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[e][h] HongUn
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Ahn Hong-wook
March 26, 1987 (age 35)
Alternate IDs:
HongUn.Prime.WE, eSahara.HoungUn, WeHongUn, AL.HongUn
Approx. Total Winnings:
Military Service:
Years active:
2010 - 2012
????-??-?? — 2011-11-17
2012-01-15 — 2012-03-22
2012-03-22 — 2012-06-18
Recent Matches
HongUn  South Korea
South Korea  MMA
2012-06-26 09:10:00UTC  
HongUn  South Korea
South Korea  Journey
2012-05-27 02:30:59UTC  
HongUn  South Korea
South Korea  Revival
2012-05-27 02:30:58UTC  
HongUn  South Korea
United States  TriMaster
2012-05-27 02:30:55UTC  
HongUn  South Korea
United States  SouL
2012-04-10 00:00:20UTC  

Ahn "HongUn" Hong Wook is a retired Protoss player from South Korea, remembered for his success in the early seasons of the GSL with two 3-4th place finishes and known for being one of the few Protoss players to incorporate the Carrier. On June 26, 2012 HongUn announced his retirement from competitive StarCraft II[1]


HongUn is a competitive StarCraft II player from South Korea. He was a player on team Prime, but he then left the team. The 15th January 2012, it was announced that he joined eSahara.[2] When Absolute Legends absorbed the eSahara squad it was announced that HongUn would also be moving to Absolute Legends.[3]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

HongUn has been able to qualify for all of the GOMTV Global Starcraft II League Open seasons, the only Protoss player on the Prime team to do so. In the first season he was able to qualify for S-Class making it to the quarterfinals before losing to oGsEnsnare. The following season, HongUn was defeated by Kyrix in the Round of 64 in what many considered an upset at the time. HongUn qualified for GSL Season 3. After he defeated FruitDealer in the Round of 8, he alongside oGsMC became the first Protoss players to reach the final 4 in any GSL. He would try a variety of different builds in the semifinals but ultimately lose 2-4 to Rain.


In 2011, for the first Code S tournament in January, HongUn would be sent to the Up and Down Matches after falling 1-2 in the group stages to Hyperdub. He managed to fend off Moon, 2-1, and retain his Code S status for the proceeding tournament. HongUn would make a fairly deep run into GSL March, taking out players such as TOP and Jinro before being swept by MC in the Round of 8. HongUn would continue to struggle with early exits in the proceeding GSLs but always managed to remain in Code S. He would see a surprising resurgence during the GSL July season where he eliminated MC 3-1 in a rematch at the Round of 8 with heavy 4gate usage. He would be swiftly eliminated 0-3 by NesTea in the semifinals.

In GSL October, HongUn placed last in his group with a score of 0-2, therefore needing to play in the Up and Down Matches. There, he would place last, beating only KeeN, therefore dropping down to Code A for the first time.

The next season, GSL November, HongUn lost his first match 1-2 against Luvsic, and therefore lost his Code A status.

On May 27, 2012 Hongun participated in the GSL Season 3 qualifiers where he defeated Journey in the finals of his bracket and re qualified for the GSL. In the first round of 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Code A he faced MMA and was defeated 2-0. Shortly after the match HongUn announced his retirement from professional StarCraft II[1]

Outside Korea[edit]

It was announced on Sept 16th that HongUn would be participating at MLG Orlando as part of the GSL-MLG Exchange Program.[4] He would place third in his group losing to Ret and TheStC. In the Championship Bracket, HongUn would beat HerO and July before falling to IdrA 0-2.


  • Was the first player in GSL history to make a Carrier in Season 3 where he took down JSL in the round of 32 with it.
  • Was the first player in GSL history to use a Carrier centric build in his GSL October Up&Down match vs KeeN.
  • Was the first Protoss to reach the Ro4 in a GSL (accomplished in GSL Open Season 3, one day before MC).


In A1Premier Tournaments
2011-10-082nd2011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
3 : 5MVPMVP$1,254.55
2011-09-2725th - 32nd2011 Global StarCraft II League October: Code SPrimePrime0–2Grp S.$1,307.42
2011-08-249th - 16th2011 Global StarCraft II League August: Code SPrimePrime0 : 2$1,850
2011-07-253rd - 4th2011 Global StarCraft II League July: Code SPrimePrime0 : 3$4,500
2011-06-0217th - 32ndLG Cinema 3D Super TournamentPrimePrime0 : 2$930
2011-04-2117th - 32nd2011 LG Cinema 3D Global StarCraft II League May: Code SPrimePrime0–2Grp S.$1,400
2011-03-085th - 8th2011 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Global StarCraft II League March: Code SPrimePrime0 : 3$2,670
2011-01-0417th - 32nd2011 Sony Ericsson Global StarCraft II League January: Code SPrimePrime1–2Grp S.$1,345.05
2010-12-093rd - 4th2010 Sony Ericsson StarCraft II Open Season 3PrimePrime2 : 4$8,670
2010-09-285th - 8th2010 TG Sambo Intel StarCraft II Open Season 1PrimePrime0 : 2$3,400
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as Protoss9 - 1340.9 %34 - 3450 %39 - 4347.6 %82 - 9047.7 %
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