 by Heromarine in the final match of his round of 16 group after beating uThermal in the loser match.


In A3Minor Tournaments
2022-05-11AA1stWTL 2022 Summer Show Matches: HateMe vs MacSedPlatinum HeroesPlatinum Heroes4 : 3$100
2019-02-06AA1stQLASH StarCraft2 Community Series #1Wolf's Lair E-SportsWolf's Lair E-Sports3 : 1$70
2018-09-12AA1stTing Open Online Cups: Europe #2Gottéron eSportsGottéron eSports3 : 2$100
2018-08-12BA2ndSunday Heroes Open #36Gottéron eSportsGottéron eSports0 : 3$20
2018-07-29AA1stSunday Heroes Open #35Gottéron eSportsGottéron eSports3 : 2$60
2018-06-23AA1stSunday Heroes Open #33Gottéron eSportsGottéron eSports2 : 0$60
2018-05-20BA2ndSunday Heroes Open #30Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming2 : 3$20
2018-04-29AA1stSunday Heroes Open #29Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming3 : 2$60
2018-03-25BA2ndSunday Heroes Open #27Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming1 : 3$20
2016-05-29BA2ndTheCheeseMaster #1Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming2 : 3$51.25
2016-05-22BA2ndWorld Wide City Battle #1St. Pöltner B.2 : 2HamburgWins$22.43
In A4Basic Tournaments
2022-05-19AA1stStarcraft II Amateur Team League Show Match #1Platinum HeroesPlatinum Heroes4 : 3$35
2022-04-15AA1stRottiShark FightNight Match 3Platinum HeroesPlatinum Heroes3 : 0$40
2022-04-10AA1stPlatinum Heroes Inhouse Series 2022 #3Platinum HeroesPlatinum Heroes4 : 0$26.92
2020-07-19AA1stBeAsT Cup Weekly Cup 64Wooky eSportsWooky eSports3 : 1$15
2019-07-08AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open Cup 2352 : 1$15
2019-02-26AA1stSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 155Wolf's Lair E-SportsWolf's Lair E-Sports3 : 0$15
2018-09-09AA1stSC2 ONLINE Community Open #106Gottéron eSportsGottéron eSports3 : 0$35
2018-09-04AA1stSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 136Gottéron eSportsGottéron eSports3 : 0$15
2018-08-28AA1stSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 135Gottéron eSportsGottéron eSports3 : 0$15
2018-08-06AA1stJEC Weekly #13Gottéron eSportsGottéron eSports3 : 0$35
2018-05-21AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open Cup 132Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming2 : 0$15
2018-05-16AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open Cup 131Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming2 : 0$15
2018-05-16AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open #131Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming2 : 0$21
2018-05-02AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open Cup 127Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming2 : 0$15
2018-04-03AA1stSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 116Romandy GamingRomandy GamingW : –$15
2018-03-29AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open Cup 119Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming2 : 0$15
2018-02-27AA1stSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 111Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming3 : 1$15
2018-02-12AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open Cup 109Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming2 : 1$15
2018-02-11AA1stGauntlet Global Open 30Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming3 : 0$35
2016-11-02AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open Cup 4Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming3 : 1$10
2016-10-19AA1stProxy Tempest EU Open Cup 3Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming3 : 1$10
2016-07-28AA1stSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 38Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming3 : 1$20
2016-06-09AA1stSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 31Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming3 : 2$5
2016-05-12AA1stSCVRush Weekly Open Cup 27Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming3 : 0$20
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs ZergTotal
as Zerg161 - 14552.6 %112 - 8656.6 %174 - 17050.6 %446 - 40052.7 %

Earnings Statistics

1v1 Medal Statistics