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iEchoic Build (vs. Terran)

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This article might be outdated, please verify if it's still valid. It was last validated to work for patch 1.5.2.

[e][h]TerraniEchoic's 2fact 2port TvT
"The road to shunning tanks is not an easy one, but it is a rewarding one." iEchoic
Strategy Information
Aggressive, Map Control, Counter Drop


A counterattack style of Sky-Terran using two Factories and two Starports to harass the opponent's SCVs, while reacting to the opponent's unit composition.

Hellions are produced for ground control against Bio and counter-dropping in the enemy's base. Meanwhile, switching Starports between Tech Labs and Reactors as needed to out-produce the opponent's Viking count, and producing Banshees as the main damage-dealing unit.

Unit Composition / Analogy to Terran versus Zerg[edit]

  • Vikings hold air superiority for Banshees, like Corruptors except Vikings can be landed for additional ground firepower.
  • Expansions: This build does not expand quickly. Its main purpose is to punish the opponent's economy early. It is ideal however to stay at least one base a head of the opponent in the mid and late game.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Build Order


  • Make Hellions when to poke the opponent's front regularly but do not delay Starport units unless there is a frontal attack coming before a Banshee complete.
  • When engaging the opponent, focus on micro-ing your Banshees on the anti-air units to clean the attack up after when there is no anti-air and Banshees are most deadly.
  • Your Barracks can be used to build add-ons for your Factories and Starports or be used to scout the opponent's base, if close by air.


  • Early on keep poking in the opponent's base with one Hellion to scout the army composition and react to it by swapping Starport add-ons appropriately or adding Reactors to the Factories as needed.
  • Hellion and Banshee Harass is also scouting.
    • Keep an eye on the opponent's production, not needing to scan is another thing that will keep you ahead of the opponent economically.


  • Damaging an opponent's economy is priority (1) only expand when the opponent's army count is low, and build Reactors (1) (2) on the Factories and use this timing to Expand your economy; do not skip on Starport production, EVER, though.
    • The main strength of this build is a counter-drop Hellion-style, to punish the opponent whenever s/he moves out. This means they either have to leave some units behind to defend or make Missile Turrets that both weaken push timings severely.
  • You must stay ahead in Viking production, even if this means all out Viking production. This is because Banshees are the main damage dealing unit; losing air control means losing too much Medivac and Banshee harass ability.
  • Whenever your opponent is attacking, counter drop their base with Hellion drops to punish any attack attempts.


  • Opponents Banshees can be countered by simultaneously creating a Raven and a Viking, while dropping your own Hellions in the opponent's base.
  • Early Tank and Bio rushes are countered by destroying all the Marines with Hellions and mopping up with Banshees.
  • Early Thor pushes can be tricky and can be considered this builds direct hard counter, but only at very early timings until Banshee numbers are high enough. There is no easy way to hold early Thor all-in timings and you will need to throw everything, including SCVs, at the Thor to kill it. Counter dropping the opponent to punish this and knowing that in early Thor rushes, the one Thor is the opponent's ENTIRE army and a handful of Marines.

Countered By[edit]

  • Simcity/Fortress Build: Supply Depot and production buildings used to block off Hellion access to the mineral line.
  • Marauder or Reaper Opening, especially timing attacks.
  • Early Thor with SCV support rush.


  • Usable on any map. But weaker on short rush distance until both Factories are complete.

Pro features[edit]

  • Maps multiple attack paths or an open middle
    • Xel'naga Caverns,
  • Close air positions and long by ground.

Con features[edit]

  • Close ground positions on four-player maps and short rush distance.
    • Metalopolis, Shattered Temple