iCCup Testbug

[e][h]iCCup Testbug
Braxis Alpha, Char, Shakuras, Monlyth, Bel Shir, Haven
Spawn Positions:
3 at 3, 7, 11



The Mar Sara tileset previously used for the 3 o'clock starting location was replaced by Shakuras in version 3.

iCCup Testbug is a unique 3 player map that features four distinct geographic regions. It has been played in the iCCup Map Series and is part of the iCCup Map Pool. The map also features Xel'Naga Towers that can only be accessed after destroying the 8x8 rocks that surround them. The map is named after the Broodwarmaps.net map-maker Testbug. ESL announced the use of Pawn together with Testbug for use in their Go4SC2 series from February 2011 onwards.[1] In mid February 2011 CraftCup removed the Blizzard map Steppes of War from their mappool and replaced it with Testbug.[2] In the 2011 circuit MLG included Testbug in their map pool for their first Dallas competition, with a slightly modified version replacing it in the second session, Columbus.[3]

Official Map Description[edit]

Map named after the awesome Brood War map maker Testbug.

  • One central Xel'Naga tower
  • Three Xel'Naga towers blocked with 1500 hp, 3armor rocks
  • Gold expands blocked with rocks
  • Rich vespere geysers at gold expo
  • Rocks in front of the natural to show the Xel'Naga tower vision bounds

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