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[e][h]Protoss iNcontroL
Player Information
Geoffrey John Vincent Robinson
September 11, 1985
Seattle, Washington
July 20, 2019 (aged 33)
Alternate IDs:
EG.iNcontroL, RedeemeR, WINDRAMMER
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years Active:
2010 - 2015,
2017 - 2019
Years Active (caster):
2011 - 2019
2009-04-12 — 2017-01-01Evil Geniuses
Recent Matches
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Geoffrey John Vincent "iNcontroL" Robinson was an American Protoss player who worked as a professional caster for WCS events as well as the SHOUTcraft Kings series. Additionally, he was an RTS variety streamer and host of The Pylon Show on Twitch every Wednesday.
On July 20, 2019, he passed away from pulmonary embolism.[1] [2]


Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson was a professional StarCraft II and former Brood War player from the United States. He was raised in Seattle, Washington and was the eldest of three siblings. He was educated privately in an all boys high school. iNcontroL attended college and graduated with an English degree.[3] He was a contestant in WCG Ultimate Gamer (Season 1) where he finished in 9th place. In Brood War he played as Zerg, but during the StarCraft II beta, he changed his race to Protoss.

In addition to being a player, iNcontroL was one of the biggest community figures in the North American StarCraft scene. He was one of the founding players for the professional StarCraft coaching website, Gosu Coaching, with his fellow Evil Geniuses teammates,[4] was one of the regular hosts on State of the Game, and has worked as an occasional caster at various show matches and tournaments. In particular, iNcontroL was a regular caster on North American Star League Season 1, and worked as a caster and host at 2012 DreamHack Open: Stockholm. He has often been asked whether or not he would switch to being a full-time caster because of his lacklustre playing career as of yet. Geoff plainly stated that his passion was to play the game, and that if he was in StarCraft II for monetary reasons he would have switched a long time ago.[5] In terms of his immediate future, i.e. while still a progamer, he expressed that the reasoning behind him not casting in more events is because of conflicting sponsors for the event. He has been approached by both GSL and MLG and has had to turn down offers for that reason.[6]

In early 2018, Geoff created The Pylon Show podcast with co-host Artosis and CobraVe7nom7 who produces the show weekly.

In Beta[edit]

Despite not having any major successes in the beta, iNcontroL did compete in quite a few events. He won Smuft's Team Battle Tournament as part of the clan [Media] and competed in some show matches as part of Team USA. He also competed in one round of the ITL and as part of EG in the EG vs Team Liquid clan war. He was invited to the HDH Invitational but was knocked out in the first round by Nazgul.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

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iNcontroL was a consistent presence at all of the 2010 and 2011 Major League Gaming (MLG) events. He also was an icon for the North American Star League (NASL) in its beginning stages. He played in the tournament, Trial of the Xel Naga hosted by Day9 and Red Bull where he placed second, falling 2-1 to NonY.[7]

Major League Gaming (MLG)[edit]

Geoff has taken part in all the MLG events since the launch of Wings of Liberty. He placed 13th at Raleigh 2010, shared 17th at D.C. 2010, and placed 15th at Dallas 2010, making him the 14th seeded player overall.

Geoff's results from MLG 2010 gave him a top 16 seed in the subsequent year. His best tournament performance to date occurred in his first MLG tournament of 2011, MLG Dallas 2011. There, he took first in his pool, defeating SLush, TLO, and Mihai, but losing to Painuser. From there, he lost to SeleCT 0-2 in the winner's bracket, beat TLO 4-2 in the following round, and finally exited the tournament with a 0-2 loss to KiWiKaKi. This gave him a 4th place finish in the tournament. This ensured iNcontroLs participation in pool play for, at minimum, the next four MLG tournaments.

However, in part to the South Korean invite system now had in place, iNcontroL fared significantly worse in his next MLG tournament, MLG Columbus 2011, where he placed 22nd. He was seeded into pool play with players LosirA HayprO Machine TLO and eventually MajOr who came out the open bracket. He won against HayprO and controversially TLO; iNcontroL managed to hide a Pylon in TLOs base and with early aggression through the in-base Pylon. Ending second last in the group, he was placed into the championship bracket at the low end. He needed to defeat SeleCT to progress further but was dismantled 0-2, and thus, ending his tournament life.[8]

At MLG Anaheim 2011, iNcontroL was seeded into Pool B with BoxeR, IdrA, SjoW, Sheth, and CrunCher from the open bracket, ending with a score of 0-5. In his championship bracket run he would defeat Choya before falling to TLO 1-2, once again finishing in 22nd place.[9]

His next MLG tournament, MLG Raleigh 2011, would play out similarly. He was placed into Pool A against CoCa, NaNiwa, HuK, Rain and TriMaster from the open bracket, ending again with a score of 0-5. In the championship bracket, he managed to defeat Drewbie 2-0, but then fell to his teammate Machine 1-2, giving him another 22nd place finish.[10]

Finally, in MLG Orlando 2011, iNcontroL once again went 0-5 in his pool play group, losing to Bomber, PuMa, SaSe, Sheth, and KiWiKaKi. In the Championship Bracket, his first opponent was Polt, who knocked him out of the tournament with a 0-2 score. This marked the last event that iNcontroL would be seeded into the group stage of the tournament and the third tournament in a row that iNcontroL could not take a series in group stages. The tournament format of MLG was criticised as it allowed players like iNcontroL to have a single tournament run and then stay in the group stages for many iterations of the tournament. It was clear that he was no longer on par with the rest of the seeded participants but remained a seeded player.

North American Star League (NASL)[edit]

In March 2011, iNcontroL was seeded into Division B of the first season of the NASL. He played through the regular season and finished with a 4-5 record, securing his placement in NASL Season 2 but failing to make the playoffs. In NASL Season 2, iNcontroL finished last in his group with a 0-7 record and was eliminated from the league.

In addition to playing in the NASL, iNcontroL also cast the first season of the tournament with Andre "Gretorp" Hengchua. However, on June 24, 2011, iNcontroL announced that he would no longer be a regular caster for the NASL in the following season, stating his intention to focus on being a pro player rather than a caster. He did however state that he would be making guest appearances to cast alongside Gretorp in future seasons,[11] and he made good on this promise by returning to cast the grand finals of the second season in Ontario, California, alongside Day9, Tastosis and Gretorp.


iNcontroL flew to Korea in an attempt to qualify for GSL 3, but he lost in the final round of the qualifiers 1-2 in a PvZ.


  • He played Zerg in Brood War.
  • He was part of Team EG since the start of their StarCraft division.[12]
  • He has co-hosted TeamLiquid: Attack! along with Chill and CatZ.
  • He is a former pillar of the State of the Game SC2 Podcast. Has taught its many viewers to fear horses.
  • He was one of the hosts of the show Inside the Game along with DjWHEAT and teammates ThorZaIN and Suppy.
  • He could bench press 435 lbs (197 kg).[13]
  • He was the older brother of Colbey "RockEr" Robinson, who also plays StarCraft.[14]
  • He was a contestant on the Syfy series WCG Ultimate Gamer, where his opponents included compLexity Dead or Alive 4 pro Adande Thorne (Swoozie) and Guitar Hero female ace Ciji Thornton (StarSlay3r). He placed 9th after being taken out on a Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 challenge.
    • He did win a personal training session with WCG USA Virtua Fighter 5 champion Adnan Rana after being the best performer in a board-breaking combat course.
  • Was a Seahawks fan. When he tweeted about watching the 2014 NFC Championship between the Seahawks and the rival San Francisco 49ers, which the Seahawks won to advance to the Super Bowl, the Seahawks responded by tweeting him a Seahawks "I'm In" picture featuring a Protoss fighter and the message "Your warriors have engaged the enemy."[15]
    • The team then followed up on the day of Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos with a tweet for him and UNcontroLlable that said, "We need our 12s" - referring to the Seahawk "12th Man" fans. When the Seahawks prevailed 43-8 to win their first Super Bowl and the first major professional sports title by a Seattle team since the 1979 SuperSonics (now the Oklahoma City Thunder), the team tweeted him a screenshot that appeared to be from either Star Station or Habitation Station that read, "Super Bowl XLVIII Champions - Upgrade Complete".[16]


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HDH Invitational[edit]



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as Protoss46 - 9133.6 %91 - 11145 %88 - 13140.2 %19 - 1065.5 %244 - 34341.6 %
as Zerg0 - 0-1 - 233.3 %0 - 0-0 - 0-1 - 233.3 %
as Random0 - 0-0 - 0-0 - 0-0 - 20 %0 - 20 %
Σ46 - 9133.6 %92 - 11344.9 %88 - 13140.2 %19 - 1261.3 %245 - 34741.4 %

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