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Houkago Tea Team

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[e][h]Houkago Tea Team
Team Information
Georgy "ƎDESU" Arkhipov
Liza "Sunokasuri" Nikolaeva
Vladimir "EnigmA" Yegorov
Team Earnings:
Player Breakdown
Number of players:
Recent Matches
HTT Houkago Tea TeamHoukago Tea Team3:0Team GoldMastersTeam GoldMasters GoldM
September 27, 2021 - 0:00 UTC
HTT Houkago Tea TeamHoukago Tea Team3:2ReG eSportsReG eSports ReG
September 27, 2021 - 0:00 UTC

HTT is a simple team, which was originally created by mates in order to play on RSTL. And although the lineup was changed for several times, team's atmosphere is still very friendly. You can always find someone to play a problematic match-up, analyze a replay, relax in team game, whine on imba or play in StarCraft-by-correspondence. Viewing of the tournaments with a discussion in the conference are attached. We pursue the idea of fair and square play for fun and good games. At the moment HTT is participating in every team league we discovered so far: ESL, SC2ITL, Koprulu, Wannawar and Alpha. FCW with different teams are not rare.

Members of Houkago Tea Team organised several In-House Tournaments, including chess ones.


  • January 7, Azur(August) joins kohai squad as a playing manager.
  • March 20, NoLimit leaves the team.
  • March 25, ART (russian player) joins kohai squad.
  • April 10, anioki re-joins kohai squad until September, 26, when he left the team.
  • April 22, DonLingo joins kohai squad.
  • Summer, ART (russian player) and Nukelar were promoted to senpai squad, Shameless joins kohai squad.
  • October 16, EnigmA leaves the team.
  • November 22, SexyDrone retired.
  • December 13, NeGaN retired.
  • April 26, EnigmA joins the team.[7]
  • May 7, Arctur leaves the team.
  • July 17, Zanter joins kohai squad.
  • July 28, Nitix joins the team.[8]
  • December 2, Nitix leaves the team.[9]
  • February 2, SpellSinger joins main squad.
  • February 11, Power joins main squad.
  • February 19, RinKokonoe joins main squad.
  • May 2, Arctur joins main squad.
  • May 8, BlueCheese joins, Reinca re-joins main squad.
  • June 28, NoLimit joins main squad.
  • August 21, HoLyNeGan joins second squad and Ame joins team to help with organization and CW casting.
  • October 19, Stevy joins main squad.
  • December 27, 28, Aelith joins main squad and Pharaphobia joins second one.
  • December 31, HTT changed separation in squads' rule, now Senpai (HTT) are GM&exGM players and Kohai (HTT ni) are other. Main reason is new rules in Alpha and RSTL. SexyDrone moved to 2nd squad and GhostHell to main.

Player Rosters[edit]

Main Roster a.k.a. Senpai, [HTT][edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date20142015201620172018201920202021
RussiaARTArtyom Yurovsky2020-03-25--------
RussiaEnigmAVladimir Yegorov2021-04-0249 - 64th 2014 DreamHack Open/Moscow-------
RussiaMatveyMatvey Yarkov2015-07-??--------
RussiaRimeGeorgy Shevchenko2021-08-31--------
KazakhstanReplicantAlmat Toleugaliev2021-06-18-----40 - 48th World Electronic Sports Games 2018--
RussiaShamelessLev Bondarenko2021-01-23--------
RussiaslshrzPavel Strokan2013-10-31--------

Secondary Roster a.k.a. Kohai [HTTni][edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date20202021
RussiaDivineOleg Matveev2021-05-01--
RussiaNeGaNMagomed Elipkhanov2017-08-21--
UkraineNukeLar CaptainVolodymyr Dorosh2015-12-25--
RussiaƎDESUGeorgy Arkhipov2013-04-22--
RussiaRyukAleksei Vasilev2021-08-17--

Notable Former[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
GermanyAelithTim Böneker2017-12-272018-07-26Vengeance Fishing ClubVengeance Fishing Club Vengeance Fishing Club
RussiaArcturAleksey Rozhnov2017-05-022019-05-07Hasu PlayersHasu Players Hasu Players
SlovakiaBlueCheeseRadovan Viselka2017-05-082017-09-25Iron ChainIron Chain Iron Chain
NorwayDarroweveThorleif Grande2018-02-122018-07-26Vengeance Fishing ClubVengeance Fishing Club Vengeance Fishing Club
RussiaDitrihShavzis Lev2015-03-10Passion MercsPassion Mercs Passion Mercs
MontenegroDudu2018-07-24 Retirement
RussiaEnigmAVladimir Yegorov2019-04-262020-10-16Archangel GamingArchangel Gaming Archangel Gaming
UkraineGhostHellArtem Kartoguzov2016-10-202018-08-263D!Clan3D!Clan 3D!Clan
South KoreaHonMonOJeong Geunyong2018-02-12 Retirement
RussiaMordredKirill Efimov Retirement
BulgariaNitixPeycho Ivanov2019-07-282019-12-02BSLesportsBSLesports BSLesports
CzechiaNoLimitPavel Kubu2017-06-282018-05-14Wolf's Lair E-SportsWolf's Lair E-Sports Wolf's Lair E-Sports
CzechiaNoLimitPavel Kubu2019-10-222020-03-20Passion MercsPassion Mercs Passion Mercs
FranceReincaThéo Herbin2017-05-082017-12-28DuSt GamingDuSt Gaming DuSt Gaming
KazakhstanReplicantAlmat Toleugaliev2018-1?-??2019-03-11 Retirement
RussiaRinKokonoeIvan Skvorchuk2017-02-192019-10-?? Retirement
RussiaSanAlexander Korneevets2015-??-??2021-03-03 Retirement
RussiaSpellSingerPetr Umnikov2017-02-022020-08-24
RussiaSunokasuriLiza Nikolaeva2015-04-152019-01-08
RussiaToundra Retirement
RussiaYoungYakovYakov Moiseenko2019-03-142019-11-08HarbingersHarbingers Harbingers
RussiaZanterDmitrii Zaitsev2019-07-182021-07-28 Retirement
RussiaМетаPetr Shabunin2016-08-?? Retirement


ID Name Position
Russia ƎDESUGeorgy Arkhipov General Manager
Ukraine UlaSAlexandra Kutafina Manager
Kazakhstan asmotIlya Gorevoy Yochien manager
Russia Shiny_RayMaxim Kurkin SMM/Manager/content-maker/HR

Team Achievements[edit]

2020-09-24BA2ndA3MinorRussian StarCraft 2 League Season 6Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 62 : 4Passion MercsPassion Mercs$130
2020-09-11AA1stA3MinorHell, it's about timeHell, it's about time3 : 0Hasu PlayersHasu Players$60
2020-09-01AA1stA4BasicAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 16 EU RookieAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 16 EU Rookie3 : 1team pheeniXteam pheeniX$0
2019-04-13CA3rdA3MinorRussian StarCraft 2 League Season 2Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 24 : 3TerranBrotherhoodTerranBrotherhood$77
2018-10-13CA3 - 4thA3MinorWardiTV Team League S8 OpenWardiTV Team League S8 Open3 : 4Rise EsportsRise Esports$50
2018-03-31BA2ndA3MinorAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 EU Non-ProAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 EU Non-Pro1 : 3Iron Chain AcademyIron Chain Academy$0
2017-11-15BA2ndA3MinorRU SC2 Team League Season 12: First DivRU SC2 Team League Season 12: First Div0 : 5IsIMBAIsIMBA$52
2017-06-07BA2ndA3MinorRU SC2 Team League Season 11: Second DivRU SC2 Team League Season 11: Second Div3 : 5AddicT eSportAddicT eSport$38
2017-02-05AA1stA4BasicAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 7 EU AmateurAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 7 EU Amateur3 : 0MindGamingMindGaming$0
2015-06-30AA1stA9UndefinedRussian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 8Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 8$22
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