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Group Stage 1
Group A
Match Commentators VOD
France  Dayshi vs Poland  MaNa Kas & ToD & RotterdaM Part 1 Part 2
Germany  GoOdy vs South Korea  HyuN DIMAGA & Kas & Happy Link
South Korea  HyuN vs Poland  MaNa ToD & NightEnD & PandaTank Link
France  Dayshi vs Germany  GoOdy Fuzer & Naama & RotterdaM Link
France  Dayshi vs Poland  MaNa qxc & Harstem & RotterdaM Link
Group B
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  MC vs Finland  Fuzer RotterdaM & State & MorroW Link
Germany  Socke vs USA  Goswser MaNa & Snute & PandaTank Link
Germany  Socke vs South Korea  MC viOLet & Dragon & TaeJa & Seed& HyuN Link
USA  Goswser vs Finland  Fuzer qxc & GoOdy & Hendralisk Link
Germany  Socke vs USA  Goswser MC Link
Group C
Match Commentators VOD
Netherlands  Ret vs Denmark  Bunny qxc & TargA Link
South Korea  viOLet vs Denmark  BabyKnight Snute & PandaTank Link
South Korea  viOLet vs Denmark  Bunny Kas & Happy Link
Netherlands  Ret vs Denmark  BabyKnight Hendralisk & Harstem Link
South Korea  viOLet vs Denmark  BabyKnight Hendralisk & State Link
Group D
Match Commentators VOD
Ukraine  DIMAGA vs France  ToD MorroW & Harstem Link
Sweden  ThorZaIN vs Norway  TargA Naama & Bunny Link
Sweden  ThorZaIN vs Ukraine  DIMAGA Snute & Bunny Link
France  ToD vs Norway  TargA Snute & NightEnD & BabyKnight Part1 Part2
France  ToD vs Ukraine  DIMAGA Snute & Harstem & BabyKnight Link
Group E
Match Commentators VOD
France  Stephano vs South Africa  PandaTank BabyKnight & RotterdaM & ToD Link
Russia  Happy vs USA  qxc Fuzer & Dayshi & ThorZaIN Link
France  Stephano vs Russia  Happy Snute & viOLet & ThorZaIN Link
South Africa  PandaTank vs USA  qxc Dayshi & MaNa & Bunny Link
Russia  Happy vs USA  qxc Bunny & Naama & Dayshi Link
Group F
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  TaeJa vs USA  State ToD & BabyKnight & Happy Link
Ukraine  Kas vs Romania  NightEnD qxc & Harstem & PandaTank Link
South Korea  TaeJa vs Ukraine  Kas StarDust & Seed & MC Link
USA  State vs Romania  NightEnD RotterdaM & Harstem & BabyKnight Link
Ukraine  Kas vs Romania  NightEnD ThorZaIN & MaNa & RotterdaM Link
Group G
Match Commentators VOD
Germany  TLO vs South Korea  Dragon Kas & Goswser Link
Netherlands  Harstem vs South Korea  Seed Le ToD & RotterdaM Link
South Korea  Dragon vs South Korea  Seed Fuzer & BabyKnight Link
Germany  TLO vs Netherlands  Harstem Goswser & PandaTank Link
South Korea  Dragon vs Germany  TLO Fuzer & Naama Link
Group H
Match Commentators VOD
Norway  Snute vs Canada  Hendralisk TLO & TargA Link
Germany  HasuObs vs Sweden  MorroW Dayshi & Socke Link
Norway  Snute vs Sweden  MorroW DIMAGA & qxc Link
Canada  Hendralisk vs Germany  HasuObs Socke & TargA Link
Sweden  MorroW vs Germany  HasuObs Fuzer & BabyKnight Link
Group Stage 2
Group A
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  MC vs Romania  NightEnD RotterdaM & BlinG & PandaTank Part 1 Part 2
Denmark  Bunny vs Germany  TLO Hendralisk & Kas & ThorZaIN Link
South Korea  MC vs Germany  TLO RotterdaM & Harstem & HasuObs Link
Romania  NightEnD vs Denmark  Bunny BlinG & BabyKnight & Dayshi Link
South Korea  MC vs Denmark  Bunny RotterdaM & Dayshi & StarDust Link
Group B
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  TaeJa vs USA  Goswser TargA & Snute & Kas Link
France  Stephano vs Poland  MaNa TLO & Snute & RotterdaM Link
South Korea  TaeJa vs France  Stephano QXC & Fuzer & Snute Link
USA  Goswser vs Poland  MaNa Harstem & BabyKnight & Ret Link
France  Stephano vs USA  Goswser Hendralisk & DIMAGA & RotterdaM Link
Group C
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  Seed vs France  ToD Harstem & StarDust Link
Norway  Snute vs Russia  Happy TargA & Fuzer Link
South Korea  Seed vs Norway  Snute DIMAGA & PandaTank Link
France  ToD vs Russia  Happy State & Kas Link
South Korea  Seed vs Russia  Happy Socke & Harstem Link
Group D
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  HyuN vs Germany  HasuObs DIMAGA & BabyKnight Link
Sweden  ThorZaIN vs South Korea  viOLet DIMAGA & Naama Link
South Korea  HyuN vs South Korea  viOLet DIMAGA & Hendralisk Link
Germany  HasuObs vs Sweden  ThorZaIN Naama & Socke Link
South Korea  viOLet vs Germany  HasuObs Snute & Socke Link
Round of 8
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  MC vs South Korea  HyuN MaNa & ToD & NightEnD Link
South Korea  TaeJa vs South Korea  Seed MaNa & Kas & ToD Link
Norway  Snute vs France  Stephano Goswser & Hendralisk Link
Germany  TLO vs South Korea  viOLet Goswser & Hendralisk & DIMAGA Part 1 Part 2
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  HyuN vs Norway  Snute DIMAGA & TargA & RotterdaM Link
Germany  TLO vs South Korea  TaeJa qxc & Goswser & Snute & ThorZaIN Link
3rd Place Match
Match Commentators VOD
South Korea  HyuN vs Germany  TLO StarDust & Dragon & viOLet Link
Match Commentators VOD
Norway  Snute vs South Korea  TaeJa Stephano & ToD & RotterdaM & iNcontroL Link