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[e][h] HeRoMaRinE
Player Information
Gabriel Segat
July 4, 1997 (1997-07-04) (age 21)
Alternate IDs:
mouzCCMarine, Clueless, Shinichi, Marine, HeroMarine
Big Gabe
Total Earnings:
WCS Circuit rank:
2011-11-05 - Present

Gabriel "HeRoMaRinE" Segat (often abbreviated to simply Marine) is a Terran player from Germany, currently playing for mousesports. He's also sometimes called "Big G" or "Big Gabe" by casters, friends and people in the german SC2-community. It is a reference to his first name, Gabriel.


HeRoMaRinE is a German StarCraft II professional who started out playing StarCraft: Brood War until he switched to the StarCraft II Beta and played Protoss. He first gained recognition in the professional scene when mousesports picked him up as a talent in November 2011 when he was just 14 years old.

Despite his academic obligations, HeRoMaRinE still became known as one of the few promising foreign Terran players, and could not even participate in the most important competition in Germany, ESL Pro Series Germany, until he was 16. Eventually, he won the second season of EPS in which he participated, and also became the first Terran player to win the German championship.

In 2018 he was able to qualify for the WCS Global Finals (often called BlizzCon).

Wings of Liberty[edit]

On January 2011, HeRoMaRinE switched to Terran.

HeRoMaRinE joined mousesports on November 5, 2011.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]


In late 2013, HeRoMaRinE participated in the ESL Pro Series Germany Winter Season 2013, where he was able to win a weekly cup and became runner-up in another one. Thereby he collected enough points to make it to the playoffs, where he convincingly placed first in his Group, only dropping a map to the former EPS Champion Hanfy. Having advanced out of the group stage, he was invited to play the offline finals in the ESL-TV Studio alongside three Protoss players. HeRoMaRinE advanced out of the semifinals, beating his teammate HasuObs with a score of 3-1 to play against Socke in the grand finals, where he won 3-2 in a close series, taking home the first place prize of €3,000.


In January 2014, HeRoMaRinE qualified for the WCS EU Challenger League 2014 Season 1 in the third qualifier, beating Noname, uzer, souL and fraer. He was then matched against Starbuck in his Challenger League game, where he lost 3-1.

HeRoMaRinE failed to qualify for the WCS EU Challenger League 2014 Season 2 losing to Krr, SortOf and YoDa.

In October 2014, HeRoMaRinE qualified for the WCS EU Challenger League 2014 Season 3 in the second qualifier, beating StarNaN, NightEnD and hOpe. He was matched against jjakji and lost this series 3-0.


In 2015, within the new WCS system, HeRoMaRinE qualified to the Challenger League. He played MaNa and lost 2-3, finishing the season in the 33rd-64th position.

In Season 2 of WCS, HeRoMaRinE was seeded to play against MaNa once again and lost with the same score of 2-3. Finishing the season in the 32nd-62nd position.

In Season 3 of WCS, HeRoMaRinE was seeded to play against Ret whom he beat with the score of 3-1, granting him a seed in the Premier League. In the Ro32, he was placed in Group C with ShoWTimE, Sen and Jaedong. He ended up losing his first series 0-2 to Jaedong and losing the next 1-2 against the Taiwanese Zerg Sen. He finished the season in 25th-32nd position bringing home $4,500.

HeRoMaRinE was invited to HomeStory Cup XI and was subsequently placed in Group E in Group Stage 1 with Zanster, Patience and BlinG. He was unable to take a map, finishing 0-4 after playing Zanster and Patience.

At IEM Gamescon, HeRoMaRinE qualified through the open bracket going 2-0 against Tarrantius and MaNa, losing to Patience 0-2 and beating Bly in the losers final 2-0. HeRoMaRinE was seeded into Group A in Stage 2 of the event with SoO, MMA and Happy. He was unable to win a map, losing 0-2 against SoO and 0-2 against Happy. He finished the event in 13th-16th position while bringing home $350.

Legacy of the Void[edit]


HeRoMaRinE was invited to play at HomeStory Cup XII in TaKe's new 2,000 Sq/M in Krefeld, Germany a month after Legacy of the Void came out. He was placed in Group G with Elazer, NoRegreT and RotterdaM. He finished first in the group, going 2-1 against RotterdaM and 2-0 against Elazer. In the second group stage, he was placed in Group B with Nerchio, Bunny and ShoWTimE, he finished 4th, going 0-2 against ShoWTimE and 1-2 against Bunny ending his run in the 13th-16th position.


HeRoMaRinE was invited to participate in HomeStory Cup XIII which took place in June of 2016. He was seeded in Group E with TRUE, Zanster and DnS. He finished first, winning 3-1 against Zanster and 3-0 against TRUE. In the 2nd Group stage, he was seeded with Harstem, Scarlett and TLO. He was eliminated in last place, losing 0-3 to Harstem and 0-3 to Scarlett.

WCS Summer[edit]

HeRoMaRinE qualified to the WCS Summer Circuit Championship organised by DreamHack and held in Montréal after a close run in the EU Qualifier. He was unable to get through in the first qualifier losing in finals to Serral 2-3, but he was able to get through the second time winning 3-0 against Kas in the finals granting him a seed to the final qualifier. He lost to Bunny 2-3 in the Ro16, but then won every single match in the loser' bracket going 3-1 against Strange and Namshar.

In the Ro32 in Montréal, he played ShoWTimE winning 3-2 in a close series. Next up, he played MarineLorD defeating him once again with the score of 3-2. His next challenge would be MajOr whom he was able to overcome going 3-1. In the semifinals, HeRoMaRinE played against TRUE and his DreamHack Montréal run was ended with a score of 1-3, with him taking 1 of the 2 maps TRUE lost during the tournament. He finished 10-8 in 3rd-4th bringing home $10,000.


In 2017 HeRoMaRinE didn’t take part in any WCS main events, because he didn’t want to take part in them. He did play some of the qualifiers and IEM Katowice just for fun though.

IEM Season XII - World Championship[edit]

HeRoMaRinE took part in IEM Season XI - World Championship. He qualified in the offline qualifiers, beating Dayshi 2-0 and Elazer 2-1. In the group stage he almost made it out of his group. He went 2-3 in matches and 5-6 in maps. In this group stage he beat Solar 2-0 and Snute 2-0. But he lost 0-2 to ByuN, 0-2 against Ryung and 1-2 to herO. If he would have won against herO he would have advanced to the Ro12. HeRoMaRinE finished 13th-16th, bringing home $1,200.

  • Corsair Cups

HeRoMaRinE played some weekly Corsair Cups in 2018, winning two of them (S7.3 and S9.1). Winning the Season 7 round 3 weekly Corsair Cup qualified him for the monthly finals of Season 7, which he won. He was then invited to the monthly finals of Season 8, which he also won. He streamed his tournament plays.


WCS Leipzig[edit]

In early 2018 HeRoMaRinE played in the open bracket in WCS Leipzig. In the first group stage he won 2-0 vs MperorM and Optimus, making the first place in his group. He won 2-0 vs Kas and Harstem in the second group stage, making the first place in his group. In the Ro32 (third group stage) he won 2-0 vs Nerchio and 2-1 vs Cham. Next up, he played Neeb in the Ro16, losing to him 1-3. HeRoMaRinE finished 13-4 in 9th-16th place, bringing home $2,750 and 300 WCS Points.

IEM Season XII - World Championship[edit]

HeRoMaRinE took part in IEM Season XII - World Championship. He qualified in the offline qualifiers, beating Light 2-0, Snute 2-1 and Kelazhur 2-0. He didn’t make it out of his group, finishing in 17th-20th place, bringing home $2,700.

WCS Austin[edit]

HeRoMaRinE qualified for WCS Austin, in the WCS Austin EU Challenger. He qualified for the WCS Austin EU Challenger from the ladder qualifier. In the Ro16 group stage he beat DnS 2-0 and Hellraiser 2-1. Next he won 3-1 vs Nerchio in the Ro8 and hence already qualified for WCS Austin. In the Ro4 he lost to Serral 1-3, being the only one that got a map out of Serral in the Challenger.

HeRoMaRinE stated on stream that he wouldn’t have taken part in WCS Austin if he hadn't qualified.

Since HeRoMaRinE qualified for WCS Austin, he got seeded directly into the R032 (third group stage). There he lost 1-2 to Stephano, won 2-1 against souL and 2-1 vs Has, making the second place of his group. In the Ro16 he crushed DnS 3-0. Next up, he played Serral in the Ro8, losing to him 0-3. HeRoMaRinE finished 8-7 in 5th-8th place, bringing home $4,000 and 600 WCS Points.

  • PeopleImages Starcraft League 2

In late May HeRoMaRinE won the PeopleImages Starcraft League 2 organized by BaseTradeTV. He beat Reynor 4-3 in the finals, after being 0-3 behind.

WCS Valencia[edit]

Since he did well in WCS Austin HeRoMaRinE decided to take part in WCS Valencia, even if he would not qualify.

In July 2018 HeRoMaRinE played in WCS Valencia, starting in the open bracket. In the first group stage he got a freewin in his first “match” because it was a 3-player group and he had the highest seed. Then he won 2-0 vs Mamba, making the first place in his group. He won 2-0 vs NXZ and Hellraiser in the second group stage, making again the first place in his group. In the Ro32 (third group stage) he won 2-0 vs Seither and Namshar. Next up, he played again against DnS in the Ro16, crushing him again 3-0. In the Ro8 he beat uThermal 3-1. After that he lost 0-3 against Serral. HeRoMaRinE finished 16-4 in 3rd-4th place, bringing home $6,500 and 900 WCS Points.

WCS Montreal[edit]

In September 2018 HeRoMaRinE played in WCS Montreal, starting in the open bracket. In the first group stage he won 2-0 vs mLty and Dolan, making the first place in his group. He lost 1-2 against Silky in his first match in the second groupstage, but then won 2-0 against Future. In the decider match of his group in the second groupstage he won 2-0 against [Silky]]. Hence, he made the second place in his group. In the Ro32 (third group stage) he won 2-0 vs True and then lost 1-2 against ShaDoWn. In the decider match of his group he was able to beat TRUE again, this time with 2-1. Reching the Ro16 he qualified for Blizzcon 2018. Next up, he played against Semper in the Ro16, crushing him 3-0. In the Ro8 he lost 0-3 to TIME. HeRoMaRinE finished 17-8 in 5th-8th place, bringing home $4,000 and 600 WCS Points.


WCS Winter EU[edit]

In early 2019 HeRoMaRinE qualified via the Ladder-Qualifier for WCS Winter Europe. In the first group stage he made second place in his only-Protoss group and hence advancing to group stage 2. In his second group stage he got again second place, while playing in a hotel with his Laptop at DreamHack Leipzig 2019, where he promoted Zowie 8 hours on that day before playing his WCS group. With finishing second in this group he advanced to the Round of 8 Round-Robin-Group. There he lost to Lambo in his first match, playing bio and hiding his prepared builds. In the secon match he beat Serral 2-0, hence being the first European to beat Serral since April 2018. After that he beat Elazer 2-1 and Rail 2-0 hence havin a match-score of 3-1 after Day 1 of the Round-Robin-Groupstage. On Day 2 he beat ShoWTimE 2-0, then lost 1-2 against PtitDrogo. In his final match HeRoMaRinE beat Reynor 2-0, being the only one to take a match against Reynor in that Round-Robin-Groupstage. Altogether he went 5-2 in matches with a map score of 11-5, hence making 2nd in the Round-Robin-Groupstage and getting seeded into the semifinals of the Playoffs. In the Semifinals he lost 0-3 in 3 close games to Serral, hence making 3rd with a 21-14 overall map-score and taking home $6,000 and 875 WCS Circuit Points.

WCS Spring[edit]

With reaching 2nd place in the WCS Winter Europe Group Stage 3 HeRoMaRinE amassed enough WCS points to be in the Top 4 of the Europeans in the WCS Circuit Standings after that Groupstage (being the 3rd European after Serral and Reynor in these Standings) and hence being invited to WCS Spring Challenger (EU). In his Challenger Group HeRoMaRinE won 2-0 against Clem and PtitDrogo, hence making the first place in his group and advancing to the round of 8. In his qualifying match against Elazer he lost 1-3, hence making 5-8th place, taking home $ 600 and 60 WCS Points.


  • Played Terran in StarCraft: Brood War.
  • Is a guest commentator at TaKeTV.
  • Was a guest at a weekly German show called AheadOfTheMetagame with KnowMe and Biphy.
  • Is known for his special sitting position while he's playing.
  • Used to run a VOD series called "Sit and Own" on HomerJ.de (Site doesn't exist anymore) where he explains special builds in German.
  • In late 2017 he qualified for IEM Season XII - PyeongChang through the South Europe Qualifier as an Italian representative.[1]
  • Streams regularly with educational commentary and a lot of personality.


In A1Premier tournaments
2019-04-073rd2019 WCS Winter Europe0 : 3 Serral$6,000
2018-07-143 - 4th2018 WCS Valencia0 : 3 Serral$6,500
2016-08-143 - 4th2016 WCS Circuit: Summer Circuit Championship1 : 3 TRUE$10,000
In A2Major tournaments
2018-05-271stPeopleImages Starcraft League 24 : 3 Reynor$2,240
2018-05-123 - 4th2018 WCS Austin - Europe Qualifier1 : 3 Serral$800
2016-08-283 - 4thESL Meisterschaft - Summer Season 20161 : 3 GunGFuBanDa$453
2016-05-081stESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 20163 : 1 Lambo$2,000.34
2015-12-052ndESL Meisterschaft - Winter Season 20152 : 3 ShoWTimE$841.70
2015-08-091stESL Meisterschaft - Summer Season 20153 : 2 Lambo$1,683.40
2015-05-092ndESL Meisterschaft - Spring Season 20152 : 3 Lambo$841.70
2014-12-122ndESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 20141 : 3 ShoWTimE$1,869
2014-08-163 - 4thESET Masters 20132 : 3 Golden$1,500
2014-08-131stESL Pro Series Germany - Summer Season 20143 : 0 ShoWTimE$4,009.53
2014-05-023 - 4thESL Pro Series Germany - Spring Season 20142 : 3 Patience$763.04
2013-12-151stESL Pro Series Germany - Winter Season 20133 : 2 Socke$4,120.95
2013-03-243rdESET UK Masters3 : 1 BabyKnight$1,507
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2018-12-302ndBonjwa Winter Cup2 : 3 ShoWTimE$227
2018-07-192 - 5thThe BaseTrade Bubba Burger Brawl0 : 3 uThermal$109
2017-08-301stCorsair Cup Season 8 Finals3 : 0 SortOf$200
2017-07-301stCorsair Cup Season 7 Finals3 : 0 KeeN$200
2017-05-212ndAfreeca World #40 : 4 Elazer$35
2016-10-212ndTaKe's Penthouse Party1 : 4 Serral$900
2016-08-202ndBonjwa Cup2 : 3 ShoWTimE$1,698.82
2014-11-252ndMyStarCraft Arena #11 : 3 MaNa$118
2014-02-231stReverse Race Tournament 33 : 0 KrasS$665.30
2014-01-271stKaspersky Arena January 20143 : 0 Grubby$472
2013-08-191stGo4SC2 July 20133 : 0 Strelok$400.11
2013-08-182ndNVIDIA Germany Cup #32 : 3 GunGFuBanDa$199.85
2013-04-221stKaspersky Arena April 20133 : 2 TLO$1,182
2013-03-162ndOne.de HotS Cup3 : 4 HasuObs$500
2012-09-261stEIZO Cup Monthly Cup 10 ClouD$128.74
2012-09-132ndGIGABYTE NVIDIA Invitational #41 : 3 MaNa$389.81
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Team Achievements

In A1Premier tournaments
2017-01-21 3 - 4thStarCraft II: NationWars IV1 : 4$937.50
In A2Major tournaments
2014-07-273rdAcer TeamStory Cup Season 34 : 5$600
2014-01-194thNationWars by O'Gaming TV2 : 3$200
In A3Minor tournaments
2016-05-221stWorld Wide City Battle #12 : 2$30.84
2014-04-281stWinamax Expresso Invitational3 : 2$100
2012-05-162ndEclypsia Colosseum2 : 3$159.03
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StarCraft 2 - HeRoMaRinE vs. Lambo - ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2015 - Grand Final