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[e][h]Sunday Mass
League Information
Game Version:
North America
Prize pool:
$5.00 USD or more


In May of 2013 Infinity Gaming announced they would begin hosting a weekly StarCraft 2 tournament that would be open to all leagues, races and regions.[1] This event takes place every Sunday at 2:00 pm Central and offers a cash prize of $5.00 USD minimum each week. This event has attracted some of the worlds top players and is planned to occur every week indefinitely. This event is viewed as the flagship tournament of Infinity Gaming's tournament league awarding it's winner as many as 125 league points.

Tournament Rules[edit]

1. Finals: The finals will be set up and observed by an Admin and possibly other members of the Infinity Gaming Community (Admins may decline to enforce this rule).
2. Size: Upon the discretion of the Admin(s) and height of demand, this tournaments size may increase or decrease.
3. Timeouts: A player may pause during a game if needed, but if they do not return within a reasonable amount of time without properly informing the other player, the player waiting will be awarded with an automatic match win.
4. Cheating: If a player is caught to be cheating (mineral or map hacks, watching the stream, using a smurf account, etc.), they will be banned from future tournaments and disqualified from this tournament. Things such as abusing known bugs will also result in short-term bans. Multiple offenses will lead to permanent bans.
5. Disappearing/AFK: If for some reason a player doesn't show up to play in the first round he/she will be disqualified from that tournament. Time restraints are as follows: Once a round officially starts (or the bracket goes up), a player has 10 minutes before he/she forfeits the match. If the round is a best of three the player has another 10 minutes before he/she forfeits the series. Obviously we're willing to be reasonable for actual serious problems, but just disappearing with no warning, or refusing to play, is pretty bad manner and we don't like it.
6. Conduct: Excessive bad manners (BM) such as noob bashing, hardcore raging, or racial slurs, spamming, etc is grounds for removal from the tournament.
7. Rulings: All rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice at the discretion of an admin or tournament host.
8. Streaming/Observing: Streaming and observing is only allowed if both players agree and/or an Admin wishes to cast the match. All live streams are to have a 3 - 5 minute delay to prevent stream sniping.

  • If you are being casted: I) Do not reveal who won until the stream has caught up. II) No advertising a product, team, player, etc. III) If you start the game without the casters, you must remake with the casters.

9. Chat: Players are expected to communicate via the SC2 group Clan Infinity on the North American server.
10. Play on: If a player is disqualified or quits, at the discretion of an Admin, a player who was previously eliminated may have an opportunity to play.
11. Race Switching: You must play all of your games as the race you signed up for.


IGTL Season 5[edit]

Year Number Participants 1st 2nd
2014 LIX - TBD TBD
2014 LVI - TBD TBD
2014 LV - TBD TBD
2014 LIV - TBD TBD
2014 LII - TBD TBD
2014 LI - TBD TBD
2014 L - TBD TBD

IGTL Season 4[edit]

Year Number Participants 1st 2nd
2014 XLVIII 24 USA  Towelie Canada  MyDarling
2014 XLVII 14 Germany  Milant Canada  MyDarling
2014 XLVI 29 USA  eXXe USA  EON
2014 XLV 38 Sweden  TheDounat USA  Vitross
2014 XLIV 26 USA  Vitross Venezuela  ByRada
2014 XLIII 16 USA  Vitross Netherlands  TOPshooter
2014 XLII 32 USA  Vitross USA  Nistic
2014 XLI 49 USA  Vitross Netherlands  Dimmert
2014 XXXX 41 Canada  DeathEnD USA  Vitross
2014 XXXIX 35 Russia  KingCobra USA  Vitross
2014 XXXVIII 38 Venezuela  ByRada USA  Gemini

IGTL Season 3[edit]

Year Number Participants 1st 2nd
2014 XXXVII 32 Poland  Miszu Venezuela  ThundeR
2014 XXXVI 24 South Korea  SalvatioN USA  Vitross
2014 XXXV 32 USA  HawaiinStyle Switzerland  FunK
2014 XXXIV 38 Canada  MyDarling Canada  Jig
2013 XXXIII 32 Poland  ZeroReakcji Switzerland  LionS
2013 XXXII 44 Switzerland  Funk USA  Baldwin
2013 XXXI 38 USA  Blue USA  Ukkoskuuro
2013 XXX 37 Canada  MyDarling Russia  LuckyGnom
2013 XXIX 46 Venezuela  ByRada Sweden  TheDounat
2013 XXVII 40 Germany  Revenge Poland  Miszu

IGTL Season 2[edit]

Year Number Participants 1st 2nd
2013 XXVI 45 Germany  Revenge Netherlands  HeisenZerg
2013 XXV 46 Germany  Revenge Austria  Cube
2013 XXIV 26 Germany  Revenge Sweden  dsVoLt
2013 XXIII 43 Germany  Revenge Sweden  Winter
2013 XXII 16 USA  killjoy Poland  HaPe
2013 XXI 32 USA  Protect Venezuela  ThundeR
2013 XX 32 Sweden  Winter France  KTP
2013 XIX 31 USA  Protect Taiwan  Spec
2013 XVIII 28 Taiwan  Spec USA  Paperboat
2013 XVII 33 Poland  HaPe

IGTL Season 1[edit]

Year Number Participants 1st 2nd
2013 XVI 39 Germany  Fiasco Sweden  FunK
2013 XV 52 Poland  Fruttis Norway  Poseidon
2013 XIV 40 Norway  Poseidon Taiwan  Spec
2013 XIII 64 Sweden  FunK Czech Republic  Thebis
2013 XII 41 Switzerland  LionS USA  Bonkers
2013 XI 50 Russia  qeqeqe Norway  Poseidon
2013 X 49 Russia  qeqeqe Sweden  Bubbas
2013 IX 53 USA  fiveyearold USA  Risewillis
2013 VIII 36 Poland  FALAFEL USA  IMBACoaching
2013 VII 40 Poland  FALAFEL Canada  puppypaws
2013 VI 38 Venezuela  ThundeR Canada  puppypaws


Year Number Participants 1st 2nd
2013 V 50 Switzerland  LionS Slovakia  HanJun
2013 IV 59 Chile  UltrA Poland  Rodzyn
2013 III 41 Norway  Poseidon USA  Htw
2013 II 51 Germany  Fiasco
2013 I 44 Chile  LsEbA Sweden Panthera

Champion Statistics[edit]

Racial Distribution[edit]

  Protoss TerranZergRandom
Season 5
Season 4
Season 3
Season 2
Season 1
Season 0

National Leader Board[edit]

Nation Rank 1st 2nd
USA 1st X10 X10
Poland 2nd
Canada 4th*
Sweden 4th*
Germany 5th
Venezuela 6th
Russia 8th*
Switzerland 8th*
Norway 9th
Taiwan 10th
Netherlands 11th
Chile 12th
South Korea 13th
Austria 17th*
Czech Republic 17th*
France 17th*
Slovak Republic 17th*

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