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IGN ProLeague Season 1

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[e][h]IGN ProLeague Season 1: "Best Of The West"
League Information
North America
United States United States
1v1, Double-elimination
Prize Pool:
$5,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Number of Players:
Protoss 6
Terran 5
Zerg 5


Season 1 of the IGN ProLeague was a 16 player invitational tournament, organized and broadcasted by IGNs eSports division. The top 4 finishers automatically qualified for IPL 2. Commentating was provided by djWHEAT, TotalBiscuit, CatsPajamas, HDstarcraft and PainUser.

IGN ProLeague Season 1 Announcement:[1]

"IGN Entertainment and its eSports division is excited to announce the IGN Pro League! The first season of the IPL is an invitational tournament to showcase what we can provide to you, the viewer, as well as serving as a test run for us for all of our new production and operations mechanisms. 16 players representing 9 different North American based clans will be competing for a prize pool of $5,000 and 4 automatic qualifier spots for IPL Season 2! The goal of the IPL is to bring a professional, polished viewing experience to fans of eSports, as well as supporting the development of eSports both nationally and internationally through a sustainable tournament system that rewards those who play in it."

Pre-announcement buzz & Player Leak[edit]

Rumors regarding IGN ProLeague started circulating around two weeks before the official announcement. The rumors correctly predicted that a tournament would be held and organized by IGN Entertainment's eSports division. A countdown finishing at the 4th of April was already viewable at the official home page.[2] Soon a blog post surfaced, confirming that something was in the works over at IGN Entertainement.[3] Additional information, including the full list of participants, was also found out before the official announcement.[4]

Results Leak[edit]

All matches of IGN ProLeague Season 1 were played out and pre-recorded prior to the first broadcast. The results of these matches were available in a private bracket on, which was leaked before the first match was broadcast.[5] IGN staff commented that measures will be implemented to keep results safer in the future, but also mentioned that viewers always have the possibility to spoil a tournament game before watching it, would they really want to.[6]

Best of The West Tournament[edit]

Competition Format[edit]

A 16 Player Double-elimination tournament, with the first 2 winner's rounds and first 3 loser's rounds Best of 3s. The rest of the rounds will be Best of 5s excluding the grand final which will be a Best of 7.

Prize pool[edit]

Offering $5,000 Spread among players as follows:

Detailed List of Participants[edit]

16 players representing 9 different North American based clans will be competing for a prize pool of $5,000 and 4 automatic qualifier spots for IPL Season 2.

Protoss Protoss (6) Terran Terran (5) Zerg Zerg (5)
Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses
United States iNcontroL
Team DignitasTeam Dignitas
South Korea SeleCT
Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses
United States IdrA
Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses
United States Axslav
Peru Fenix
FXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports
United States Sheth
Canada TT1
vT GamingvT Gaming
United States Spades
ROOT GamingROOT Gaming
Peru CatZ
Lazarus GamingLazarus Gaming
United States Agh
ROOT GamingROOT Gaming
Canada Drewbie
Sixjax GamingSixjax Gaming
United States ViBE
ROOT GamingROOT Gaming
United States Minigun
compLexity GamingcompLexity Gaming
Canada Stalife
Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses
United States Machine
ROOT GamingROOT Gaming
Canada KiWiKaKi


Upper Bracket Round 1
Upper Bracket Round 1
UB Round 1
Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
UB Quarterfinals
Upper Bracket Semifinals
Upper Bracket Semifinals
UB Semifinals
Upper Bracket Final
Upper Bracket Final
UB Final
Grand Final
Grand Final
Lower Bracket Round 1
Lower Bracket Round 1
LB Round 1
Lower Bracket Round 2
Lower Bracket Round 2
LB Round 2
Lower Bracket Round 3
Lower Bracket Round 3
LB Round 3
Lower Bracket Quarterfinals
Lower Bracket Quarterfinals
LB Quarterfinals
Lower Bracket Semifinal
Lower Bracket Semifinal
LB Semifinal
Lower Bracket Final
Lower Bracket Final
LB Final

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