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[e][h] hyvaa
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Shin Dae-kun
April 23, 1991 (1991-04-23) (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
hyvaa, hyvaa[S.G]
Total Earnings:
????-??-?? — 2010-10-01
2010-10-01 — 2013-12-20
2014-04-09 — 2014-07-31

Shin "hyvaa" Dae Kun is a South Korean Zerg. He played his first official StarCraft II match match during the hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2. He is currently retired.


During his Brood War career, hyvaa achieved moderate success in individual and team leagues and reached his peak during 2008 Shinhan Winners League, recording the best performance on his team, eSTRO, and statistically being one of the best players that round. hyvaa was known for his strategic and smart play, especially against Terran opponents. His individual best performances include an Ro36 in 2009 Bacchus OSL and an Ro32 in 2009 Nate MSL.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

In the 2012 MLG vs Proleague Invitational hyvaa went 36-12 in the regular season. He received a seed for the 2012 MLG Fall Championship by defeating Rain 4-1 in the round of 16. hyvaa was later eliminated in the quarterfinals by Soulkey.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In GSL[edit]

After having been unsuccessful at qualifying for 2012 GSL Season 4 Code A,[1] hyvaa made it through Season 5 Qualifiers, beating panagiotopoulos, Supreme, Reality and TREME on his way to his first Code A appearance. However, he was later eliminated 2-1 in the first round by Genius, and didn't manage to requalify for 2013 GSL Season 1.

In 2013 WCS[edit]

2013 WCS Korea Season 1 GSL[edit]

On April 11, 2013 hyvaa played in the morning session of the 2013 WCS KR Season 1 Qualifier. Seeded into Group G, he received a BYE the first round, then went on to beat JangBi, 안정인, and hOpe to qualify for the Challenger League.[2] There he beat Terminator and First to advance to the qualification match, where he faced YoDa, who had dropped down from the Premier League. A 2-0 victory qualified him for the Season 2 Premier League.

2013 WCS Korea Season 2 OSL[edit]

Hyvaa was seeded into Group F in the Round of 32 along with First, Leenock, and RorO. Although he suffered an initial loss against Leenock, he was able to beat him the second time to get out of the group, after beating RorO in the losers match. Moving on the Round of 16, he was placed in Group C along with First, Rain, and FanTaSy. Beating FanTaSy and First but losing to Rain, he finished with a 2-1 record, just like First and Rain, and a tiebreaker was required. After a first tiebreaker ending in a stalemate, hyvaa lost both his matches against Rain and First and dropped down to Challenger League Round of 24. In Challenger League his opponent was Life whom he defeated 2-1 earning his spot back in Premier League for 2013 WCS Season 3 Korea GSL


  • His first official SC2 match was an ace match, in which he defeated JangBi.
  • Famously used a six pool against fan-favorite FanTaSy on the map Newkirk Precinct in Round of 16 of the second season of WCS Korea, and pulled three drones ahead of time in order to prevent his opponent from sealing off his wall. However, having opened barracks first, FanTaSy was able to easily defend the rush by pulling some SCVs and blocking the ramp to his main base. Artosis and Tasteless jokingly commented that it was one of the worst performances that they had ever casted, but Hyvaa still managed to defeat FanTaSy in the Best of 3 using better executed cheeses.
  • Starred in one of Khaldor's videos showcasing his APM.[3]
  • hyvä(ä) means "good" in Finnish, the name came from a Korean gum (휘바) commercial.[4][5]


In A1Premier tournaments
2013-07-30 1 - 12th2013 WCS Season 2 Korea OSL/Challenger2 : 1 Life$892
2013-07-18 9 - 12th2013 WCS Season 2 Korea OSL: Premier League3-4Grp S.$2,000
2013-05-15 1 - 12th2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL/Challenger2 : 0 YoDa$892
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Team Achievements

In A1Premier tournaments
2013-08-031st2012–2013 SK Planet Proleague4 : 2$3,557.14
2013-07-093rd2012–2013 SK Planet Proleague: Regular Season$2,667.85
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Matchup Statistics

 vs vs vs vs Total
as 35 - 3252.2 %20 - 2148.8 %27 - 2551.9 %2 - 0100 %84 - 7851.9 %

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