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HorussTV: Broadcasts

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Detailed Broadcasts[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2020-11-29A2MajorASUS ROG Online 2020Other Languages Commentator
2020-11-15A1PremierDH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Season FinalsSpanish CommentatorNone
2020-11-08A1PremierDH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: EuropeOther Language Commentator
2020-09-20A1PremierDH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Season FinalsSpanish Commentator
2020-08-30A2MajorDH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Latin AmericaOther Language Commentator
2020-08-16A1PremierWar Chest Team LeagueOther Language Commentator
2020-07-19A1PremierDH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Season FinalsSpanish Commentator
2020-06-28A2MajorDH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Latin AmericaSpanish Commentator
2020-06-07A1PremierTeamLiquid StarLeague 5Spanish Commentator
2020-03-21A3Minor Taco Cup 5Spanish Commentator
2020-03-01A1PremierIEM Katowice 2020Spanish Commentator
2019-12-29A2MajorCopa América 2019 Season 3Spanish Commentator
2019-12-08A1PremierStarCraft II: NationWars 2019Spanish Commentator
2019-10-01A8Qualifier StarCraft II: NationWars 2019 QualifiersSpanish speaking Commentator
2019-09-08A1Premier2019 WCS FallSpanish Commentator
2019-08-18A1Premier2019 GSL vs the WorldOther Language Commentator
2019-08-11A2MajorCopa América 2019 Season 2Spanish Commentator
2019-07-14A1Premier2019 WCS SummerSpanish Commentator
2019-06-23A2Major2019 WCS Summer: North America QualifierOther Language Commentator
2019-06-23A2MajorCopa América 2019 Season 1Spanish Commentator
2019-06-22A2Major2019 WCS Summer: Europe QualifierOther Language Commentator
2019-06-05A6Weekly Horuss OpenHostNone
2019-05-19A1Premier2019 WCS SpringOther Language Commentator
2019-05-05A2Major2019 WCS Spring: North America QualifierOther Language Commentator
2019-05-04A2Major2019 WCS Spring: Europe QualifierOther Language Commentator
2019-04-14A8Qualifier2019 WCS Spring: Europe Open QualifiersOther Language CommentatorNone
2019-04-07A1Premier2019 WCS Winter EuropeOther Language Commentator
2019-04-06A1Premier2019 WCS Winter AmericasOther Language Commentator
2019-03-03A1PremierIEM Season XIII - KatowiceOther Language Commentator
2019-01-18A8Qualifier2019 WCS Winter Europe Qualifier #2Other Language Commentator
2019-01-17A8Qualifier2019 WCS Winter Europe Qualifier #1Other Language Commentator
2019-01-06A8QualifierIEM Season XIII - Katowice: American QualifierOther Language CommentatorNone
2018-11-03A1Premier2018 WCS Global FinalsOther Language Commentator
2018-09-09A1Premier2018 WCS MontrealOther Language Commentator
2018-08-12A2MajorCopa América 2018 Season 3Commentator
2018-07-14A1Premier2018 WCS ValenciaCommunity Commentator
2018-06-24A2MajorCopa América 2018 Season 2Commentator
2018-05-06A2MajorCopa América 2018 Season 1Commentator
2018-01-28A1Premier2018 WCS LeipzigOther Language Commentator
2017-08-13A2MajorCopa América 2017 Season 4Commentator
2017-07-02A2MajorCopa América 2017 Season 3Commentator
2017-05-28A2MajorCopa América 2017 Season 2Commentator
2017-03-26A2MajorCopa América 2017 Season 1Commentator
2016-10-14A2Major Copa América 2016 Grand FinalsCommentator
2016-09-11A1PremierWCS Copa IntercontinentalSpanish Commentator
2016-07-09A2MajorCopa América 2016 Season 3Commentator
2016-04-09A2MajorCopa América 2016 Season 2Commentators and Hosts
2016-02-17A2MajorCopa América 2016 Season 1Commentator
2015-10-31A2MajorCopa América 2015 Grand FinalsCommentatorNone
2015-10-18A3Minor Copa América 2015 Season 3CommentatorNone
2015-07-15A3Minor Copa América 2015 Season 2CommentatorNone
2015-05-26A3Minor Triple L Season 2CommentatorNone
2015-05-07A3Minor Copa América 2015 Season 1CommentatorNone
2014-11-16A2MajorCopa América 2014 Grand FinalsCommentatorNone
2014-10-05A3MinorCopa América 2014 Season 3CommentatorNone
2014-08-10A3MinorCopa América 2014 Season 2CommentatorNone
2014-06-29A3MinorCopa América 2014 Season 1CommentatorNone