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HuK's 1 Gate FE (vs. Terran)

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This strategy is for a previous expansion of the game.
[e][h]ProtossHuK's 1 Gate FE
Strategy Information
Fast Expand
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This build sacrifices early Gateway units to start an early Nexus and eventually 5 very early Stalkers for offensive or defensive purposes. This build is especially strong on maps that have open naturals, such as Tal'Darim Altar and Metalopolis, but is usable on almost any map. It is a build can be effective if you choose to do it blindly, but it is particularly strong if you choose to do it in response to a 1 Rax Fast Expand. The risk you run when choosing to use this build without knowing if the opponent took gas is that they might be going for a 12/16 Reactor/Tech Lab 2 Rax with SCVs for building Bunkers, something this build is weak against.


  • Deny the expansion of a Terran that fails to make a fast enough Bunker at their natural.
  • Allows for a safe, early expansion against 1 Rax Fast Expand.
  • Really safe against Tech Lab first 2 (or 3) Rax attacks. Can be risky against Reactor first 2 Rax builds if the opponent pulls SCVs.
  • Allows you to trade Stalker shield damage for SCV mining time, Bunker repair costs, and even SCV kills if your opponent is not careful.

Basic Build Order[edit]

HuK's 1 Gate FE (vs. Terran)
  • 9 Pylon
  • 13 Gateway (Scout)
  • 14 Gas
  • 15 Pylon
  • 17 Cybernetics Core
  • 20 Warpgate Research[1]
  • 20 Nexus
  • 22 Stalker
  • 23 Gateway (2)
  • 23 Gateway (3)
  • 23 Stalker (2)
  • 25 Safe proxy Pylon[2]
  • @100% Warpgate Research: Warp in 3 Stalkers at the proxy Pylon and poke with all 5 of your Stalkers [3]
  1. Dump all Chrono Boost into Warpgate Research. Ideally, you will Chrono Boost it 5 times so that it syncs with the completion of your 2nd and 3rd Gateways
  2. This shouldn't be in vision of your opponent, but it should be very close to their natural.
  3. If your fifth Stalker is still catching up then don't wait for it. Make sure you rally your first Gateway to your 1st Stalker.


  • You will be Chrono Boosting your Nexus twice starting at 11 food. The rest of your Chrono Boost is to be spent on Warpgate Research.
  • Gas timings are absolutely crucial with this build. If you do not stop mining gas at 150 then it will take longer to get up your Nexus and additional Gateways. This will slow down the build considerably.
  • Place your 2nd and 3rd Gateways away from your 1st Gateway. If your opponent's SCV scouts after your first Stalker has left your base and did not catch the SCV, you want them to have as slim a chance as possible of spotting that you're going to pressure.
  • Your 20th probe can be rallied to the natural to start the Nexus once you have started your Warpgate Research. Hide the Probe from the scouting path an SCV would take if your opponent has not yet scouted you. Seeing your Probe at your natural when you do not have a Stalker out yet is damaging if they opt to block your expansion with an Engineering Bay, forcing you to pull an additional Probe or wait for the 1st Stalker to finish.
  • By the time Warpgate Research finishes, you should have a Proxy Pylon set up with 2 Stalkers out on the field. Warp in 3 more Stalkers and attack with all 5 of them (or 4 if your second Stalker is still making its way across the map).
  • With 5 Chrono Boosts on your Cybernetics Core, you can begin warping in Stalkers at 5:40.


  • If you weren't planning on using this build to begin with, it is a very good response to a no gas Terran, so long as you're able to spot the absence of gas.
  • If you were planning on using this build but scout a Bunker at the top of the ramp, it is recommended not continuing past the Nexus timing. You might not be able to do any pressure with your Stalkers and you may need an early Robotics Facility in the case that they are using the Bunker to protect a Cloaked Banshee opening.


You should make as many Probes possible while making sure you have 375 minerals when your Warpgates are ready to warp in units. Continue Probe production from both Nexuses. Once you have made your 4 Stalker poke, you will see...

Terran Has Expanded[edit]

There are many build routes that a fast expanding Terran may take, but you can act on the information you see:

Terran Hasn't Started A Bunker[edit]

Focus down their Marines one by one. They will have to float their expansion back into their main. If they haven't walled in their main, you should be able to do significant damage by microing your Stalkers properly. Continue warping in Stalkers and Zealots to seal the deal.

Terran Hasn't Complete Their Bunker[edit]

Focus fire the SCV building the Bunker and then focus fire individual Marines. If they pull more SCVs to try and complete the Bunker, focus fire the one building it. If they cannot finish the Bunker then they will cancel it, retreat into their base and float their expansion back into their main. Proceed as above.

Terran Has Completed A Bunker[edit]

Start attacking it with your Stalkers from maximum range. If any additional Marines move past the Bunker then focus those down as a priority. Micro back the Stalkers getting shot from the Bunker as they run out of Shield energy - make sure not to take any hull damage. They will pull SCVs to repair the Bunker so focus down the SCVs one by one if possible. Once you get a second warp in available, warp in Zealots as they deal damage to Bunkers more quickly and are cheaper than Stalkers. Focus the Zealots on the Bunker and focus your Stalkers on repairing SCVs. Let your Zealots die if you have to as the repair costs they cause are worth their loss. If you do not think you will be able to break the Bunker, begin to transition by taking additional gas and choosing a Tech-path; continue to pressure until they get Marauders with Concussive Shells out to defend.

Terran Has Completed Two Bunkers[edit]

If possible, position your Stalkers so that they are only taking damage from one of the Bunkers. If they unload their second Bunker to engage your Stalkers then focus down the Marines one at a time. You want to reduce the Marine count as much as possible before focusing on the Bunker and his repairing SCVs. From here, you can either warp in more Stalkers to continue your pressure or transition into additional gas and choosing a Tech-path.

If Terran Has Not Expanded[edit]

Poke up the ramp to see what they have...

Terran Has A Bunker[edit]

Retreat. Consider warping in Zealots to tank damage while you focus down his Supply Depots or they Bunker. Alternatively, add a Robotics Facility and 1/2 additional Assimilators as they might be going for Cloaked Banshees and you will need an Observer.

Terran Has No Bunker[edit]

If you see no Bunker and only Marines to defend, focus them down one by one. If there are Marauders out, focus them down first. If they have too many units to fight cost effectively then retreat. Take extra gases (1 or 2) and get a Robotics Facility so that you can use an Observer to work out what they are up to.


A popular option for Terran players to take is to block your expansion with an Engineering Bay, meaning that you will have to make a Zealot to kill it. A good option is to start a Zealot after placing down your Cybernetics Core and to only let it finish if an Engingeering Bay is placed down. If an Engineering Bay is not placed down then you can cancel the Zealot just before it finishes.

If you have committed yourself to the build but scout gas or are unable to scout gas, keep your Probe below their ramp so that it can scout for units moving out of their base. Make sure that it is out of sight of the top of their ramp. If you anticipate bio pressure, warp in your first three Stalkers defensively instead of offensively and do not let them catch your reinforcing Stalker half-way across the map.

If they are moving out with 5 Marines, a Marauder and some SCVs,[1] then kite this army while staying out of range of the Marauder if at all possible. If the Marauder is particularly exposed, focus it down and then proceed to kite the rest of their army across the map as without a Marauder they cannot catch your Stalkers.

If they are moving out with 2 Marauders and a Marine,[2] then focus down the Marauders first and chase down any additional units as they attempt to retreat.

If your opponent has shown one Marine and more than 2 Marauders,[3] then do not engage a group with more than 3 Marauders with your Stalkers. Retreat. It will take them time to walk across the map and in that time you can warp in a round of Zealots. When they reache your base, consider pulling Probes to defend. It is not recommended to warp-in Sentries as they have terrible DPS, you will not have enough time to build up energy for more than one Force Field, and you will not have time to build up energy for Guardian Shield. Stick to Zealots and Stalkers.


United States Protoss CecilSunkure CecilSunkure's tutorial video describes his variation of the build.
Terran TBD
Patch: VOD


  1. 2 Rax Reactor/Tech-Lab Push
  2. Either a Marauder Expand or a 12/17 2 Rax with a Tech Lab on the first Barracks (see 2 Rax Pressure)
  3. Either a Marauder Expand or a 2 Rax with 2 Tech Labs depending on the timing

Further Strategies[edit]