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IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne

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[e][h]IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne
League Information
Germany Cologne
Prize pool:
$15,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia tier:
Player breakdown
Number of players:

In the first of the Intel Extreme Masters events to feature StarCraft II, 16 of the best players met in Cologne, Germany for the first major live event in StarCraft II's history. The Global Challenge event invited players from all around the world to participate in front of a large crowd at Gamescom Cologne, all casted by Day[9] and Apollo. The event was very popular with the venue completely packed for the grand final between MorroW and IdrA, which MorroW won 3-1. DIMAGA placed third over Tarson, also with a 3-1 score.


Six of the players, DIMAGA, SarenS, LucifroN, NaNiwa, ClouD, and Tarson qualified for the event by placing in the top three in Go4SC2 Cups #24 and #25. The remaining 10 players were invited by ESL to fly out to Cologne to take part in the $15,000 prize pool. The players were arranged into four groups which were played round robin style, with each match being best of 3. The top two from each group were then arranged into a 8 man single-elimination bracket with every round being a Best of 5 series.

Prize pool[edit]

Offering $15,000 spread among all players as follows:


Protoss (4) Terran (8) Zerg (4)
Canada HuK France SarenS Ukraine DIMAGA
Sweden NaNiwa Spain LucifroN United States IdrA
Ukraine White-Ra Italy ClouD United States Artosis
Germany HasuObs United Kingdom DeMusliM Sweden MaDFroG
Ukraine Strelok
Poland Tarson
Sweden MorroW
Germany TLO


Brat_OK was originally invited to the event, but due to troubles with obtaining a German visa, he could no longer attend.[1][2] MorroW replaced him[3].


Group Stage[edit]


Group A
August 18, 2010
1. Germany  TLO 3-0 6-0
2. Sweden  MaDFroG 2-1 4-3
3. Ukraine  White-Ra 1-2 2-4
4. Italy  ClouD 0-3 1-6


Group B
August 18, 2010
1. Poland  Tarson* 2-1 5-2
2. Sweden  MorroW* 2-1 4-2
3. United States  Artosis* 1-2 2-5
4. Canada  HuK* 1-2 3-5


Group C
August 19, 2010
1. Ukraine  DIMAGA* 2-1 4-4
2. France  SarenS* 2-1 5-3
3. Spain  LucifroN* 1-2 3-4
4. Germany  HasuObs* 1-2 3-4


Group D
August 19, 2010
1. United States  IdrA 3-0 6-2
2. United Kingdom  DeMusliM 1-2 4-4
3. Sweden  NaNiwa 1-2 3-4
4. Ukraine  Strelok 1-2 2-5

*Players with an equal amount of match wins were ranked according to their head-to-head results.

Group Summary[edit]

Group A[edit]

The main surprise of group 1 was how convincingly TLO cruised through his group. With a great series against White-Ra displaying incredible decision making as well as great Banshee micro, the German player didn't drop a single map with dominating victories in every game. MaDFroG showed great play and surprised many by defeating White-Ra 2-0 and 2-1ing ClouD.

  • TLO advances 3-0 with a 6-0 game record.
  • MaDFroG advances 2-1 with a 4-3 game record.

Group B[edit]

The Polish player Tarson demolished MorroW in a 2-0 series with a strong win on Steppes in the first series followed by an aggressive opening on Metalopolis taking out MorroW's 1 Rax Expand. An elated Tarson thanked Gretorp for victory but the replacement MorroW still went through in second after defeating HuK and Artosis 2-0 earlier. HuK showed nerves in his games against MorroW on the main stage and made many rash decisions after a double expand and Artosis couldn't overcome his Terran opponents and was set to go out before his final match.

  • Tarson advances 2-1 with a 5-2 game record.
  • MorroW advances 2-1 with a 4-2 game record.

Group C[edit]

Group 3 was heavily contested with qualifications coming down to the last game. DIMAGA had to defeat SarenS and hope HasuObs didn't beat Lucifron. DIMAGA started his tournament shakey after losing his series to HasuObs, but he toned down his all-in and aggressive openings and played a standard game against the Terrans with great results, swarming his opponents with Banelings, Infestors, Ultras and Zerglings in true Zerg style. The two former Warcraft III players showed great micro, but slower macro, which was a clear weakness notable in their games which lead to SarenS and DIMAGA qualifying. Due to the head-to-head record, DIMAGA advanced as the first seed and SarenS as the 2nd, despite SarenS having a better map record.

  • DIMAGA advances 2-1 with a 4-4 game record.
  • SarenS advances 2-1 with a 5-3 game record.

Group D[edit]

Group 4 was another close group, coming down to the last game. DeMusliM had to either win his last game, or take one map and hope that Strelok lost 0-2 to NaNi. The very same happened. IdrA took his group 3-0 dropping one set each to NaNi and DeMusliM while showing very impressive Zerg play with great macro, transitions and incredibly impressive micro. DeMusliM went through second.

  • IdrA advances 3-0 with a 6-2 game record.
  • DeMusliM advances 1-2 with a 4-4 game record.


Racial distribution[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Group Stage
Final Match

Map Statistics[edit]

vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Blistering Sands873442.9%--------1--
Delta Quadrant442250.0%-----------
Desert Oasis1110100.0%-----------
Kulas Ravine1------------1--
Steppes of War653260.0%--------1--
Xel'Naga Caverns875271.4%--------1--
Total Sum (Σ)3530171356.7%--------5--




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