IEM Season XII - World Championship: Server Qualifiers

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The IEM Season XII - World Championship: Server Qualifiers allow 11 players to receive a spot in the Group Stage of IEM Season XII - World Championship. Each of these qualifiers is open to all participants, with no region restrictions.

  • 3 slots for the European server qualifier.
  • 3 slots for the American server qualifier.
  • 5 slots for the Korean server qualifiers (3 + 2).


Open Qualifiers[edit]

  • Single-elimination Best of 3 until Round of 16.
  • Double-elimination from Round of 16 onwards.
  • Top 8 Advance to the Final Qualifier.

Final Qualifiers[edit]

Qualified players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (4) Terran Terran (3) Zerg Zerg (4)
From the European Qualifier (3)
Germany ShoWTimE
Netherlands uThermal
Poland Nerchio
From the American Qualifier (3)
South Korea Dear
South Korea GuMiho
Poland Elazer
From the South Korean Qualifiers (5)
South Korea Classic
South Korea INnoVation
South Korea Dark
South Korea sOs
South Korea Impact