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Heart of the Swarm/New Units

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Heart of the Swarm[edit]

The Heart of the Swarm expansion pack will introduce a handful of new units per race. Three for the Protoss, two for Terran, and two for Zerg.

New Units[edit]

New Protoss units[edit]


The Oracle is a new harassment unit for the Protoss. It currently has three spells, Time Warp, Revelation, and Pulsar Beam.

Tempest (unit)

The Tempest is a long-range assault unit.

Mothership Core

The Mothership Core is a new spellcaster/support unit for the Protoss.

New Terran units[edit]


The Hellbat is a (new) unit that transforms from the Hellion. It has more health, but slower speed.

Widow Mine

The Widow Mine is a new unit that "burrows" to attack.

New Zerg units[edit]


The Viper is a new spellcaster unit for the Zerg. It is slightly reminiscent to the Defiler.

Swarm Host

The Swarm Host is a Ground-Assault unit for the Zerg, it produces Locusts which attack-move to the rally-point.

Locusts last only 15 seconds before they die. They can receive an upgrade to increase this time by 10 seconds, for a total of 25 seconds.


  • The Oracle has gone though many changes, and it is possible it could go through more. Its abilities have a possibility to be changed again.